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  1. agntno9


    that'll work. Thanks for the link! AgntNo9
  2. agntno9

    walk over wav files

    Thanks for the help guys, It's nice to see someone who's actually got the time of day to help instead of making stupid jokes. I'll try the script first, and I guess if that doesn't work, I'll resort to the changes.. That would be kind of like what I did in the personality wad, just a little more tidious. AgntNo9
  3. agntno9

    walk over wav files

    Could've fooled me. AgntNo9
  4. agntno9

    walk over wav files

    wow, you're stupid. what are you like 13 or something? don't waste my time. AgntNo9
  5. agntno9

    walk over wav files

    is ther a walk over script that plays wav files?
  6. agntno9


    I did something along those lines, but I think that the monsters aren't hearing me or something, because they never walk through the teleporter.. They aren't deaf either, so I dont know what up.. I even tried using an Alert tag, but nothing changed.. AgntNo9
  7. agntno9


    Hey, I'm having a bit of trouble with this.. I'm using doombuilder (doom in hexen) and I cant figure out how to make a 'tripwire' to make monsters teleport into the room.. can anybody help me? Oh, and did anyone even bother to try out my personality wad? Like 80 people went there and no one gave me any feedback..=/ AgntNo9
  8. agntno9

    Something un-usual

    I've had it happen when trying to edit a particular kind of wad in a different type.. Don't know exactly how to say it, but try using different types in doombuilder when you first open a wad.. i.e. zdoom(doom in doom) or zdoom(hexen in doom) and so on.. usually does the trick. Just DO NOT save the file while it looks all scribbled on. Lemme know how it turns out =) AgntNo9
  9. agntno9


    thanks for the information guys, I guess I'm gonna have to do a little bit of scripting for it. I hate scripting. AgntNo9
  10. agntno9

    WAD Archives

    hahah.. leave it to me to be an idiot and add only the forum to favorites.. thanks
  11. agntno9

    WAD Archives

    So I've been wondering.. anybody have the url to the IDgames wad archives? I've heard of it's existence, but have yet to find it. AgntNo9
  12. agntno9


    Hey, I'm trying to find out what kind of attack a certain monster has in duke3d, I've got the sprite of the monster, but not sure of the projectile they shoot.. I haven't played it in awhile and cant find any screen shots with it, I'm trying to put them in a doom level, and have to replace the red floating monster(forgot the name of it) so that they can float up and down with their 'jetpack' any help would be greatly appreciated. AgntNo9
  13. The file is 1MB and for those of you that didn't read the last post I made, it's all about giving a little more personality to a monster. Check it out, there are still a few problems with it, but I'm sure as a dedicated doom community we can work it out. Read the INFO.txt first. Enjoy! http://IDKProgs.calc.org/DOOM/Personality.rar AgntNo9 Let me know what you think!
  14. agntno9

    Moding Decoration Sprites

    thanks guys, it is for zdoom, and I played with it a little last night by looking through multiple other wads, but it usually just screwed up my entire wad, I'll go check out the editing forum for it though. John
  15. agntno9

    Gun animations

    Let me know if you still need the sounds, if you cant extract them with XWE I'll send you them via email.. John