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  1. TooMuchSpareTime

    Doom on the news

    DooM was also on Family Guy once, and it also features prominently (along with a history of 3D shooters) in Chrisopher Brookmyre's novel "A Big Boy Did It And Ran Away" (it's about a terrorist, and the only man who can stop him learned all he knows about stopping baddies from playing 3D shooters).
  2. TooMuchSpareTime

    Your first DOOM emotions

    My Dad was all excited about this new amazing game (DooM). The fact that it had surfaces that joined at angles other than 90 degrees entertained me for a while, as I had played Wolf3D and Blake Stone quite a bit.
  3. TooMuchSpareTime

    More StrifeToons...

    I probablyt will... I just don't know anything about that game (or character) yet. (Except that he's a Duke Nukem wannabe!) :D
  4. TooMuchSpareTime

    More StrifeToons...

    Wow, that first musical phrase IS like the one in "Dinosaurs" (I just checked out the intro on YouTube - I haven't seen that show in ten years, lol. But the StrifeToons intro music is based on something I wrote 10 years ago, so... :O Well, it's not very similar in the rest of it.) Funding permits as long as you keep donating! ;D How thoughtful of you!
  5. TooMuchSpareTime

    More StrifeToons...

    For those of you who watched episode 2... HERE IS EPISODE 3. :) Enjoy. (And critique if you feel the inclination to do so!)
  6. The long-awaited 2nd episode is finally released. (It's a cliffhanger, so don't get your hopes up about a nice happy resolution at the end... ;) ) In this episode, Duke Nukem opens a new Dukeburger Restaurant... But - uh-oh! - will his (platonic!!) friend Doom Marine screw everything up? And how DOES Marine eat without removing his helmet? Find out, at... http://www.strifestrips.com/Strifetoons/Index.aspx Or, if that doesn't work, http://www.thatstrife.com/sluggy/toons/strifetoons02-burger-1.html And stay tuned for episode 3... coming in April (or May).
  7. TooMuchSpareTime

    "StrifeToons" - Animations with the Doom Marine and friends!

    It kinda looks like a Mac. :D
  8. TooMuchSpareTime

    Doom gif of imp and marine

    Tell us! Tell the noobs a stooo-ryyyy. :)
  9. TooMuchSpareTime

    "StrifeToons" - Animations with the Doom Marine and friends!

    Auditions for characters in part two (including the role of an Imp) are now underway on my site. http://tmst.twu.net/sluggy
  10. TooMuchSpareTime


    I just drew it on paper, scanned it, and then coloured it in Paint Shop Pro. And I made the "DOOMINTROLL" title in Flash.
  11. TooMuchSpareTime

    "StrifeToons" - Animations with the Doom Marine and friends!

    It's more than just (intentionally) cliche, it's traditional! ^_^
  12. TooMuchSpareTime

    Mancubus drawing (NOW COLOURED!!)

    Or six nipples... :D Very nice. I always liked Mancubi.
  13. TooMuchSpareTime


    For fans of Moomin Troll (a popular series of Finnish tales for kids and adults, now being completely published as comics)... sort of a Nordic "Winnie the Pooh". (The URL doesn't work anymore. I made this a while ago.)
  14. TooMuchSpareTime

    "StrifeToons" - Animations with the Doom Marine and friends!

    Guilty as charged. Interesting observations. I have to agree that it was pretty long (I get a bit bored during the homemade Duke movie), but it was meant to be more of a story than a laugh-a-second gagfest. However, I make no apologies for referencing DNF in this episode or in any future episodes. It seems to strike a chord with the chaps at 3DR, and, inside-jokes are what this is all about. It's about computer game characters for a start, so it's hardly something that can be universally understood, made for prime time TV. There will be many more things that will go over plenty of people's heads, but hit plenty of other targets. I've posted this on the 3DRealms forums and the Commander Keen forum as well to get everyone's general ideas. I hope you all keep watching the series as it progresses (and improves, oh yes, the first episode was more of an experimental beginning than a spectacular introduction). Goatlord, I thought Doom Marine's personality in StrifeToons would generate a bit of controversy... But I don't really want to make this an extension of the (brilliant) Doom Comic. (But you might hear a few references to it in later episodes if you stay tuned.) Maybe you'll enjoy the personality of "Imp" a little better in episode 2... which hopefully won't be quite so much of a "talking heads show", this time.
  15. TooMuchSpareTime

    "StrifeToons" - Animations with the Doom Marine and friends!

    Thanks, you win a gold medal then. :) Silver, anyone? I've just joined these forums, so I'm sorry if this was already posted by somebody else recently...