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  1. Drakon


    ZDoomGL works fine with Doom2, but with Doom1 It takes about 5 minutes at the start to load the models, the colors are royally messed up, and I get about 1 frame every 4 seconds... Anyone know whats wrong?
  2. Drakon

    Running my maps

    Its been about four or five years since I've made a Doom map... Anyone want to refresh my memory on how to run my map?
  3. Drakon

    Interactive environments...

    I would love to see destructable walls and stuff... Just as long as you dont blow your way into the void or something. It just gets annoying when you launch three rockets at someone who hides behind a three inch post (a wooden one, none the less) and doesnt get a scratch. One rocket should blow the post of pieces as well as the person on the other side.
  4. Drakon

    Doom 3 Editing

    Anyone have any idea how easy to use the editor is going to be? Easy as Worldcraft, slightly easier than Quake 3 editor, as hard as Quake 3 editor, or harder? I hope worldcraft:) Thats my favorite editor... I even find it easier than WadAuthor now.
  5. Drakon

    Multiplayer Support For Doom3 ?

    I am in high hopes that Doom3 will have at least Coop. Thats where I got most of my joy in... in.... somwhere around when I was 8-10 years old, playing in those really cool custom made player maps with my brother. (He'll probably be in college by the time Doom3 is out now, never thought I'd see the day.) If not, I'm pretty certain someone will make something like Sven Coop in Half-Life at the very least. Heck, if I learn any bit of coding I would make an attempt (and fail miserably, probably).
  6. Drakon


    This post was originally supposed to be in a different forum talking about how Doom was first coming out on macs, thats were I got the idea... How it got on it's on topic I have no idea?:)
  7. Drakon


    So Doom3 will NEVER be on PC?