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  1. Rich

    DSDA / TAS demosite updates.

    Hello. :) For the most part I am doing fine. I do appreciate the interest and thank those who inquired about me. Best regards, Rich
  2. Not sure I understand if your trying to do a TAS demo or a regular max. If your trying to complete a max demo of map 10 I have one I did in early January and can send it. Let me know.
  3. Rich

    Bndalyt Max and TAS NM

    Donce, Nice max run! I enjoyed watching. One of Gene's tougher maps. Btw... the lmps I put in Gene's zips are purposefully slower than the ones I send to the DSDA as they are basically for anybody needing help. The DSDA one is 13:53, still not quite as fast as yours but I'm happy to be this close :).
  4. Rich

    Hell2Pay demos (new demoset project)

    Looks good! Thanks for your work. :)
  5. Rich

    The Fish Goes Out In Bubbles

    As to the dedication, I can't think of a finer person.
  6. Rich

    Fragport: forum demo project

    I was simply stating the conditions under which demosets like marswar, Hell2Pay, and the currently active Fragport were established by some of us who have participated in this forum since its' inception. It certainly does not preclude you or anyone else, who may prefer a more competitive environment, from starting yet another demoset (hopefully of a different megawad, as it might get a bit confusing) with rules that accept only the fastest demo for each map and invites anyone who wishes to participate. That's fine. I don't think anyone would object to your doing that. Btw... I am not in the position to set any rules. I just feel this falls within the definition of the overall forum rules. I don't have a hidden agenda. My only purpose in this post and the last is to give everyone a valid chance to see their work accepted. :) My understanding of the Demo Forum was to allow anyone, whether semi-skilled or highly skilled, the opportunity to participate for the purpose of learning, if need be, as well as having their demos posted. As we all know, they can post demos regardless of and aside from any demoset conditions. However, if they wish to participate in a demoset then there must be some conditions defined. By having both types everyone wins.
  7. Rich

    Hell2Pay demos (new demoset project)

    Mine are fine as is. The text in the zip is all I need and I can't think of any additional comments. Btw... thanks for taking the time. If you need any help let me know. :)
  8. Rich

    Fragport: forum demo project

    While I don't plan to participate, I believe the current arrangements are fine. We set them up that way because this is a demo forum NOT a competition - repeat 'NOT A COMPETITION'. What good would it do to have five people record demos and then have a player like Ratcliff submit faster demos and eliminate all five entries. Firstly, that would be kind of stupid and secondly, the five players would have no incentive to record another demo. The only rule we implimentated was: The first to reserve a 'single' level, AND they must post a note to identify and reserve the level, held the rights to record that level within a time deemed reasonable by the other players and a player COULD NOT reserve more than one level. A reasonable time is one that does not hold up the completion of the demoset within a time agreed to by the players. Regarding a near-completed demoset, I would think a week would be sufficient time to complete any outstanding demos as these are not competition variety. In otherwords, if 9 demos are completed in a 10 level demoset then the individual with the outstanding demo has 7 days from the completion of the 9th demo otherwise someone else can choose to do it. Remember, this is suppose to be fun. Make it competitive and you plant the seeds for its' demise as far as the non-compet-n player is concerned. Who wants to submit a demo only to have a compet-n player make their effort look ridicules?
  9. Rich

    Dark7 UV Speed Movie

    Outstanding! Quite enjoyable display of skill. :)
  10. Rich

    Community Chest, Map 15, UV Max

    Another good one! Very enjoyable.
  11. Rich

    Community Chest, Map 15, UV Max

    Grazza, The last part of your link should be 2622 instead of 3122.
  12. Rich

    The /newstuff Chronicles #160

    I'm only up to level 5 but I've been enjoying bella2, nice work!
  13. Rich

    Community Chest, Map 15, UV Max

    Good demo! Glad to see other's recording Community Chest levels. I've completed approximately 20 of them and have 8 others done sloppily, map 15 was one of the 'others' so no need to do a final run now. Btw... I'm not too far from NC so we're kind of neighbors.
  14. Rich

    The /newstuff Chronicles #160

    I've enjoyed them all. Each has been action-filled and interesting to play. Destined to become a memorable series.
  15. Rich

    Crestfallen 1:01

    Donce, Great work on that demo. :)