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  1. Aekold

    Light Effects

    thank , you , i tryed but still suffer from the problerm, you anyone knows how to create lighten areas on the floor so i can sign players a certain way please help me by telling me stpe by step caio! p.s. please dont ignor as i am a good map editor by i am a newbie at DM :P
  2. Aekold

    some sketches

    nice art, have to admit you could put me for the test, you got me thinking i might do some ^^D GJ keep working on thos WIP stuff ^^
  3. Aekold

    Light Effects

    hi, i am kinda new to DB and i have come to a halt in my map making and learning, with lines i have managed to design the word "FIRE" + a arrow shape, i added the sector effect brightness up as the main room lighten is low so you can see the word, but i cant seem to run the map, also i dont think i have designed it properly , i need help i am so stressed at the fact i been defeated by a small problem ^^ please can anyone tell me the steps on how to build a lighten shape on the floor :( sniff