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  1. @Alaux I think we all do! Anyway, is there any interest in improving gamepad support? I'm developing carpal tunnel so I'm trying to stay away from kbs and mice as much as possible (he sez as he types all this crapola), so this would be very helpful for me. Crispy's support is pretty good and could be ported over as-is (assuming that's possible of course), but my dream features would be: support for both analogue sticks (Woof only seems to use one and I don't get to choose what it does. Movement feels really slippery compared to Crispy too) direct selection of weapons (Crispy only does next/prev so far as I can see; I use antimicrox to get around this but remembering to start another program before playing Doom is inconvenient) dpad support for making selections in the menus (gotta use the sticks in Crispy, it works but I don't love it) some sort of modifier button for 'key chords' (Mechwarrior 4 Mercenaries had a feature like this and it really made joysticks viable). So if I held down the left trigger and pressed the right shoulder button that would do something different than pushing the right shoulder by itself. Mostly I think this would be useful for eg. panning the automap using the sticks, or alternate weapons bindings
  2. dmdr

    Source port builds

    ooh nice. I'm not a Mac user but I know they've had restricted port choices for a while now so I'm sure this will help a lot of people. Sort of tangential, but for linux users an easier way to make packages would be very helpful -- as far as I know only Eternity supports CPack, so perhaps some patches/pull requests to enable that on other ports would be more generally helpful than providing binaries? Compilation on loonix being p easy (usually), I can do it and I'm definitely not a developer
  3. dmdr

    DBP39: Carnage Oasis

    I'm up to MAP10 and it's been rad (I didn't provide a map this time so no bias). MAPs03-05 are my favourites so far. Get on it!
  4. because some people want to master the games they play and character build stuff is how you do that in rpgs ps. making games tedious deliberately for any reason is bad design tbqh so they're right to complain
  5. Oh nice! I didn't realise that. Thanks heaps for your work on that front, it's really helpful stuff (I missed /newstuff a lot)! So yeah I would definitely be interested in a more regularly updated equivalent so hopefully the show becomes a thing
  6. Just gonna weigh in on the obscure/mainstream wads thing: fuck mainstream wads well alright I admit that's putting it a bit too contrarianly but let's be honest here, everyone and his dog has an opinion already on Heartland or Age of Hell or etc. and while having your bias confirmationed in the form of a review is great and stuff (I do like reading/viewing reviews for things I already enjoy) there's definitely a niche waiting to be filled in the form of nicely presented video reviews of lesser known wads; the most useful part of the Wadazine is definitely it's /newstuff chronicles equivalent and I don't know of any youtube channels offering a similar 'discovery service'. Also toilet humour is awesome you should definitely put it in. poos tee hee
  7. dmdr

    Help with PrBoom+

    drag and drop uses the -file command so you loaded doom.wad as a pwad (doom jargon for a mod or map file) instead of an iwad (jargon for the base game). most doom ports will use doom2.wad as iwad by default, since that's what most mods are made for. in your case I'm assuming both wads are in the same directory, so when you loaded doom.wad prboom would have looked in the same place for doom2.wad as well and then tried to launch this command: prboom -iwad wads/doom2.wad -file wads/doom.wad For real though, follow that link Shepardus posted and give ZDL a go. launchers make things much easier
  8. There's a MAP02 now. It took 2 and a half hours which is still too long, but shooting stuff with the BFG is pretty fun. Check the first post.
  9. I was going to submit this to Pezl's 25-minute thing here but since I was so slow to make it I figure I'd be violating the spirit of the project if I did, so here's an independently released speedmap for you to play. Not really playtested (the map can be completed but the balance might be a bit fucked) or textured, as you may have surmised, but it should be kinda fun. Maybe. No promises. In so far as it was tested, it was tested with Crispy. Click this link (I won't insist on it if you don't want to): https://files.catbox.moe/73v4aa.zip (uh, if you dl'ed v2 MAP01 won't work because I am stupid. get this version instead) old version: I know y'all's like screenshots so click the spoiler for the thrill ride of your life (MAP01) If that wasn't enough click here for HOT HOT HOT MAP02 action
  10. any mbf21 compatible ports (so Woof!, DSDA-Doom, I think Doom Retro as well so far. Odamex soon), Eternity, and k8vavoom
  11. @kraflabIn an annoying kind of way. In my specific case I have a baron replacement that uses more powerful attacks the more you hurt him and will vary his attacks based on how far away you are; currently I'd prefer him to prioritise his sniper attacks at distance even when hurt but having only ...TargetCloser makes this difficult, since if I want him ever to use his wounded states I need to put A_JumpIfHealthBelow (or whatever it is, too lazy to check) first and then have duplicate ...TargetClosers in those states. It's not very elegant as you can probably tell from this obnoxiously convoluted explanation @Dragonfly since DSDA-Doom already allows that through a cheat code and Doom switches palettes all the time anyway (pain! pickups! invuln! etc.) I'd say it's feasible
  12. dmdr

    What soundfont do you use to play doom?

    8mbgm_enhanced has never done me wrong
  13. realistically more people mod for Doom so it should always be priority A1. I voted MBF22 I already have some ideas based on things I've wanted to do with my sekrit solo project but have been frustrated: STOIC flag that turns off pain. You can achieve the same effect by unsetting SHOOTABLE but that looks goofy (I have a barrel thingy that replicates itself when pained, but that can be pained too which leads to infinite self-replication sometimes) A_IfTargetFurther codepointer for sniper monsters Counter codepointers. There's lots you could do with these esp. if added alongside custom pickups that can set 'em; I'm thinking upgradeable weapons (put A_JumpIfCounter codepointers at the start of the raise etc. states to go straight to the upgraded version), quad damage (jump to a state with quadruple damage attacks when set; this could be timed by having a map thing that ticks the counter down every 35 frames providing it's above 0), enemies that get bored after a while of not seeing you (eg. spawns in Copper for quake), weapons that get more powerful the longer you hold down the fire button (the classic Q2 chaingun) etc. A_GetClosestTarget for monsters that just switch targets regularly More ammo types Damage types too (I mostly want different sounds to play when being burned by lava etc.) I want UMAPINFO extended a bit too (none of these would require a new standard so any sympathetic port authors can consider these feature requests): per-map PLAYPAL. DSDA-Doom allows the player to switch palettes on the fly so why not allow the mapper to do it too? In particular, episodes with their own palettes would be dope (eg. a snow and ice episode could use ColdPal, while an underwater episode could use a bluish palette). Format could be something like Palette = PLAYPAL1 per-map COLORMAP (as above) per-map sound replacements. I'm mostly thinking about doors here but a hypothetical underwater episode could have different, bubbly monster death noises and stuff too. Format could be something like ReplaceSound = DSSTNMOV:DSNEWMOV(or use the dehacked numbers) I actually have a use case for these already: dbp0105compo_200711.zip I made this compilation of DBP01-05 a while ago, but never released it outside of Doomer Boards because 40oz (who project led all of them) never gave it his blessing and because the lack the custom palette for DBP02 and various sound replacements makes it the non-definitive version. Still, it was one of the earliest DEHEXTRA (and UMAPINFO) projects and that may be of interest to people so I'm 'releasing' it now.
  14. just played a bit of Valiant: Vaccinated Edition's MAP31 using this and it was both surprisingly well balanced and fun as fuck. Awesome mod!
  15. dmdr

    DSDhacked [unlimited everything]

    yeah me too. for once, my skepticism was unwarranted; great work @kraflab