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  1. WoofDg79

    Ultimate Doom Builder - *&cked up texture alignments

    For future reference, the keyboard shortcut list in the Help menu is very useful for this kind of thing as well. If you open it up and search for "align" it should take you right to the hotkey in case you ever forget what it is.
  2. WoofDg79

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Maaannnn, this thread, I tell ya there are some super sexy maps! Mine are so plain jane. How do you guys think of this stuff?? Mucho impressivisio...o!
  3. I was 5 when DooM was released, and I used to watch my dad play it 'cause I was too young to be allowed. Watching him play DooM was one of my favorite things, and I watched him all the time. I don't remember exactly when I was finally allowed to play DooM but I was under 10. DooM has basically been a part of my life for as long as I can remember haha.
  4. WoofDg79

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    What map is this!? Play it I must
  5. WoofDg79

    3D Floor with texture hanging off bottom?

    For anyone wondering, this turned out to be an issue with the texture itself, not my use of it. You can still apply a hanging texture using the same linedef that defines the 3D sector shape. Once I redid my texture it worked fine.
  6. WoofDg79

    3D Floor with texture hanging off bottom?

    Ohhhh that might be my issue then! I tried exactly what you said minus the 1-unit away part. I tried to use the same linedefs that form the 3d sector. Thank you!!
  7. WoofDg79

    3D floors - shortcut tip

    This comes in so handy for consolidating 3D sectors. Way easier to manage when you know this one sector is 3D floor X. General note, this is not friendly to do with 3D slopes, since the angle of the linedef and position of the 3D sector matter for slopes.
  8. Hey everyone! I'm trying to make a 3D floor that has a transparent texture hanging off the bottom. My goal is to make a platform that looks like it's melting, and right now I'm just screwing around trying to get it to work. It looks fine in the editor but when I run GZDoom the texture is just invisible. Does anyone know how I might be able to get this to work? Any thoughts, tips, etc are welcome! Thanks!
  9. WoofDg79

    My Doom Folder

    Very organized!
  10. WoofDg79

    My Doom Folder

    Hahaha I know how that can go. Taking the time to organize sometimes is just a lot. What's GunCaster btw?
  11. WoofDg79

    My Doom Folder

    Clearly need to level up my game and snag those 2! Now that you point it out though, I am surprised I don't have them lol. As for searching Idgames by hand, I kind of don't. I'll search for maps online, it'll give me the idgames download location, and that doubles as the local file location. So I just navigate directly to that file since I already know where it is. Also that's a pretty awesome spreadsheet! And I dig the rating system. There's so many user-made maps I need to play. How do you go about finding new maps to play? I'll just kinda try to find stuff people say is popular, personally. I don't know of any categorized level browser but it'd be sweet if there is one.
  12. WoofDg79

    My Doom Folder

    I only recently started trying out DoomLauncher. It managed to slip under my radar for a while. Any pro-tips for it?
  13. WoofDg79

    My Doom Folder

    It's been a folder that's been slowly increasing over the years. I was doing something in it earlier and had a "man there's a lot of shit in this folder" moment, and felt like sharing I suppose haha. Not sure what discussion will come out of it. I considered removing the post but I actually don't even know how to- I haven't used this site in years
  14. WoofDg79

    Doom Accomplishments Thread!

    Daaang that's impressive. One of these days I want to go through on Nightmare using keyboard only, but I'm less of a gaming masochist than I used to be lol.
  15. WoofDg79

    My Doom Folder

    Random post. I figured some of you might appreciate the contents of the "DooM" folder on my PC :P. The folder titled "IDGAMES" is exactly what you might think. It's a local copy of the entire IDGAMES database lol.