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File Reviews posted by The Ultimate DooMer

  1. This had the potential to be awesome, but is ruined by several fights that are pointless to even attempt. (how can anyone expect to survive the satyrs in the mines or the massive crypt fight?)
  2. The Inquisitor


    This had the potential to be awesome, but is ruined by the ghosts and the boss fight. It's also required to noclip through the main door once the graveyard has been explored. (framerate didn't bother me that much tbh)
  3. Fucking Hexen


    Too many fucking items :P (esp. fucking health/ammo) It's not bad tbh, some neat-looking areas and particularly the large-scale encounters. It comes across as a normal vanilla-style Hexen hub with a few fucks thrown in.
  4. Tech Gone Bad


    It's not a bad map, there's some good points (notably the atmosphere/use of secrets) plus one or two bad points as well (notably the ending). But it's not worth the mindless gawking praise that is soo predictable on DW when a wad of this kind comes around. (and I pity the poor soul who's project will be denied a Cacoward in order to satisfy this)

  5. How can a wad where every single start room is impossible (or near-impossible) be even considered for a cacoward, let alone win one? (this is from a fan of hard slaughtermaps btw)
  6. Valiant


    A good quality wad with some neat maps and themes, but (like all mapsets these days) it's nothing we haven't seen loads before (especially the architecture). Not to mention it would've been a hell of a lot easier to simply use decorate for the new monsters, instead of shoehorning it all into a dehacked patch (losing a bunch of monsters and scenery along the way). I wonder why he felt the need to do that...
  7. DTS-T


    Absolutely amazing. Great themes and atmosphere, the story and voice acting is unusual but it works and while the gameplay is a bit easy for the most part it does get tougher later on. But without a doubt it's one of the freshest, most creative and engaging wads to come out for a long time. It will be a great injustice when the cacowards come out and a random vanilla map gets an award instead of this...detail is NOT everything. Anyone voting 0/5 probably played the first few maps and quit.