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maximi munkitus

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  1. maximi munkitus

    Help and Suggestions for Greenwar2!

    well, not meaning those things, just to add a stupid easter egg or someting :p shoot me, i am an ass (=_=)
  2. maximi munkitus

    Need ideas for a launcher name

    UAC Universall Ass Control :>
  3. maximi munkitus

    Muhammad cartoons

    Those assholes can suck my cock, and then die.
  4. maximi munkitus

    Chocolate Doom

    compet-n not accepting chocolate doom? i mean, it's just a straight port from DOS to Windoze whatever if the purists fanatics etc. dont want more demos ^^ they dont get my super duper MAP32 demos then :P
  5. maximi munkitus

    Anyone has DRE

    Anyone can gimme a WORKING link for DRE? (no MP3s) i just wanna see how crap it is :)
  6. maximi munkitus

    Help and Suggestions for Greenwar2!

    make new difficulties: I'm too n00b to die Hey, not so fast I hurt plenty Un-stoppable Fragmare (:P)
  7. maximi munkitus

    zelda tc

    ha, sounds good BFG must be Puke
  8. maximi munkitus

    What new monsters would you add?

    UAC commander, zombified http://img90.imageshack.us/img90/5697/cmdr6tt.png (yup, i know the image sucks imps balls) he has 2 chainguns, like hitler and grosses in wolf3d
  9. maximi munkitus

    Need ideas for a launcher name

    JDI "Just DOOM it"
  10. doom2 was on our computer when we bought it. liked it more than q2. what a shame i played with IDDQD :(
  11. maximi munkitus

    Increasing monster A.I.?

    sorry if i am an ass, but doesn't boom have setup for AI?
  12. maximi munkitus

    Cacodemon look-alike sculpture

    man ya stole my words
  13. maximi munkitus

    Fan Art Galore!!!!!!

    too bad everythinng is in rĂ¼ssian >:(