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  1. What a fucking wicked American Prison Drama; granted it's camp as fuck, but with what style! They were showing it at like 4-5 in the morning over here in the UK on channel 4, but my friend has recently downloaded every series from Limewire - joy for the weekend!

    Oz Doom? ;)

    1. Naked Snake

      Naked Snake

      Assrape? HILARIOUS!

    2. Bucket


      Wow, that's an old series. Is it still on? I haven't watched it since that one guy's bitch slashed up the guy who does the voice for Patrick Starfish. Oh, and the pretty boy cut his face so he wouldn't get raped in the shower.

    3. SYS


      The ass raping and shower scenes are bit much, but it's pretty good show. I love the way they all plot against each other. I'll never forget that episode when Beecher bites that dude's dick off.