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  1. invictius

    Wads that feature time travel?

    ATM I can only think of eternal doing this (And possibly twilight zone and Icarus). Someone asked a long time ago (unanswered) and the thread advised not to add to it because of its' age.
  2. I've been given slots 1-4 of a SP community project, I'm thinking of making level 1 with no keys and doom/doom2 kind of "nobody could get lost here" format. A key on level two then so on until all colors are required. My first time on a FPS was on Jaguar Doom and I distinctly remember Command/Control being the first speed bump I hit in terms of navigation.
  3. Are there any megawads that stand out in your mind as following this? I mean, ignoring projects where it was a given like KDIZD or other iwad-emulating mapsets.
  4. What if you bought something like one of the zdoom community projects (vanilla-fied I guess) and uploaded it as among the first zdoom wads? Would it create a paradox where sourceports were never developed naturally, canceling your time trip before it could happen?
  5. invictius

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    It required more than 6 keys to progress to the end of the map. Pretty sure that it wasn't a single door that needed them all at once, just 8 different colors/combinations of skull and cards.
  6. I thought gz builder would tell me but apparently not. It doesn't have any scripting in it, so I guess, either vanilla, limit removing or boom?
  7. invictius

    WADs with huge file sizes

    This at 4gb would have to be the largest: https://zandronum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=8215 But it's only up here atm: https://allfearthesentinel.net/zandronum/download.php?file=sean_super_ultimate_mod_v1a.pk3
  8. invictius

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Which map and hud is that?
  9. There certainly seems to be a size difference with some, though I can't find anything that talks about hitpoints.
  10. invictius

    Eureka 1.21 Released

    Not working on latest gz. Unknown event handler class menuhandler
  11. Someone said it only loads the resources it needs for the current map.
  12. @Catpho suggested doing this in order to avoid getting banned. Will it work? I guess I'll just have to see. Is making the starting door of a map a secret, too obvious? And are there any wads like Helm's Deep, in particular ones where you have an enormous battle with plenty of friendlies to back you up?
  13. Someone posted some art in the facebook group, which reminded me of the cover art. This seems very impractical. My (real-world) guess is that with the helmet etc, doomguy wouldn't look masculine enough to appeal to gamers (ignoring the fact that it was originally shareware not in stores).
  14. Does 3fps on an old 386 with vanilla look just as jerky as 3fps on a demanding gzdoom wad? I like putting old systems through the wringer with benchmarks but I could just up the resolution of my low-end geforce instead.
  15. What's the framerate of the shotgun animation? I was looking at a vanilla playthrough on a 386 at the same time as playing zdoom, and they both looked just as laggy.
  16. invictius

    Trying to ID these midis

    Am also interested in whether they have just been used in the one mapset, as I haven't heard them anywhere else. The instrument tracks don't have the author included in their description unfortunately, unlike some. D_RUNNIN (9) - Copy.zip
  17. invictius

    Trying to ID these midis

    How about this one? Fairly common in the 90's (rename from .zip) D_RUNNIN___.zip
  18. I can't find anything online that specifies a version, so I'm guessing it never got to the stage of needing newer and newer cards, unlike GZ?
  19. invictius

    What version of opengl does glboom/prboom+ require?

    Thanks, how about risen3d? Info about the port is pretty scarce outside of their site, and even on it they don't mention a whole lot.
  20. invictius

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    The one I'm thinking of had a way to kill a cyberdemon without infighting or using weapons? Like cyberdreams but it was only on the one map in the wad.
  21. Zdoom punching mechanics are different to vanilla/boom?
  22. Any maps that use the "kill cyb without weapons" premise that Cyberdreams was so good at?
  23. Was there ever a height limit in vanilla? Was just playing the vinesauce wad with ridiculous height differences and it made me wonder about vanilla. I believe @Enjay mentioned in NJ_SOH a height difference in the pyramids level being a big deal back then.
  24. Said system requires 16gb ram, I have 4 dimms but am guessing quad channel wasn't a thing until ddr4.
  25. I don't think I've ever seen a board that has 6 ram slots.