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  1. I was hoping to have something more substantial, but have this small map i made in a few days many months ago. Title: Brown Note Format: GZDoom Midi: "Brown Sugar" by The Rolling Stones https://www.mediafire.com/file/n95srjpecwtyiy1/brownnote.wad/file
  2. DrJordo

    Beat .00/:00 Demos Month

    GHAST E2M2 UV speed 1:54 GHASTe2m2uvspd154.zip
  3. DrJordo

    Beat .00/:00 Demos Month

    r2wolfd2 Map04 Stroller 0:50 r2wolfd24stroller50.zip
  4. DrJordo

    Beat .00/:00 Demos Month

    TNT: Threevilution Map09 stroller 0:59 tntthree9stroller59.zip
  5. DrJordo

    Miscellaneous demos (part 4)

    BRutal EXtinction International Tournament Map01 Pacifist 1:03 inad Map01 UV Speed 0:34 Map01 UV Max 0:52 brexit1pacifist103.zip inad1uvspd34.zip inad1uvmax52.zip
  6. DrJordo

    Ray Mohawk 2 demos [-cl2]

    Map05 UV Speed 0:16 mohawks25uvspd16.zip
  7. DrJordo

    DBP Demo Thread

    DBP37 Map04 stroller 2:00 did this once before but on the wrong settings, should be right this time, but please let me know if its not! DBP37_AUGZEN4stroller200.zip
  8. DrJordo

    DBP49: Mausoleum Nefarium

    49? you mean 48? joking aside this looks like a real return to form!
  9. Probably Alien Vendetta. I remember thinking that it must be a co-op focused wad because of the monster counts. So little I knew back then...
  10. Do you remember where you were in the map when it happened? looking over it, I'm not seeing anyplace where there are 8 linedef triggers close enough together to be hit all at once. Could any of the 8 be the same one multiple times?
  11. What issue were you having with my map, exactly? It looked like you finished it without any crashes or softlocks, but I could be mistaken.
  12. Was gonna post it later but sounds like I should do so now. Title: The Jury is In! Midi: Megadeath: Angry Again There shouldn't be any drawsegs overflows in this map, I worked hard to remove them from the large area, but it's possible some have slipped by. The .deh file only exists to make the title appear on the automap, I believe you couldn't put them in the wad itself in vanilla? Someone more experienced could chime in if i'm wrong. Download
  13. saw your post, remembered that my map doesn't have coop starts. also fixed a lockout I was aware of, no guarantee there aren't more. https://www.mediafire.com/file/34whi23c4qwfxsw/ultradoomguyworldv2.wad/file
  14. The deadline really crept up on me! Title: Ultra Doomguy World Midi: Frappe Snowland from Mario Kart 64 Had the basic concept since the project started but didn't do most of the work until the last few days. The theme here is old mascot platformer games, and the kinds of environments you would visit in those games. I tried to make it look even more "retro" by not using curves, the looks probably suffer for it but what's done is done. https://www.mediafire.com/file/zrkzvvf2d71ds6q/ultradoomguyworld.wad/file
  15. Maybe not the best place to ask but: Does anyone else get access violations when trying to run doom explorer? It will run after that but there are some annoying issues: the different parts of the options menu are invisible, and even if i do find them my changes are reverted next time I run it.