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  1. Went to the post office to pick up something this afternoon and was headed to uni from there. Heading to the bus stop, I'm approached by a cop who wanted to search my bag etc, my thoughts were "well ok, I haven't done anything wrong" - pockets emptied etc, at this stage I'm told that someone with blue hair and a red bag (which I both had) snatched someones' bag at a school (which I did go past as it's on the way to the post office). Another cop very quickly appeared and the victims' description very quickly changed to "two-toned blue hair" - basically it seemed to me that they were using my description to fit the evidence and not the other way around, so I was arrested. You can imagine me shitting myself with their whole "just admit it now and it'll make your life easier"/"stop fucking us around and give me the truth" and such.

    Taken into the station, strip-searched etc, and was trying to remember whether lawyers suggest you co-operate if innocent or whether anything beyond name, address and d.o.b should be met with "no comment" for the entire interview. However I had a bit of a panic attack in the cells, which was mistaken for a heart attack, which very quickly got me out of the cell and into hospital where I was discharged, no follow-up from the police other than that they may be contacting me. I must be very fortunate to have gotten out of an interview, a charge and being bailed etc.

    I can't say that I've never stolen anything in my entire life but I certainly couldn't imagine committing a crime which would impact on another person!!! Being wrongly accused of something is probably someones' worst nightmare. Any advice?

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    2. 40oz


      As helpful as the cop talk information is, I gotta admit its easier said than done. Whenever I deal with police I tend to be very cooperative and they usually let me off with warnings for things that might normally result in a $200 fine.

      I can't honestly say that even knowing my rights and the stuff mentioned in this thread so far, that I would have handled it any differently than invictius did. At times I even have trouble telling door to door salespeople to leave, let alone an officer with a gun. Its not in my nature to get assertive with people I don't know.

    3. Maes


      The only Golden Rule when dealing with police, courts and the military, is to give no pretext, and to say no more than what you are actually ordered to say. The only time I ever was summoned to court, I uttered exactly one word: "Yes" (answering the question of whether I had a driving license) and that was it. No small talk, no chit chat, no emotional logodiarrhea.

      Keep yer shit wired tight. All these institutions have trawler nets scattered all around you. Empty nets, which they hope to withdraw full to the brim with no effort on their part. The more you move around, the greater the chance you (or something you'll let go voluntarily) will be caught. Don't let'em have this free ride at your expense. If someone wants to learn something about me, they'd better hire an old-school Sherlock Holmes or Hercules Poirot type of investigator.

    4. RUSH


      Linkrulezall said:

      Invictus Movie Poster

      If there was a Post Of The Year award, I would nominate this.

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