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  1. Is anyone interested in giving thoughts on my ongoing construction on a DOOM E1 megawad for Doom Legacy? Email me @ kevnleblanc(at)hotmail.com if you want to try it out. I could use some productive input. So you know, I was trying to mix things up a bit and create a few new parts to the levels, as well as retaining the important parts of the old ones, except E1M6, because I don't like that level and I'm not sure how much of it I want to use. But please, by all means, give me all the criticism you want. ~Kevin
  2. Kevy1231

    Episode 1 Megawad

    Alright, just give me a few hours to get out of work, polish a few things, and post them. (there are a few things I can fix in 30 minutes' worth of editing) ~Kevin
  3. Kevy1231

    Episode 1 Megawad

    I've read these boards for a long time, just rarely posted. I see what you're saying, and I'm sure that you are trying to be productive with what you're doing. I've been on many forums before and I'm very well aware of all the BS that tends to go on from both n00bs and board princes and princesses on a daily basis. The reason I didn't link to the WAD is simply so that if anyone WAS interested in trying it out for fun, they could email me. I've had a few people already email me and give me their thoughts on the *.WAD, which was my sole intention. I'm not here to rattle cages. Frankly I don't have the time or energy to post on every thread like some of you. I read the "hopeless examples" and while they do prove your point, I don't think y'all understand how daunting it can be for people who just want to start making maps and don't understand the ettiquette, such as not putting an exit or making 1-room killfests. Some people actually like 1-room killfests...not this guy, though. So if you aren't offering basic, honest help, just leave them alone. I think you and others may have been a bit harsh at times and I guarantee they don't want to be told what they're doing is "pointless." Not everyone wants to be a part of this "DOOM WAD building community." If someone wants to convert the IWAD to a different format, tell him how to do it or, in the event that you're not sure, do not type anything at all. It's demeaning for a mere mortal to use his self-appointed super-powers of supposition to determine the intent of some kid he's never met that wants to make a DOOM level. And what if you're right about his intent? With respect: I edit. It's what I like to do. I can make a fine WAD from scratch, I just usually don't feel like it. No one is going to sue me for editing a DOOM WAD and sending copies to my friends to deathmatch on. Please don't take this too harshly: So before anyone tries to say anything about legal mumbo-jumbo, I've heard it, I understand, and I guess I just don't care. I just wanted to see if anyone wanted to try the WAD out. I didn't ask to post it anywhere and I don't remember calling a lawyer about it. And yes, I am fully aware that most everyone is just trying to help, but as a lot of people sternly tell me when I appear bossy to them: "I got it, thanks." ~Kevin P.S. And really, don't take this too personally. This isn't supposed to sound cocky. It just sort of gets on my nerves when n00bs are turned away from a community because of board princes(ses) who act like their attempts at communication or WADs are a "waste of time."
  4. Kevy1231

    Episode 1 Megawad

    No, they're edits. If I "interpretted the maps and redid them" wouldn't that basically be the same as using an editor to edit them together? Be honest with me, though: is this the sort of thing that the Doomworld community frowns upon or is this just your opinion? (I'm not trying to belittle you...I'm just curious) I say this because I'm not worried about id trying to take me to court over a few edited DOOM maps. Really, I just want other people to tell me whether or not they like the modest work I've done so far. ~Kev
  5. Alrighty, I'm looking to make a deathmatch megawad for Doom 2 that includes altered levels from the Ultimate Doom and Doom 2, so I need a texture WAD including the Ultimate Doom's textures to merge into my Doom 2 PWAD. I tried using XWE and WinTex to no avail. I'm not a total idiot, but for some reason I wasn't having any success. Official Question: I would like it very much if someone who's way less of an idiot than me would extract those Ultimate Doom textures (and flats, if they're even necessary) into a WAD that I could use in Doom Builder to merge with my Doom 2 PWAD to solve all of my woes that I recently spent about 4 hours trying to get to work. All that "PP_START" / "PP_END" business is for the proverbial birds, I say!!! Any help is greatly appreciated in that matter. The first person to reply gets to receive me goofy-ass DeHackEd patch I made, which is guaranteed to at least amuse temporarily, haha. ~Kevin