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  1. WoofDg79

    Complete /idgames Archive Downloads

    Just stumbled across this thread. If need be I can host the file on my website (which basically has nothing lol). I have unlimited storage space / bandwidth, or so they claim. Send me a PM if interested.
  2. WoofDg79


    Good day! You mention fixing this issue through Nvidia's control panel, but you never mentioned what you actually did. I'm having this exact issue right now and your reply is such a tease! If you see this please let me know what you actually did to fix this issue. Thanks!
  3. I see. I take it there doesn't exist a type of 3D sector which can contain its own sound? Such as, placing an invisible 3D sector which takes up the entire 3-dimensional area that you want to be isolated, and setting said sector to some special type that makes its sound self-contained. Either way, it sounds like I'll have to work around it for now. Thank you saving me hours of failed attempts at things! ;)
  4. Hi all, Is it possible to create a 3D floor where sound is blocked between floor layers? For example, a building where the player can wake enemies inside of it without waking enemies outside on its roof (3D floor acting as the roof / ceiling). I cannot figure out how to do this, if it's even possible at all. Any help or clarification would be much appreciated! Thank you! -WoofDg79
  5. WoofDg79

    most realistic toilets?

    YOu'd be correct, you can't create 3D floors in vanilla DooM. But as you mentioned there are texture tricks around creating a 3D-looking toilet. I initially created the toilet while experimenting with 3D floors in GZDoom, and then I decided to roll with it and make a new WAD which I haven't done in a long time.
  6. Has anyone encountered this before? I'm trying to edit a map, and I made a linedef mistake so I wanted to delete the linedef in hopes that it will merge the two surrounding sectors, and then I can re-split the sector with a new linedef. When I delete the linedef, rather than merge both surrounding sectors, it completely deletes them. Is there a way around this? Any help will be greatly appreciated Thank you!
  7. WoofDg79

    most realistic toilets?

    Oh well thank you! But I am sorry to disappoint. The WAD it's from is one I just started a couple weeks ago. Probably won't be done for quite some time. As a matter of fact, the entire WAD is one room atm hahaha. Just some toilets in a bathroom, which is where you start out. Here is a screenshot of the whole WAD: http://i.imgur.com/ELPxRaB.png
  8. WoofDg79

    most realistic toilets?

    Yep! I used four 3D floors to be exact. Here is an image from another angle...
  9. WoofDg79

    most realistic toilets?

    This is a toilet I made... http://i.imgur.com/xXt5cyR.png
  10. I've seen so many incredible WADs over the years, but when I sit down and start designing I get WADder's Block something fierce. What kinds of things do you guys keep in mind when developing your own WADs and/or where do you draw your inspiration from? Also, I'll expand it into what general design tips do you guys think are worth noting when trying to create a good WAD? Thanks!
  11. WoofDg79

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Added myself as a replacement for the Cyberdemon a few years ago:
  12. WoofDg79

    Things id got wrong

    What initially comes to mind: - I wish the speed with thrown/shot items was more varied. I felt they were all close to the same and dodging them became trivial. - I would have loved to see more enemies with unique attacks, for example: the Archvile is very different from any other enemy in the game.
  13. WoofDg79

    Who uses DeePsea as their primary editor?

    I'll have to try out this GZDB utility. I've been hearing really good things. I've been messing around with Doom Builder 2, and I do have to say it's a very nice utility but maybe I'm just more familiar DeePsea since I've been using that one extensively since I started mapping. I also love all of the built-in features DeePsea has for editing textures, sprites, sounds, etc etc. Not to mention their R3Dedit I have to admit I enjoy more than Doom Builder's, primarily because it also grants you the ability to change sector floor/ceiling heights which DB lacks (at least in my experience with it). Personally I will say that I enjoy DB user interface a bit more. It seems more clean and intuitive, where DeePsea feels more low-level. Which is ok for myself since I know the program so well, but I'm not sure I'd recommend DeePsea to a mapping newbie over Doom Builder. They both seem to have their strengths and weaknesses, but for myself I may stick with DeePsea just because I know how do everything I need to in it. No need to switch if what I'm using already does what I need haha. I am gonna try this GZDB though that's for sure. Thank you all for your replies so far btw! Interesting to hear the different reasons for each so far.
  14. Hi all! As the title mentions, I'm wondering who uses DeePsea as their primary editor. I know Doom Builder is the one I see mentioned the most, but even after trying Doom Builder several times I always revert to DeePsea. I don't want to talk up DeePsea and say it's better than Doom Builder or something like that. Personally it's just easier for myself to use. But I never hear anyone else mention it. Any DeePsea users out there!??