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  1. DrJordo

    HacX 1.2 in 20:12 [TAS]

    good to see i'm not the only one fascinated by this weird game. as someone who's done a few demos of it, i know it can be a miserable experience to actually play, but it's got this unique, extremely 90s visual design to it that always keeps me coming back. great work on this TAS.
  2. DrJordo

    gzdoom platformer wads

    long ago, I think before gzdoom even existed, cutmanmike made some really challenging platformer maps for zdoom. they seem to have disappeared from the internet for the most part, but I remember them being pretty good.
  3. Found a bug (?) on map 11: in the rooms with beds and windows, its possible to get on the bed, and through the window. From there, it's impossible to get back in-bounds. Unless you jump, which you shouldn't be able to in vanilla!
  4. DrJordo

    Equinox demos

    Did several tonight, thought I'd share. map01 tyson 4:47 map02 stroller 0:10 map02 tyson 0:55 map05 reality 0:47 map05 UV Speed 0:05 map08 Pacifist 0:04 equinox01tyson.zip equinox02stroller.zip equinox02tyson.zip equinox05reality.zip equinox05uvspd.zip equinox08pacifist.zip
  5. DrJordo

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    A Fistful of Doom MAP01 UV Speed 0:58 MAP01 UV Max 3:09 MAP02 UV Speed 1:59 MAP02 UV Max 3:03 fistful01uvspd.zip fistful01uvmax.zip fistful02uvspd.zip fistful02uvmax.zip
  6. DrJordo

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    spring cleaning, time to dump some old and one new demo. for prboom+ i've got: Operation BIOWAR map04 nomo 0:40 Ray Mohawk's Manic Monday! map01 UV speed 0:58 Sargasso map01 UV speed 0:39 Pathogen e1m1 UV speed 0:18 and some zdoom demos: Mock 2: The Speed of Stupid map16 NM speed 0:07 map33 UV speed 0:22 Neodoom map31 UV speed 0:43 Shadow of the Wool Ball e1m1 HMP speed 0:28 e1m1 HMP max 0:44 e1m2 HMP speed 0:44 NOTE: this wad does not support skill levels above 2 (HMP). in fact, trying to set a higher level in the console results in the skill level being set back to 2. DooM Vacation map02 UV speed 3:19 biowar4nomo.zip mohawks1uvspd.zip sargasso1uvspd.zip pathogene1m1uvspd.zip mock216nmspd.zip mock233uvspd.zip neodoom31uvspd.zip shadowwoole1m1hmpspd.zip shadowwoole1m1hmpmax.zip shadowwoole1m2hmpspd.zip vacav142uvspd.zip
  7. DrJordo

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    looking for a wad that used enemy and maybe weapon graphics from counter strike. first level had a lot of gray concrete wall textures.
  8. DrJordo

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Months-old demos I've finally gotten around to uploading. Batman (1999) Map11 NM Speed 0:58 Rowdy Rudy's Revenge Map01 UV Speed 0:28 Map01 UV Max 1:45 Map02 UV Max 2:47 Map03 UV Max 4:22 batman11nmspd.zip rwdyrudy1uvspd.zip rwdyrudy1uvmax.zip rwdyrudy2uvmax.zip rwdyrudy3uvmax.zip
  9. DrJordo

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    So a while ago I posted here about some really old jump maps (10+ years) i was looking for. i have a little more information now. i'm CERTAIN they were made by cutmanmike because i found a few zdoom forum posts he made about them. unfortunately they link to an old geocities page, and none of the files themselves are archived anywhere i could find. i do have the filenames though: anarchy.wad desertp.wad icemount.wad legendary.wad platformtrain.wad spacemov.wad they could also be .zips as they were on the original site.
  10. DrJordo

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    here's some old ones i forgot to post, and a new one too. hacx.wad: map05 uv speed 0:23, map19 uv max 5:03 rekkr.wad: e1m1 nm speed (pacifist) 0:18, e1m1 nm100s (pacifist) 0:26, e1m1 uv max 1:10 hacx5uvspd.zip hacx19uvmax.zip rekkre1m1nmspd.zip rekkre1m1nm100s.zip rekkre1m1uvmax.zip
  11. DrJordo

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    large heap of demos for Mock2 MAP01 UV Tyson 0:36 MAP03 UV Speed 0:41 MAP04 UV Speed 0:09 MAP09 UV Speed 0:08 MAP11 UV Max 0:29 MAP11 UV Tyson 0:40 MAP12 UV Speed 0:35 MAP24 UV Speed 0:11 MAP26 UV Speed 0:12 MAP28 UV Speed 0:53 MAP32 UV Speed 1:07 drjmock2demos.zip
  12. DrJordo

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Harmony map01 UV Speed 0:18 map04 UV Speed 0:47 map10 UV Speed 0:25 What's the consensus on using zdoom features (jumping, crouching, mouselook) on zdoom-only WADs that might not be designed for it? Jump and crouch are turned off in Harmony 1.1 so I don't use them, but mouselook isn't, making the rocket jumps I do here possible. Actually, I'm not sure if you even can disable mouselook. I've never seen a WAD that does. I would understand if people don't think these demos are "legit" because of the tricks used. harmony01uvspd.zip harmony04uvspd.zip harmony10uvspd.zip
  13. DrJordo

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    Long before jumpmaze was a thing, somebody made a series of jump maps that i really enjoyed. I thought they were made by cutmanmike but I see no mention of them on his site. I remember there was a grass/forest themed one that used banjo-kazooie music, and a desert-themed one i dont remember the music from. there were others, but i don't remember anything about them at all.
  14. DrJordo

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    HacX map18 UV Speed 0:20 map16 UV Max 0:40 hacx18uvspd.zip hacx16uvmax.zip
  15. DrJordo

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    thanks! i think there are several WADs with similar names on DSDA