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  1. Went to the post office to pick up something this afternoon and was headed to uni from there. Heading to the bus stop, I'm approached by a cop who wanted to search my bag etc, my thoughts were "well ok, I haven't done anything wrong" - pockets emptied etc, at this stage I'm told that someone with blue hair and a red bag (which I both had) snatched someones' bag at a school (which I did go past as it's on the way to the post office). Another cop very quickly appeared and the victims' description very quickly changed to "two-toned blue hair" - basically it seemed to me that they were using my description to fit the evidence and not the other way around, so I was arrested. You can imagine me shitting myself with their whole "just admit it now and it'll make your life easier"/"stop fucking us around and give me the truth" and such.

    Taken into the station, strip-searched etc, and was trying to remember whether lawyers suggest you co-operate if innocent or whether anything beyond name, address and d.o.b should be met with "no comment" for the entire interview. However I had a bit of a panic attack in the cells, which was mistaken for a heart attack, which very quickly got me out of the cell and into hospital where I was discharged, no follow-up from the police other than that they may be contacting me. I must be very fortunate to have gotten out of an interview, a charge and being bailed etc.

    I can't say that I've never stolen anything in my entire life but I certainly couldn't imagine committing a crime which would impact on another person!!! Being wrongly accused of something is probably someones' worst nightmare. Any advice?

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    2. darkreaver


      -snippety snip-

    3. Mordeth


      Threads like these remind me to be grateful for living in a civilized country.

    4. Scottland89


      I always find public perception on police interesting cause I always end up one of the few people who can't complain about the police. I've even seen law abiding friends have an ACAB attitude because of what they hear and see (and I'm talking about things like enforcing minor laws).

      Personally, the worst situation I ended up in was a few years ago, I nearly contaminated a (serious) crime scene.

      A Murder and attempted murder happened on my street 1 morning, which I didn't know about as I woke up afterwards. Rushing out to get to college, I got ready, and ran out the door and started to cross the road, without looking either direction (it's a quiet street and I heard no traffic, and this is the UK so no Jay Walking laws, but still should of looked), when I heard somebody shout at me to stop, retrace my steps and walk towards them. Looking at where the voice came from, I saw police tape and looked at my other side, saw more police tape and got worried I was in big trouble for contaminating a crime scene.

      Luckily a)somebody I knew was near the cop and shouted over to me in a friendly manner to just to do as I was told and b)I had deer in headlights moment when I looked and saw the police tape. Both of those helped me as the cop only asked for my details (name and address only) without acting like I did anything wrong and let me out of said crime scene without further disturbing it. The only follow up was police coming to my house a few days later, treating me as a potential witness to the murder\attempted murder (couldn't tell them much as I was asleep at the time) and that was the end of it for me.

      Hell the other day I was leaning on a wall of a building waiting for a taxi, saw 2 cops (on patrol) walk by and just gave them a smile and a friendly nod.

      The day after that, after facing a bit of a damned if I do, damned if I don't cycling issue (police van parked on a cycle lane forcing me to cycle on a busy pedestrian path or into a busy 1 way traffic lane going the wrong way the van was parked near a bunch of shops) in the city centre. I bumped into 2 cycle police officers 5 minutes later who I asked general advice on that situation as I just started cylcing on roads (figured those who enforce the law by bicycle would know best).

      Most people I know would think the cops would try to screw me over in those 2 scenarios but in reality, in the 1st scenario I got a smile and friendly nod back from the cops that walked by me and in the 2nd the advice (which is just do what is safest to me and those about, agreeing that I was screwed either way but wouldn't get into any trouble if caught as long as care was obviously taken). I don't give them any reason to give me trouble and because of that, I get no trouble from them (hell in the 2nd scenario, I even offered the point the police van must of been there for a good reason in case they thought I was complaining about the van). I personally hate it when people go out their way to cause trouble with the police to show how "corrupt" they are (which I've seen a lot of on Facebook).

      Of course experience can vary from people and country. Hope everything turns out ok for the OP with regards to follow up.

      TL:DR Never had problems with cops as I give them respect that I feel they deserve, and I (hopefully) never will have any problems with them.