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  1. dmdr

    any "GZdoom" for quake ?

    As everyone who's seen a horror movie knows, a dude in a rubber mask just ain't as scary once you've seen the glue his prosthetics are stuck on with. The 'dude in a rubber mask' in this case is a 150-poly model -- Quake's monsters are, to some extent, better imagined than seen. And don't worry boys, I'm not gonna crawl through your window one night and mess with your id1 config.cfg, you don't have to use it if you don't want to. I played mouse only as a kid (yes really, as soon as I noticed the demos were recorded using mice), but kb-only now and the reason is simply that kb-only minimises hand and wrist movement and as a consequence is infinitely more comfortable for long-term sessions.
  2. dmdr

    Which is better? Doom or Quake?

    since I just wrote a massive post on quake I'm gonna post here too: the answer is Doom but quake rules too! I didn't like it all that much originally but it's really grown on me over the past few years. now I'm old and bitter and hateful the only fps I really like is doom, and quake is like doom but different enough that I can enjoy it when I've been playing doom too much and need a palette cleanser. some general thoughts: weapons: disagree with @THT, the weapons mostly aren't upgrades with the exception of the super nailgun (or perforator if we're to believe the manual). The SSG sucks at sniping and the GL fires quite a bit faster than the RL and can be lobbed over things so those do have discrete roles. Agree the LG's a bit disappointing as ultimate weapon but it's still neato due to it's damage output. monsters: awesome art design, esp. on the fiends. Fuck I was terrified of those things as a kid, one of the few fps monsters to inspire a genuine fear reaction in me. now I'm older I find them a bit easy to cheese but that's hard won wisdom I guess. Also: only one hitscanner monster. I just wanna run around in circles like a big hooting moron and quake enables that like no other game, even doom. levels: episode 4 is the best. Name a more fucked-up inhuman feeling set of levels from any game -- you can't. There's a remake of E4M3 floating around that cleans up the geo and makes it more detailed and stuff but it loses the ineffable feeling of "I'm not welcome here" that the original exudes. The weird ugliness of Sandy's levels is a real virtue here, unlike in eg. Doom 2 where I wish they'd gotten someone else to do a visual update on em. Episode 3 has the coolest theme though. complexity: p simple due to lower enemy and weapon variety = less interesting interactions. There isn't really an equivalent to the RL vs. painie dilemma in quack. gameplay: huah huah huah huah
  3. dmdr

    any "GZdoom" for quake ?

