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  1. What's the longest it's ever taken you to finally beat a game?

    Mine is 9 years - that's how long it took me to beat Legend, an old but very addictive RPG:

    Early 1994 - first got it with my 386, learned how to play it and was defeated on a puzzle early in the 3rd section out of 10. Spent a while just bouncing around in the outdoor areas (away from dungeons) then dropped it.

    Late 1996 - worked out how to do the puzzle (after mainly letting it rest), so I decided to play it again. Went on what was arguably my most memorable period of gaming, but 3 weeks later was defeated on a puzzle later on in the 9th section out of 10. Tried everything to beat it after then but couldn't, so I dropped it.

    Late 2001 - Worked out how to beat the puzzle in my head (it just came to me suddenly) but thought I no longer had the game.

    Early 2002 - Proved myself wrong by finding it by chance in the attic with all the old shareware stuff (including DooM, heh) so it made a nice 22nd birthday present. Immediately got it running on my P200, and a couple of weeks later (my most memorable period of gaming again, as I'd completely forgotten most of the game) I finally finished it. The ending? One message scroll with a victory message on it...

    And to commemorate the occasion, I recreated that infamous puzzle (albeit with a different, but equally creative solution) and the dungeon area immediately around it in E5M6 of Shadowcaster.

    I also took 6 years to beat Lemmings 2 - after getting stuck on the last Sports level - (first got it in 1994, finished it in 2000 after coming up with a brainwave, commemorated it by adding the victory tune to my Lemmings 2 music cd) but this one was definitely the longest-running saga.

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    2. Sharessa


      Civilization, I suppose. My dad got it for me in like 91-92 after telling me about this game where you play as a king and make decisions. I was like "OOOh, I want to play that!" and he was like "I dunno, it's pretty advanced", but I insisted and he got it (warezed from a friend, he never bought any games, the cheapskate). Turns out he was right. I sucked royaly at it. For some reason, it took me almost a month just to figure out how to build a unit. Anyway, I played it for years, and finaly got good enough that I could score a space race victory on almost every game. I could not, however, get any military domination victories before the end of the game.

      I finaly did it in what was possibly the last time I played the game, right before i got Civ2, so probably 97-98. So I guess it took me a good 5-6 years to get it. I remember what the victory date was too. 1932 AD, as King Bonham (wtf?) of the Germans. Can't remember the score though.

      I don't beat very many games. 90% of all games I play, I just diddle around with for a week, then when I get back to them I start a new game or something, so I never manage to beat them. I still haven't gotten military victories in Civ2 or Civ3. I havent beaten Diablo 1 or 2 on single player despite the thousands of hours I've put into them (though I did just yesterday get a sorcerer all the way to the 11th dungeon level in Diablo, so perhaps I'm getting there). I've also never beaten Doom2, not even with cheats.

    3. Job


      Heh. Ever play Populous, Danarchy?

    4. Fletcher`


      Dungeons of the Unforgiven has no end.