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  1. Tawney

    Millennium Progress

    Hey Lut, feel free to email me if you want me to work on my map *cough* *cough*
  2. Tawney

    Death Finally Came Along

    Yeah, in fact, if Quake had better monsters, sounds, music, colors, weapons, and all that stuff, it might have actually been a great game:) Quake 2 is awesome, but all the monsters look the same Quake 3 had potential to be great, but id was obviously too lazy to put time into a single player aspect. Oh well.
  3. Tawney

    Depot Cleaned Up

    Why don't you go cry about it? Seriously who cares
  4. Tawney

    Death Finally Came Along

    No problem;) i played Quake CTF a lot back in the day when I had the time. Damn real life...
  5. Tawney

    Death Finally Came Along

    Toby, if you type +mlook in the console, you wont have to do that
  6. Tawney

    Resident Doom

    I know you meant FF3 Japanese, but since I've obviously never played it, I can't really say whether I like it or not. I heard it blew chunks, but it's all a matter of opinion. I still thought FF9 was a great game, so Square still does have some hope left in them
  7. Tawney

    Resident Doom

    Oh yea, I liked 3's gameplay too. 9 was good too (Reminded me more of Final Fantasy 2). Gameplay-wise, 9 beats it by just a little, but 3 had that nice non-linear story to it, especially in the world of ruin. 3 also had a better story. I dunno I just liked 9 better
  8. Tawney

    Resident Doom

    Final Fantasy III (U.S) has unquestionably the best music in the series (II U.S. comes at a CLOSE second), but overall I think 9 is my favorite. It's just so fun when all the players have auto-regen and auto-haste at level 80:)
  9. Tawney


    "Due to overwhelming abuse, we do not allow offsite linking to Crosswinds.net" that's the message i got when i tried to download the zip file
  10. Tawney

    Wad Up Julian

    yea im mike tawney. ive been so busy from college i havent had much time to check on the doom scene, but since ive been away so long i figured millenium was released. guess i was wrong:)
  11. Tawney

    Wad Up Julian

    Where can I get Doom Millenium at?
  12. Tawney

    The /newstuff Chronicles #46

    ummmmm, meow?
  13. Tawney


    Dude, its database, not databases! all your database are belong to us! ha ha ha ha... rofl
  14. Tawney

    Tomorrow's Yesterday On Tuesday Too

    How about Skulltag: Old school for a new generation I think that has a good ring to it
  15. Tawney

    Doomland Next Week!

    If you really are, then you're a moron. For real dude it's ignorant basing opinions on melanin.