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  1. played it skill 2 on the woof port. rebalancing for easy would be funky, thats how i usually play user maps - it was a challenge but a fun one though.
  2. pbldcttr

    Ancient Lab

    the blue key room was indeed wicked. i loved the tiny details and the ashwall cave was funky too. the gameplay was fun as well. only found the chainsaw secret. i really enjoyed this one!
  3. i really liked it. very colorful, kinda like a collage. and the way you drew the sectors was funky too, squiggly lines - its a fun level though i had to use iddqd at the end with the two cyberdemons since i am not that good a player i guess. lol.
  4. i found what the issue was. ran the wad with dsda doom [same version you mentioned] and it crashed as you said, the error message i got was signal 11 so i checked if there was any info about it online and someone mentioned that lumps could be causing it, so i looked at the wad file on slade and i saw 3 junk files that must have carried over when i was working with eureka years ago. removing them fixed the issue. uploaded a fixed version [along with other fixes, like the ones Foxpup mentioned] and hopefully it should be ready in a few days on the idgames archive, in the mean time you can open the wad on slade and remove those 3 files: gl_map01, gl_pvs & _eureka and it should work. it ran fine for me with crispydoom though [using the latest version]. sorry for the late reply btw. busy but also very lazy. lol. i never had this happen to me and no idea what the issue could had been. saw the video though and fixed some of the secrets with the timed lift to access them [now they just stay open]. thanks for the comments!
  5. thanks for these, it was funky as hell to watch and wrote down notes for future maps!
  6. the bridge on map7 is suppose to raise after killing all arachnotrons. if you did and the trigger somehow failed, i dont know what to say. its one of the things i was undecided on having until i uploaded it since sometimes i rush through maps and i dont feel like blasting everyone. you can always idclip your way to success though >:) or jump, some ports have jumping so why not use it? [dont think you'll break any triggers if someone skips ahead that way, but unsure]. old pablo levels are not good. layouts were messy, no height differences, super cramped [i'll never understand why i made them that way] and are just boring to me. my heretic levels being the worst of them, which is something i'll get to once im done with all of these unreleased doom maps.
  7. over the past 15 years or so ive made many levels, a lot are in different states of completion, some just need gameplay others are half finished and so on [i even have different versions of the same level, like there is a zdoom version of map11 thats twice as big, there is a boom version of map9 thats also different]. last summer i decided to picking these 5 maps plan was to get them in a finished state, having them as vanilla levels was not planned but made things easier too. so my idean is to release 2 more of these, maybe part2 will come next year but im trying to not take as long as i do. part2 might even be a boom thing, or maybe i'll convert them all into zdoom. i have a bunch of each so who knows what will happen. but labeling this as part1 is a good motivation to get the rest finished for me. well, that makes it a 1/5 wad then. good catch though. fixed it already and if there are any other issues that show up i guess i'll re-upload it in a month or so or just leave it as is and pretend nothing ever happened. lol. thanks everyone for the comments!
  8. i never really liked that level. i could have done so much better in retrospect. but thank you though! anyway, wad has been uploaded to idgames and its now avaliable. also updated the threat title.
  9. sadly yes, thats me. lol - but thanks man, hopefully i'll upload these maps before friday.
  10. its a simple 5 level wad - apart from new music by my good homie damian lee [and one track by me] there are no new resources, just maps - and while the maps themselves are 100% d2.exe compatible, two maps crash the game when saving and only noticed that just now though [but wont fix that]. also added a umapinfo file but just for map names. once im satisfied with the gameplay i'll upload it - no story, nothing fancy just new [and old, one very old] maps. all maps are done just need to test the maps and hopefully around december i'll get to release these mamas. link with screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/0SHjZ4Q download - https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/s-u/tsdp1
  11. pbldcttr

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    im working on some doom2.exe maps and i found out about umapinfo and my question is i guess obvious one, checking the doomwiki and other places, is it really is 100% compatible with almost all ports right? with the obvious exception being d2.exe of course. and apart from the example on the doomwiki, are there any others i could look at? im still dumb about this, trying to get back into it from ages of not doing anything. edit - never mind, i just saw the bottom of the doomwiki page with the compatible ports. im dumb, and its late. lol.
  12. id like to selfishly withdraw my map from this project. since i never saw much progress, i started messing with it and now it has become its own thing and id like to have that version released as oppose to the one i made to this project. sorry, but it didnt look like it was ever going anywhere. my map is map03 [spellbound].
  13. pbldcttr

    Cacowards 2014 nomination thread

    i too nominate Visionf of Eternity. i might be biased, since i go to see it being made, but i think its really awesome episode.
  14. for me, all maps are hard on skills 3 & 4 from a pistol start. i guess i just suck at doom these days. but i found that playing them in order works well, and i kind of agree that the shotgun seems to be the "main" weapon for the maps. not that i mind since i always use the shotgun most of the time. even when i have a full plasma gun. i guess i'm just boring :D
  15. nice to see this thing finally coming out. its been too long you lazy faka. hehehe. edit - having tested these maps, i find these to be really fun ones and nicely designed too. cant wait to see what everyone thinks of these once its released.