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  1. I only know that it sounds like either techno/trance/house and that I only truly love about 1 in 100 tracks. Perhaps if I share some of my favorites, someone could help me pin down what genre/sub-genre I should be checking out?

    I take my music very seriously. The last track was so awesome that I, in 2004, camped outside a private wifi hotspot in the early hours of the morning on a pentium 2 laptop to finish recording the mix that was streaming at the time.

    As those are some of my all-time faves, what genre does it seem that I lean most towards?

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    2. 40oz


      Maybe I'm just naive but I've found techno and rave music to be very hard to classify compared to punk and metal, where even a dominant drum beat can merit and entire genre of music.

      Whenever I've searched for techno I've always found wildly different tracks, most of them very repulsive to me. I wish I could find a really raspy 'angry' sounding techno like in Streets of Rage 3, but when searching for angry techno I find really passive stuff with singing and synths, and still many of the comments say "THIS MAKES ME FEEL LIKE PUNCHING WALLS YEAH"

      I like some of the stuff from the MSX radio station in GTA3, but when I looked up those artists, a lot of their tracks are very different from one another, and GTA3 just managed to successfully collect a bunch of similar fast songs and mix it to cut to the drum-heavy parts.

    3. durian


      Angry techno, you say?

      There's tons of it! :D

      On topic, some these tracks are psy-trance esque, others not so much. A good way into electronic dance music in general is to pick up some mixes - the Fabric and DJ Kicks series encompass a very broad range of sub genres, and there's loads of free stuff online also.

      It can also be useful to focus on labels rather than individual artists - find tracks that you like, find out what label they're released on (discogs is invaluable here), and lookup other things on the same label.

    4. j4rio


      The genre you seek is EBM.

      Alternatively, look up synthpop and futurepop.

      40oz said:

      'angry' sounding techno