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  1. Louigi Verona

    How can I run Romero's new maps in GZ doom

    Thank you, sir!
  2. Louigi Verona

    How can I run Romero's new maps in GZ doom

    What are the Romero maps?
  3. Louigi Verona

    Canyon.wad -feedback wanted

    I think either way providing a link is a good idea ;)
  4. Louigi Verona

    Unpopular Wad opinions.

    I feel that what I like about Doom is very different to what people like about it. A huge part for me is the atmosphere. I do not like shooting too much, I don't enjoy tough levels where you have to run around and shoot dozens of big monsters thrown at you. I love levels that are, perhaps, easier, but more atmospheric. Which is why I really love Darkening 2 level 01. The music, the design - absolutely fabulous.
  5. I would probably be the only one here who would say that I really-really value the visuals. Gameplay is important to me, but I can also switch to an ambient mode and just explore things. And I've seen maps that I like just for visuals. Valiant would be an example. I am unable to play it, it is so tough, I am usually killed very quickly. But I love walking around it in nomonsters mode or just exploring it with the simplest difficulty setting.
  6. Louigi Verona

    Somewhere in Irem

    Finally came home and played it. Loved the Castlevania music! To be honest, I don't understand the level of difficulty at the end and why someone would find this enjoyable. I tried to be very conservative with my ammo and yet when I got the red key all hell broke loose and the amount of monsters that appeared was many times over my ammo. Very soon I found myself with no guns whatsoever, faced with two Revenants, Mancubus, Hell Knight, Baron of Hell and a Lost Soul (as far as I remember). Just out of curiosity, I did iddqd, to see what's next. Flip a red switch, get ammo (finally) and then face Hell Knight. No way this ammo will let you finish with 100% kills or else this is strictly for professional grade players. That aside, the layout is wonderful, loved every bit of it.
  7. Can anyone suggest a good TC that would be compatible with prboom+? I tried, for instance, Chex Quest, but it is weird and level design is, in my view, poor. But I am eager to see good conversions. I did explore Doom TC lists, but most of them require ZDoom.
  8. Louigi Verona

    Somewhere in Irem

    Fantastic layout, loved it!
  9. I haven't yet played it, but what I've seen looks fun. But, as a mod should do, it turns Doom into a very different game, both in in aesthetics and gameplay. So, the initial question is kinda weird. It might be overrated from some people's point of view and not overrated from other people's POV :)
  10. Louigi Verona

    Strange Aeons 5.7

    Downloaded, but how do I play this? I am using prboom+. Or do I have to use smth else here?
  11. Love the maps and love the music! Maps 01 and 02 that I have played through several times today are wonderful. I did spend a lot of time trying to get to the secrets, but in most cases have been unsuccessful. I sometimes here a door or lift go down somewhere, but no matter how much I look I just can't figure out where. I will play more. If these maps are properly aligned, they would be a great addition to the doomworld. Very inspiring too!
  12. Louigi Verona

    Strange Aeons 5.7

    Tried to download, but the link sends me to the homepage of a file sharing service.
  13. Louigi Verona

    How important are difficulty settings?

    @Fonze: No, no, Valiant is difficult for me on normal setting. I seldom play on UV at all. But I get your point, yes.
  14. Louigi Verona

    How important are difficulty settings?

    I usually feel that playing at a lower setting sort of diminishes the map. Valiant, which I adore as a great project, however, is unplayable for me at all even on a standard setting, so I have to play on easier levels. So I am thankful when that is there. In my maps I do not do this and consider difficulty as part of the map. I might be missing an interesting dimension here, but currently this is how it is.
  15. Louigi Verona

    The Gunslinger

    File updated. Fixed the red key thing, also changed the position of the trons, now one of them sits closer to the building with the red key, on the lower platform of the yard. Tried replacing trons with something else, did not make much difference, tbh. But I think it is fun shooting them down. Removed the stuck cacodemon. Replaced Baron with two Hell Knights. I agree, I think this is a good change, this part became more lively and less tedious, at the same time not keeping the grounds on top devoid of any challenge. Also added a couple of Former Humans to the computer area, but so far no other changes. New file is at the same link.