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  1. For me, in the back of a campervan that was going along a road more suited to a motorbike... so the laptop and mouse kept sliding along the table. I also perched a laptop up on a rock in the desert with e1m1 on, but I can't find the photo.
  2. I've played a few spaceship maps in my time but they're all pretty much generic rooms and corridors. They're really well-made in the Star Trek games that work on the quake 3 engine, is there any reason gzdoom couldn't match anything like in the attachment? Also, wads set on an airplane (whether private jet or airliner) - haven't really seen any of those. There's a map in that joke wad "dance" that has you on a 2s surface soaring through the clouds, though.
  3. Someone said that the video card doesn't get used very much in most maps, should the 1030 be fine for maps like "the given" at 1080p? I'd prefer it over the radeon (even though the radeon scores 50% more on benchmarks for the same price) as the 1030 has passive cooling.
  4. No onboard graphics at all (motherboard from 2011)
  5. I found a train map in dynamite DM, what are some other good ones? (I've seen NJ train)
  6. This: causes permadeath when you die or try to use a cheat. I'm only interested in it since it uses oblige to generate new maps on demand.
  7. Like, they look like the original levels only updated to look modern. Most remakes have levels that look nothing like the originals (e.g refueling base looking more like a quake 2-era remake) Gradual monster and weapon progression would be good too
  8. I love "weird concept" wads! You might want to try Crapi because it has a river ride, fighting cybers with hills that knock you around like a pinball machine... Anyone else got any experimental wads?
  9. Worst wad this could be paired with? Subject of cover art insisted I make her "internet famous" by being some sort of model
  10. Has there ever been a compilation of "my first" wads?
  11. This is what most first maps in a set don't do well imo - they go for a classic vanilla style but the first maps are much larger than E1M1 or doom 2 01.
  12. Does it sound like a synth originally?
  14. DWMP 2016 is definitely my fave with all the portals in it.
  15. Yes it gets into fantasy/scifi teritory at the end but excluding that?
  17. I think there may have been a multi-collaboration project that did this
  18. I've seen the various tech demos for boom but nothing that brings them all together in a wad with actual gameplay. I picked the zdoom community project(s) as examples as they apparently utilize eeeeevery feature.
  19. Not going by sheer number of sidedefs, sectors etc... more like how crowded the map is with rooms, like o34s.
  20. It happens all the time obviously and I imagine nobody cares like they would with a commercial mp3 being in the wad. But technically, is it against the rules?
  21. No idea how to drop the gate into the next section and even IDDT-ing doesn't point out anything, except parts that you can't access by shooting nor opening:
  22. First review: "Too bad all these Boom projects don't use more of this stuff."
  23. Was hoping for a single map with every feature packed in. I'm surprised one hasn't actually been done given the age of the port.
  24. These iwads have one thing in common, I was able to reach at least level 8 on them as a kid without too much trouble (even on consoles) but latest megawads have me trying to figure out where to go, find a hidden switch to progress, slaughterfest etc. What megawads out there could be effectively released as a commercial product, with similar progression and "easing into" the game play as these iwads? Even the early megawads had people trying to "out-do" the iwads to be bigger, better, harder - even in the vanilla era.