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  1. Fox

    Teacher, My Vertices Won't Stitch.

    Well, once you get a computer room revive this thread and show us what's going on. I wanna see what they can do with my map :)
  2. Fox

    Teacher, My Vertices Won't Stitch.

    I think this is awesome, we never did anything fun like this at school. I'll donate my old starting area for the map I'm currently working on. I cut it from my map as it lead into a UAC base, but I decided to start the map from inside the base insted. map-for-scorpion.wad As well as the map you're going to need the skulltag client and skulltag.wad, Scorpion. If you haven't got it already head over to the st download page. The map is in "Skulltag (Doom in Doom format)", IWAD DOOM2.WAD, with additional textures and flats coming from skulltag.wad (but you know this... I just want to cover everything in 1 post, just to be sure). Here's some screenshots: outside I did the outside area a couple of weeks ago, ever since it's been sat in my doom folder doing nothing. -- inside - getting started I threw this area together just now, just to get your students started. Of course feel free to change it, or just let them start from here and see what they come up with. My plan tonight was to get some floor and ceiling varation in, where they can add ammo, weapons, health etc, before returning the floor to 0 and the ceiling to 128, so they didn't have to worry about texture heights too much if they're still learning sector work. Please excuse the second part of the map (and any poor wording in this post), I wanted to get this done before I went to bed, and it's fast approaching 3am :S -- I'd really like to see what they make out of it, as I'm working on a big map at the moment and otherwise this would've gone to waste. Take it easy, Fox. Edit: Here's 2 reference shots from DB, just incase: Outside 3d mode 2d view Hey codeimp, what're the black tears in 3d mode caused by?
  3. Fox

    Oh crap, an e3m1 remake

    Better than the original. Nice job.
  4. Fox

    Skulltag or CTF?

    I'm making a MP map and just wondered which gametype is played more often...
  5. Fox

    My first map, have a go...

    Those items have been moved anyway :p
  6. Fox

    My first map, have a go...

    On reflection I think 4 is a bit much (as did Spadger) I'm changing it to just 2 (or 1 for easy).
  7. Fox

    My first map, have a go...

    Ok, I edited my previous post to mention that this is version 1.1 I want to get the layout, evevators, doors, lighting and monsters sorted before I start making windows and redecorating. I will probabilly get lots more done this evening. Anybody else got any feedback?
  8. Version 1.1 Finally finished it... well this version anyway. It took over three weeks, but mainly because I had to stop halfway through, due to excessive amounts of school work. I'd really, really like some feedback, good or bad. I want to know where I went right and where I went wrong. Notes: MAP01 (Suprise, suprise...) Based on the tutorial by John W. Anderson. Is designed to be played on Ultra Violence or Nightmare (even easy can be tricky...) Is not a MAP01 replacement! Although short, completing it 100% on nightmare is fiendlishly difficult. Can you find the secret? Can you find the easter egg?... Enjoy! Download: http://rapidshare.de/files/16427749/Fox_s_Magamap.rar.html
  9. There is a really noticable difference between the first and second wads. I think you've improved the level loads, better texture allignment, the Imp at the beginning faces away from the player, two hell barons are better than one ;) and the Cyberdemon makes a better entrance. However at the end, I found that the Archville was harder than the Pain Elemental, and that it's possible to get the attention of the Chain Gunners from the window at the beginning (red key card room). Still, I really like this level (espially as I'm in it!). Good job. 5'd *****
  10. YEAH! I'm in a map!!!
  11. Nice map Spadger, I got there on the 4th try :p (Hey! I've only had doom for 2 weeks). Looking foward to the next one...