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  1. If doing most of map 25 and the finishing touches to map 29 wasn't enough, I now get to do map 24 as well! More hellish-mapping practice for me then... (which is handy, as I'm less than a map away from doing the hellish maps for Super Sonic DooM - which is going to be put on hold again...)

    btw (for those who've forgotten or don't know), Plutonia II is a megawad designed to be a sequel to the best megawad ever (Plutonia), has been in production for 2 years and is nearly complete. It also has a seriously up-to-date site.

    1. Zell


      is it going to require a certain port? Like ZDoom, or will be just like the original and run with doom2.exe?

    2. The Ultimate DooMer

      The Ultimate DooMer

      It's vanilla compatible, although some maps might have the odd bug. (and some are pretty big, too)