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  1. And why do people send things there for no obvious reason? What is so wrong about a joke pole of sorts about the Death of impse and what it should be replaced with. Sigh. WTF? I come back after a hiatus and try to lighten the mood as I try to do always, and look what happens? What is going on here? Look, I'm a 20 year old kid/man with a form of Autism, things upset me for various reasons, but this is mind boggling. So, please, someone explain this to me in a logical manner, anyone? Sigh.

    "It's time to go to the mattresses." THe Godfather.

    "If you do this for me, you'll be a made man, anything you want, just name it."

    1. BlueSonnet


      AresGodofWAR asked:
      Why do we have a post hell?

      To deliver us from evil, in a manner of speaking. Or to just stop threads from getting excessively spammy.