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  1. Frederick the Great

    XWE Tutorials

    Can anyone point me in the direction of some XWE tutorials? I kinda need some help; I'm used to using wintex, but it's obvious that XWE has far more potential.
  2. Frederick the Great

    Zdoom Maps that simulate terrain

    Using slopes, are there any good map examples of terrain?
  3. Frederick the Great

    For all you early-90's kids

    Everyone knows that Goosbumps ripped off 'Are you Afraid of the Dark?', in the days when Nikelodean was cool and had the Adventures of Pete and Pete. Now it's nothing more than a degenerate daycare centre for retards who are offended by fart jokes. Fuck it - nothing lasts forever.
  4. Frederick the Great

    What's a Good Nodebuilder for Zdoom?

    Can anyone point me in the direction of the best one?
  5. Frederick the Great

    Texture Request

    These are by far the greatest textures I've ever seen; do you have anymore work? I request a brown floor with blood splat on it.
  6. Frederick the Great

    RPG TCs?

    Using STRIFE as an example, are there any Doom TCs that have done something similar with regards to gameplay (people to talk to, shops, currency, etc)? Does Zdoom support these type of things?
  7. Frederick the Great

    Is there any real right and wrong?

    What would you do if, during World War II, you were hiding some Jewish people in your home and a Nazi soldier came to your door and asked if there were any Jews inside? Would you tell the truth and consign these innocent people to death, or would you lie and risk your life to protect them?
  8. Frederick the Great

    How do I add sprites to a Zdoom wad?

    I've learned how to put my own wall and floor graphics into Zdoom, but how do I do sprites? I want to add some decorative 'things' - is there a way I can do them from scratch and introduce new items into doom? Also, how Do I add sprites for enemies? Is it easy to create new enemies from scratch in Zdoom? And now for a big question: I have all the frames for this guy, but as you can see he's something like 200 pixles high; I heard I can put this into Zdoom and it would scale it down, like the BUILD engine, and not lose the detail - is this true? If so, how do I do that?
  9. Frederick the Great

    Ed Wood of Doom Wads

    Who'se the worse creator of Doom wads in existance? Who is the 'ED Wood' of the Doom Community?
  10. Frederick the Great

    I had a dream about a Doom TC last night

    Harry Potter Doom! My girlfriend's sister was playing some early 3D Harry Potter game on the original Play Station last night, and all I could do was talk aloud with various comment ssuch as 'That would be easy to re-create in Zdoom' or 'this could make such a fantastic TC'. After looking a frightfull dork, I retired to bed. That night I had intense dreams about the idea of a Harry Potter TC. When you get past the initial childishness of the idea, Harry Potter could provide an excellent means for someone wanting to make a TC. The levels would be filled with amazing Architecture if left in the hands of an advanced level designer. So many people in the past have come up with what sound like unique TC ideas, but are in fact rubbish. I once bumped into Pokemon Doom which sounded unique, but would have been impossible for the amateurs making it to produce anything of playable worth. When it comes to making a TC the first thing that should cross a designers mind must be the level design; what are the possibilities/limitations? How will it look within the Doom universe? Remember the original Star Wars Doom TC back in the early 90s? I always wondered why no one bothered to make an updated version; Lucas Arts produced a Doomesque style engine for their game 'Dark Forces', which had so many sprites that would have worked so well in the doom engine (The Empire officers, Stormtroopers, etc would look beautifull in doom). I always found the sprites in the original Star Wars Doom to be somewhat awkward, though very good for the time. Batman doom for me remains one of the greatest of TCs, but even that is starting to look aged by todays design standards. I simply love the fact that the designers had hand drawn all the sprites from scratch, not that I see a problem with ripping graphics - but when someone manages to make something from scratch they deserve a pat on the back. It's one thing to make a set of sprites with poser 3D, but when it's done in MS paint it certainly warrents respect.
  11. Frederick the Great


    Have you converted your doom2.wad file into hexen format?
  12. Frederick the Great

    How do I add sprites to a Zdoom wad?

    Thanks for the information Enjay, and the kind comments with regards to the enemies; I don't suppose I could convince anyone here to help me out with this? I've never had any experience with this level of doom editing, and would really appriciate the help; I'm trying to stick to a schedule to get this TC sorted within a set limit, and I may be held back by a month at this rate.
  13. Frederick the Great

    How do I add sprites to a Zdoom wad?

    Ok - but how do I actually set the zombie guy to have new sprites? If I just load my bmps into SS_start and ss_end wont they just be on the wad file, but not actually doing anything?
  14. Frederick the Great

    decals & portals

    How do I use decals then?
  15. Frederick the Great

    decals & portals

    I've heard about Decals from a little birdie - is that the option to paint textures and things over walls in doom Like in Duke3D? How do I do it? Remember I'm a novice; tell me in that step by step way which allows me to get it all done in a fraction of the time! Now for Portals: What are the limitations of portals? Has anyone experimented with portals and learned anything about the bugs that occur with them?
  16. Frederick the Great

    I had a dream about a Doom TC last night

    What about implamenting an RPG style gameplay similar to strife? That should spice it up; and perhaps make the game more puzzle orientated.
  17. Frederick the Great

    What's a Good Nodebuilder for Zdoom?

    Thank you everyone for the help!
  18. To extract graphics from any game that uses the BUILD engine you must get hold of a program called EDITART - it's very easy to find on the net, and can view all the art from any game that uses the Build/Duke nukem engine.
  19. Frederick the Great

    How do you make new Flat entries?

    I've got a load of new walls for my maps, but I don't want to replace the original flats in doom (like ZZWOLF1, etc). I want to make my own entries, such as MYWALL01, MYWALL02, etc. Any guides on how to do this? I'm using Wintex, but also would want to update myself to XWE
  20. Frederick the Great

    How do you make new Flat entries?

    Just added you.
  21. Frederick the Great

    How do you make new Flat entries?

    Rest assured dear Sausage, you shall be among our play testers when we finally put all these tricks together ;)
  22. Frederick the Great

    How do you make new Flat entries?

    Such an amazing trick! Thank you so much for this help! How do I change the actual sky that's being shown in Zdoom? I don't want to have that horrid brown sky with my skybox; i want to put in my own sky. How do I do that? Do i have to give the image I upload a certain name or value?
  23. Frederick the Great

    Zdoom Texture/Sound editing

    Can anyone point me in the direction of tutorials with regards to editing wad files for Zdoom? I want to make taller stretched skies, edit the ambient sounds, have a go at scaling large textures, etc. I've been using Wintex & Wadauthor for years, but recently discovered Doom Builder (what an amazing tool - everything you've ever wanted from a doom evel editor). Is wintex now an outdated tool to use? What are the current up-to-date tools that I should be using?
  24. Frederick the Great

    How do you make new Flat entries?

    AWESOME! The levels i'll be able to make now with these new skilz!!! Ok how do i make a sky now? Can I have multiple skies like in Duke Nukem?
  25. Frederick the Great

    How do you make new Flat entries?

    Oh and how do I make a sky with this tool? I presume I can have a much larger sky...