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  1. I learned tonight that there is s certain way you can apply pressure to your abdomen, in a circle. Supposedly it as to do with influencing the fluid movement within your digestive tract. Anyway, doing it one way (clockwise or counter) or the other will either relieve diahrrea or constipation, to a degree. I attempted it myself tonight, and found that I was able to take a pretty satisfying shit.

    I guess the idea is that you can slacken the flow of fluid to your already saturated shit in order to relieve diahrrea, or you can increase the flow of digestive fluid to your dry brick-shit in order to relieve constipation.

    I don't know which direction to tell you to do what, or how to properly instruct you even if I had the directions right, so I wouldn't advise you to attempt it.

    Then there was something else about running a closed hand or fingers around the arms or legs, pulling in one long, fast strip, like a wire stripper, from shoulder to wrist, hip to knee, knee to foot, etc, in order to relieve tension. One can perform it on one's self or another. However, I have had issues with my skin being too dry for that to be comfortable. Perhaps I do not need to grip so tightly, or maybe I just have to lubricate my fingertips.

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    2. Ultraviolet


      Numbermind said:

      Obviously suppressing your body's natural functions when expelling waste(poisonous waste, as in the case of diarrhea or the flu) would be bad. I know it's not fun and all, but your body is doing it for a reason.

      My "to a degree" posted above was meant to mean that it suppresses somewhat, not reverses completely. Sometimes you just can't stop blowin' it out, sick or not. If you can't run to the bathroom to take care of such an issue, then whatever you have to do about it must be done.

    3. Scuba Steve

      Scuba Steve

      Bloodshedder said:

      There's also something called the placebo effect.

      Where can I get these Placebos!?!

    4. Captain Red

      Captain Red

      Maybe there's some in this truck!