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  1. Phenomenal work on these models!!! Very faithful capture of the Doom 64 aesthetic I must say. :)
  2. Anyone having trouble getting past the loading screen (which is due to CD-DA track 2 not being detected) through an emulator... I highly recommend the CD-ROM plugin "Mooby2 cd disk image driver" for ePSXe (1.6.0). After installing the plugin, go to "Run CDROM" and then choose the ISO file. Or there's also "MagicISO Virtual CD/DVD Manager" which mounts the ISO.
  3. machine_devil

    how long have creative drivers been so crap?

    I still use a Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 card I got back in early 2002. Still works like a charm! :-)
  4. The gameplay is a bit slower than the PC, but they seemed to try to match it closer to the original speed. I noticed the enemies seemed a bit faster in animation on the PC. But I think to make up for that slower framerate, they actually increased the speed of the enemies a few tics up. The framerate was low enough on the PSX that I was able to get a demon to bite a barrel without having to move away too fast, something which I haven't been able to do on the PC version.
  5. A while back I was playing around with some of the code in Chocolate Doom and changed the TICRATE from 35 to 15, which is the actual TICRATE in JagDoom. After changing the frame duration of all the sprites to the PSX type, the animation felt identical to PSXDoom, especially when firing the shotgun. However, I thought much of the "feel" of PSXDOOM comes from the graphics renderer of the Playstation.
  6. Here's a GUI version that might be more compatible with you Vista users: http://www.mediafire.com/?k35y8z8zyk8xtcx Simple steps to using the program: 1. Simply 'Open' the *.ROM file. 2. Then select 'Convert Wad' and enter the *.WAD file name for the output.
  7. Unfortunately, I'm not too familiar with Windows Vista, but I've heard about its incompatibilities. I compiled the tool with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 on Windows XP (32-bit). Perhaps I will work around making a version with a GUI interface.
  8. A couple of years ago after studying the wad decompression in the Jaguar Doom source code, I experimented and made a tool to convert Jaguar Doom and PSX Doom files (like wads, textures, and flats), which I abandoned for while to work on something else. Regarding the PSX Final Doom wad (actually *.ROM, unlike PSX Doom having the standard *.WAD), the only difference with it is that it stores all the SIDEDEF textures as 16-bit/shorts (to the index of the texture in the PSXDOOM.WAD, starting from the T_START lump) and SECTORS store the identity of flats the same way (only starting from the F_START lump). The source code to the tool still needs some cleaning, but for now I included the PSX Final Doom wad converter. If you want to convert PSX Final Doom *.ROM files back into a readable PC WAD format, these are the basic steps to it after you download the zip file: 1. Extract "fpsxmapconv.exe" and open "Command Prompt". 2. Enter in "fpsxmapconv.exe". 3. Enter the arg "-loadwad", followed by the *.ROM file. 4. Enter the arg "-convertfpsxmap", followed by the output *.WAD file. 5. You can use the optional arg "-dumprgb" to extract a *.TXT file containing a list of rgb sector data from the wad. I also included a more easily readable "LIGHTS" TXT file you can read in Notepad (or similar), containing a list of 256 RGB values that you can match with the sector rgb indexes. http://www.mediafire.com/?ibjefwkgze3ltq9
  9. machine_devil

    Fun PSX Doom stuff..

    Hmm.. this reminds me... Last year while I was hacking around PSXDOOM, I managed to actually be able to tweak with some of the notes in the music that plays throughout the levels. Like the music in the level PLANT, I played around with it and was able to change a specific sample to another sample that plays in the song. I noticed this raw music data was located within DOOMSND.WMD in the MUSIC directory of the PSXDOOM disc. So, to my understanding, the LCD files are all just sample packs and I believe you can find the music "midi"-like stuff in the DOOMSND.WMD amongst a bunch of other sound info as well.
  10. machine_devil

    psx doom & epsxe, I need help plz

    Perhaps this might work for you, as I am using Virtual DAEMON Manager to mount any PSX CD ISO image so I can run it on ePSXe from the very start... It goes like this: You download->install Virtual DAEMON Manager. You then mount the ISO image to Virtual DAEMON, after that, open ePSXe and go to "Run CDROM" (of course before that, you have to configure the CD plugin in ePSXe) normally like when running any normal CD, except this is an ISO. If at all, I hope I can be of little help.
  11. machine_devil

    Hacking the PSX Password entry

    I wait for the day for something like this to happen (and as far as I am aware of, Midway has it for keeps).
  12. I seem to believe all that occurs with the hitpoints of the Nightmare flag is that it gets multiplied by two... I've tried that flag on a Zombieman and I could just tell a slight difference in his hitpoints (HP from 20 to 40?). The Imp, there was a bit of a change with his hitpoints (HP from 60 to 120?). And with Nightmare Spectre(or Nightmare-flagged Demon), I imagine the hitpoints just go from 150 to 300.
  13. Damn... great stuff! ^^ I remember when in '98, I really wanted to make my own Doom levels and play them on PSX Doom.
  14. machine_devil

    Favourite PSX doom background music?

    1. Plant 2. Toxin Refinery 3. Computer Station 4. Command Center 5. Catwalk 6. Fistula
  15. machine_devil

    PSX black demons

    There is a flag in PSXDoom which causes a sprite to become inverted, transparent, and multiply the HP by 2. I discovered this several months ago after hacking the PSXDoom rom I ripped myself and took a look at the MAP05 things list and searched around for the flag for the Nightmare Spectre thing at the very beginning of the level. The AC hex number (or decimal, 172) was the flag for that THING. So I changed the flag to something like EC and the Nightmare Spectre became a regular Spectre. I was able to try the flag on other sprites which resulted in Imps, Shotgun Guys, and Medikits to become inverted and transparent and a shy bit tougher (exclude the Medikit). You could actually just open up a sprite in an image program and invert the sprite and perhaps lower the brightness and raise the contrast. I believe the actual Nightmare thing flag is 160. Some others tidbits: The common transparent thing flag is appears to be 224. The transparent thing flag 32, is like 224, but appears brighter, MAP25 and MAP34 are a couple of levels that use this on Spectres. The transparent flag for walls is 1024. Oh, one other thing I found out was that PSXDoom still had the Nightmare Mode intact, though, how to play that skill I am unsure of, but how I found it was I modified DEMO1.LMP's skill level and changed it to one number higher, which resulted the game demo playing on high caffeine so to speak.