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  1. durandal9

    From Batman Doom to Zeno Clash

    Hi Linguica. Yes, we were authors of "The Dark Conjunction", which was basically one of the first and only single player mods for Q3A at the time. (planetquake.com/tdc). Interesting project with a lot of challenges, but I don't think it went as well as BD (though it did have its good moments).
  2. Hi guys... I just wanted to point out that some Doom editing can lead to a lot in the videogame development world. ACE Team (the same three of us who made Batman Doom) has just announced a new Source game titled "Zeno Clash". You can see info about it on aceteam.cl/zenoclash/ ...and sorry about the website, we know it’s really slow :( I know this is not directly related to Doom, but its worth mentioning because all of us still feel that making BD and editing for this great game was a really important start in our game development careers. Carlos Bordeu
  3. durandal9


    Maybe we could make Batman Doom 3. Haha! :)
  4. durandal9

    Does Doom 3 support 7.1 sound?

    Darn... I just realized that with this configuration the sound suddenly goes mute! No sound! I have to go back to the main menu, check out surround sound to get sound back. I can re-enable the surround sound option but it will suddenlty go mute again during gameplay. Anybody experience this problem?
  5. durandal9

    Does Doom 3 support 7.1 sound?

    Does Doom 3 support 7.1 sound? From what I have been reading it seems it does not. I have a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Platinum sound card, and Doom3 does not detect surround sound if I have my control panel speaker settings in 7.1 sound. It does if I set it to 5.1 sound (which is pretty ackward since my system has a 7.1 speaker setup). I think Doom3 will only support 5.1 sound, but I would hate to play through the whole game and find out I had driver issues or something and that I could have played it with 7.1 sound...
  6. durandal9

    The /newstuff Chronicles #167

    If you are really interested in fixing Batman DOOM I might have something cool for you guys... Batman DOOM has never worked in cooperative in the PC because it's a port of a Mac wad file and the ported wad had a problem: No enemies appeared in coop. Some months ago Andres, Edmundo and I started fixing Batman DOOM so that it would work in cooperative. We fixed a lot of bugs (like the crash from level 12 before the fight with the Penguin on his chopper). We also tweaked some weapons, made the gameplay better... added new enemies in coop, etc. We got it 90% done. It still has some issues... but it's far better than the actual Batman DOOM. It's not a whole new thing, but its an improved version. All maps are playable in cooperative. If someone cares we could send those files... If someone is gonna re-scale the sprites then it's better if doing it for a better version of Batman DOOM.
  7. durandal9

    The /newstuff Chronicles #167

    I can't believe I bumped into a review of Batman DOOM! We made it sooo long ago... (I'm one of the authors... Carlos Bordeu). It's so wierd to find it in the newstuff. Sorry about the problems with the BFG and Bane, but we tested it with ZDoom back in 1998-1999? (I can't remember). Hyena and Ravage are right... the BFG shouldn't be using cells. Those punches should last forever. About the sprite sizes: Yes... they are way too large. We always thought we would be able to scale them somehow, but at the moment it was not possible. We could have scaled the drawings, but that would have ruined them too much. We tried making the player taller using deh, but that caused big problems with doors, ceilings and many other things.
  8. durandal9

    The /newstuff Chronicles #158

    Hey! it was great to see my zanzan TC revived, Thanks Cyb! and I am a huge fan of the Massmouth series. When the new ZdoomGL is done I will release a polished version of zanzan (I'll also add some health to the levels). About the super-dense fog... you can fix it; console or .BAT file command g_fglfog 0.3 (I made the zanzan for an earlier version of zdoomgl where fog WAS around 0.3 and not 0.7, the current default fog density). ...there was a rule that sites hosted by doomworld that didnt update in a couple of months would be removed....hmm... should update my site too -Edmundo
  9. durandal9

    zdoom commands in wad/lump?

    Hmmmm... what about launching the game with a .bat file that includes the commands? I'd still prefer editing things from the wad since some people may miss the .bat file. The mapinfo lump cannot modify the trails nor disable the ability to step over objects... Being able to disable the jump is great, but I still need to edit other cfg parameters manually.
  10. durandal9

    zdoom commands in wad/lump?

    Is there any way I can edit a Zdoom command (ex: cl_rockettrails=0) from the wad file so that users don't have to launch the game with the parameter +set cl_rockettrails=0? The main question would be how to disable jumping, rocket trails and stuff from a lump in the wad.
  11. durandal9

    I guess this is a dumb question.... ...

    The only complaints I had about the existing md2's was that they dissapeared when their center was not in view (now matter how big the model was), and transparent md2's in front of other models could give problems like the model in the back being invisible. I guess this second problem is much harder to fix, since Ive seen very advanced engines that have problems with transparencies(the priority of what should be rendered on top, etc...) oh, and when you changed an md2 animation speed, the ACTUAL speed of an animation also changed, and I always thougt md2's should change how Doom looked, and not how it behaved. (Id have to change some animation speeds in my .ini files later, but its no problem)
  12. durandal9

    I guess this is a dumb question.... ...

    Hello, Im edmundo, the guy responsible for the zanzanTC. Ive downloaded every version of ZdoomGL that comes out, sometimes fixing the compatibility has been some trouble (some versions of ZdoomGL didnt even work on my computer), but this last version has very few things that have to be fixed... I might post questions here for specific help though..
  13. durandal9

    Doomed On Speed

    Hey Linguica, I have sent you a couple of mails about the GBA contest but you dont seem to be recieving them! Edmundo
  14. durandal9

    GBA contest winners

    Well, why not laugh? ... Most gringos (hehe) know little about countries in southamerica. You've probably only seen a few discovery channel documentaries (yes, we have that too) that show some indians making mud pots and you think that's all there is. Yes, we do have some mud pot molding people (like 10), but most of our society is pretty normal. In fact Chile is more like the US than any country in the world.
  15. durandal9

    GBA contest winners

    rocket farting rats... mmm... never seen any. I doubt you have any in the US... imagine the chaos in the sewers, jaja.