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  1. Next week (Wednesday in fact), I'm changing from narrowband to broadband (hooray!). Soon I'll be able to do stuff 5x faster, go on the web whenever I want (no phones), and of course visit DW even more often than I do now (and that's often). Who knows, I might even venture into the world of deathmatch, watch this space.

    In other news, I've finished map 19 of SSD (currently working on a cool part of map 20), grabbed a couple of great albums, I'll be visiting my 4th live robot combat event in 7 weeks (don't ask me how, it's just timing and placing) and looking forward to the new footie season, which kicks off tomorrow.

    Anyway, that's it for now.

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    2. Grimm


      Ha, nice. Make sure to grab Skulltag and ZDaemon. I'll be looking for ya. :P

    3. rf`


      Just because you can surf it faster doesn't make the internet better.

    4. SYS


      Man, I didn't know you were on dial-up, well, at least your not anymore. Prepare to waste even more time in front of the screen =-)