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  1. id like to selfishly withdraw my map from this project. since i never saw much progress, i started messing with it and now it has become its own thing and id like to have that version released as oppose to the one i made to this project. sorry, but it didnt look like it was ever going anywhere. my map is map03 [spellbound].
  2. pabloD

    Cacowards 2014 nomination thread

    i too nominate Visionf of Eternity. i might be biased, since i go to see it being made, but i think its really awesome episode.
  3. for me, all maps are hard on skills 3 & 4 from a pistol start. i guess i just suck at doom these days. but i found that playing them in order works well, and i kind of agree that the shotgun seems to be the "main" weapon for the maps. not that i mind since i always use the shotgun most of the time. even when i have a full plasma gun. i guess i'm just boring :D
  4. nice to see this thing finally coming out. its been too long you lazy faka. hehehe. edit - having tested these maps, i find these to be really fun ones and nicely designed too. cant wait to see what everyone thinks of these once its released.
  5. pabloD

    My Doom Collectors Stuff....

    my doom3 box is big too. i live in the US btw. i remember a lot of games back in the early/mid 2000s had small/big box releases. arcanum and alice come to mind.
  6. quickly played through the maps [not enough free time to play them properly :(] and so far map02 and 07 are my favorites. map06 i got some texture errors [played it with zdoom] and map12 as well. map12 looks insanely massive though :D, sadly i did not get to finish it :( map06 also has the same brightness level through out the whole level. when my map appeared i noticed it was an older version because you start too far away from the right garg fountain and its not as bright as it should be [hopefully that tells the player to go right instead of left]. uploaded the last version i had, and i also had wrote a new song for it a few days ago. the song is a very simple, cheesy ambient type of track that i think fits, but i think its too repetitive. i had a much better version of this map, but i lost that version, with pretty much every single personal file i had when my second hard drive decided to died :( edit - correct url http://minus.com/lbgYJtNgu0jHm6 and fiend-o-hell, can the map keeps its original name? [spellbound] :) i also hope to have some free time in the coming weeks to play through each map and give some detail comments.
  7. i finished my isolophobia level. though i'm not sure if my experiment worked. bloodyacid, whats your email? so i can send my map. edit - never mind, saw the email link at the bottom of one's posts and got it from there :) - going to polish it a bit and send it.
  8. pabloD

    Levels only you loved

    i'll post something since i'm logged in :) http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=3716 - nazi cave from hell! i always liked this map. one of my first levels was inspired by this one [good thing i never uploaded it]. must have been one of the early doom user maps that i played. i still play it from time to time and its always fun. dont think i ever finished it though.
  9. mapping for limit removing ports is still part of the project, right? because my map wont run on doom2.exe [it is a vanilla level though, visplane overflow madness is the problem]. if not, then i don't know how to make changes for it to run on doon2.exe. map is still being made though. slowly, but its getting there :)
  10. erased all old screenshots and uploaded some new ones. wont write again in a while though [maybe until mid nov], that doesn't mean i'm quitting though. these are all from map09. http://min.us/m5OtHNgzN#1
  11. screenshots from map09 [isolophobia]. http://min.us/m5OtHNgzN#1 - it should be the first four. i want the map to be a [hopefully] big city. not massive, but big enough to get lost in. i thought a city would reflect the feeling of being alone more than a regular doom level. it does have the abstractness of doom though, because i cant do a realistic looking city. at least not with doom. i'm sure others can though. still, i'm really having fun working on this map.
  12. on the claustrophobia map, i erased half of it because it was just boring as hell. i have no idea the % since i never really plan things and just do it as i go. i started a second map for the isolophobia level though, and i finally landed on an idea that i like for it. no screenshots yet, at least until i am happy with it. but i'm getting there, just as the chicken escaped from being tied to the 9 knots that followed it to the end of the world, and then took itself to the cosmic eye of the universe, to only see its own reflection standing on its own puddle of tears. to later cry for its feathers that lolz
  13. working on the claustrophobia map, but i have to say while its small and cramped, it doesn't really have a scary feel to it, so its not living up to its name. :( http://min.us/m5OtHNgzN
  14. zdoom or not, i just thought i'd ask, but if everyone wants to stay away from source ports, then why not. its not my project, so i'll do my best. i'll probably try some crazy things on my own once i'm done. i'm still going to do the map, as a vanilla doom one. and i'd like to take claustrophobia as well if its not taken yet. so two for me.
  15. i'll take isolophobia if thats ok. dont care about the placement of the level. no idea what i'll do, but i have a bunch of big maps that from old projects that i could use for this, and my lazyness to add enemies to the maps these days sounds like it might be an easy thing to do :) edit - read the description wrong, thought we could use zdoom features and such. i think that would actually be a good thing, seeing how weird some of these phobias are, some simple acs or decorate things might actually help. but maybe that's just me.