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  1. Barbeque, bombs, and an insane AI. I think the national "terrorism scare" has somehow crept into my dreams. It's something I don't frequently make a big deal about, favoring a "cool head" regarding that topic so I won't become one of the mindless millions giving away civil liberties in fear for my life, so this is just a little odd.

    It started out in a place conceptually, but not structurally, identical to various places in which I have lived. There was a big neighborhood-wide barbeque going on (big American event I suppose -- symbolism?) and everyone was running around having fun. (Trippy side-note: Some screen doors were somehow converted into slim vertical barbeque pits.) Some woman was looking for her kid in the middle of all this and I broke off from the festivities to help her find him. I found myself in a hospital looking around, and then this EMT crew comes barreling through with a gurney and some insane screaming guy on it... missing an arm, I think I remember... He goes quiet for a while, then he starts just laughing these insane intently evil chuckles. I noticed a beeping, increasing in frequency (you know, not the frequency of the individual beeps, but the frequency of their repetition). Apparently this always means "RUN IT'S A BOMB" so everyone, including me, took off. It was a small one, a scare tactic to get everyone nervous and corralled in various places. I saw a blinding white flash and an explosion just ahead, throwing sparks and some debris, but not much else. Still, everyone continued to panic, and rightly so, because there were more bombs. (Isn't it funny how in dreams people just know these things without proof or anything? I wish I had real-life dream intuition.) I started running for an exit when I had one of those time-lapse-and-out-of-body-narrative-perspective experience. I got to watch people running for exits only to find dead ends, end up tripping sensors that set off bombs... I got to see children looking for ways out of the building, trip a sensor, hear the beeps, run away, and find that the bomb was actually in the direction they were running, not where the beeps were coming from. A trap. The bomb went off and the kids' bodies shattered and tore into messy chunks. Their screaming, severed heads -- physical impossibility if not in a dream -- sailed through the air until, like something out of Half-Life, electric beams from damaged electrical equipment in the building zapped them into messier, tinier chunks.

    Perspective returned to normal and I left the building. There was a crowd of people, and in front of them police, FBI, NSA, etc. They were discussing how to disarm the bombs. They thought it was a matter of cryptography, but later the bombs started talking in this evil, distorted child-voice, and it became apparent that it was some kind of evil AI controlling the explosions. People continued to try to exit the building and ended up getting killed, etc. I woke up.

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    2. zark


      I've had two really weird dreams recently. First, I dreamt that I had gone to a rock concert and somehow forgotten my socks. I saw this English tennis player for some socks and he handed me some chocolate, saying I could make socks out of it. And the scary thing is, I did.

      Secondly, I dreamt that I sold my house (worth £2,500, and was actually a Doom level) to my ex in exchange for an Irish flying spider which lived in a hard boiled egg in a jar.

      I have no idea what those dreams mean.

    3. Ultraviolet


      Something about your mom.

    4. DooMer 4ever

      DooMer 4ever

      My dreams hardly ever make any sense at all and they are very uninteresting, but my dad has had some REALLY weird ones. Like this:

      He was at the ground level of a building, next to stairs leading up. He was an old female person by the way. Then (s)he wondered if (s)he could make it to the top of the building and started climbing. Somewhere at the halfway (s)he thought that (s)he wouldn't make it, but then decided to keep going because (s)he had so good retirement security.

      Later he was chased by a really big tractor, note that he wasn't the old lady anymore, but his own self again. No matter where he ran the tractor was always there waiting behind a corner.