    that tutorial, uh, isn't great. I'm going to be pedantic now and say that there isn't a gzdoom for quake, since gzdoom extends the possibilities of doom immensely and quake was already very moddable out-of-the-box and while some engines do extend this, it's all far more modest than gzdoom's improvements (all quake game logic is compiled and run using something called 'quakec' which is sort of like zscript, only from 1996 and more limited for reasons I am too stupid to understand). anyway: quakespasm is the obvious answer as it is the 'standard' port. In terms of presentation it's pretty old-school (no stencil shadows etc.) but basically every level set you'll see released in 2020, and those in the past few years too, has been built for and tested with quakespasm. Old shit will always work too -- at least in my experience. it also wins the dmdr award for wankiest website. It is sort of like gzdoom in that the default config involves horrifyingly awful texture filtering that will make you feel like you're recovering from being pepper sprayed but you can turn that off by opening the console (press ~ in game) and typing: gl_texturemode GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_LINEAR this will give you chunky pixels but with tasteful filtering of distant textures. use GL_NEAREST instead for no filtering at all, but I prefer mipmapping myself. other cool console options for oldschoolness are: r_scale <number> this will render your screen at one-<number>th your usual resolution (eg. r_scale 2 for doubled pixels) but then scaled up using a nearest-neighbour algorithm that makes everything delightfully pixelly, sort of like 640x480 mode in Crispy/Doom Retro. An essential option so far as I'm concerned. also: r_lerpmodels 0 r_lerpmove 0 will make the enemy model animations or movement not-smooth, ie. not interpolated ('lerping'). This is authentic but not my preference (r_lerpmodels/r_lerpmove 1 to turn lerping back on again). Read this too. other stuff: music can be downloaded here: id1 (ie. the main campaign) hipnotic (official expansion 1 or 2, I forget) rogue (the other official expansion) using these should be as simple as unzipping into your quake directory. (these are quaddicted uploads so presumably legit) coloured lighting and transparent water can be enabled by following this link and grabbing the relevant files (looks bad but judge for yourself, as per usual): https://quakewiki.org/wiki/External_Lit_And_Vis_Files thoughts on other ports I know of (nb. gl_texturemode should work with all of these, dunno about the other commands): vkquake: quakespasm but with a vulkan renderer instead. Has the authentic software underwater warping effect which is awesome BUT the last time I tried it, it hadn't implemented r_scale so UTTER SHIT, AVOID, unless the dev has implemented it in the meantime in which case IT TOTALLY RULES, USE IT EVERY DAY!!! (I love r_scale) quakespasm-spiked: quakespasm, but has a few quakec extensions. I'm aware of no mods that use it though so mostly a curiousity at this stage fitzquake mark v: haven't tried but seems like a popular alternative to quakespasm. it's descended from the same source port (fitzquake) so compatibility with custom stuff should be good. tyrquake: probably the purest port, being an update of the original code. Compat seems ok from my very limited experience with it, but I've seen some visual errors in a few maps/mods. directq: my fave windows port tbh, but I'm a linux guy too so I don't use it. Nice dynamic lights, runs fast as fuck. development has ceased unfortunately. 1.9.0 is the latest version for anyone who'd like to try it. darkplaces: has many quakec extensions but I only know of one exclusive mod -- Quake 1.5, which is a sort of brutal doom thing that I'm not really interested in. That said, there are probably others that I don't know about, I don't pay that much attention. it does have dynamic lights and stuff in you're into that. I believe it's still being developed but the stable version is ancient, so you'll need to do the svn thing and compile it yourself if you want a newer one. fte: some sort of megaengine supporting everything it's possible to support in terms of quake. haven't tried.
  4. dmdr

    Should I get Blood?

    I know I said I wouldn't reply again but: Half Life was p cool the first time I played it, considerably less so the second, and Dark Souls was only OK, so it's nice we can more or less agree about something.
  5. dmdr

    Should I get Blood?

    @Redneckerz I don't really want to get into some sort of stupid quotespam discussion with you because all I wanted to do is explain why someone, ie. me, might not like Blood since everybody else was singing it's praises, so this will be my last post on the matter. That said: 1. 'sucks' is not an objective term. When I, or anybody else, say 'X sucks' it means I, or they, don't like X. That's it. It is therefore not necessary to play every piece of shit churned out me-too sub-Wolf3D orthogonal walls 90s shooter (as I was a yoot in the 90s I have played a few games like that; they sucked) to know I don't like Blood, or, if you prefer, think it sucks. 2. The chainsaw/nuts vs. being punched in the face thing was not a response to your opinion of my opinion, which is why I didn't quote that part of your post (I really have no idea why you bought that up). Rather, it was an example of something that, without experiencing it, obviously sucks even worse than another thing that also sucks, ie. it was there to provide an example of why your 'you must play these other games to have an opinion' logic is, um, not good. An analogy: Witchhaven is akin to getting chainsawed, Blood is getting punched. Fortunately, it's possible to play Doom instead. 3. My 'like it even less' comment was facetious; I like it exactly the same as I did before, ie. I don't. The 'lack of testing' thing was somewhat less so: the testing process is there to identify things that suck. Game modes that aren't fun, in this case the higher difficulty levels, should be changed until they are, or simply purged. Hence, I assert they can't have tested it all that much, or they would have noticed how annoying it is -- or maybe the devs are just lazy!!!!!!!!!!!!! On that note, please do explain what the 'lazy dev rhetoric' is, even though (as mentioned) I'm not going to reply. (FWIW I don't remember what difficulty level I used when I attempted a playthrough many years ago. I do remember not really liking it) @hybridial we're talking about our opinions, ie. neither 'logic' nor 'evidence' is really relevant. I could dislike Blood for entirely frivolous reasons (it has mimes in it!) and that would be still be valid. Likewise, your opinion is worth no more or less than mine (or Redneckerz or anybody elses, whether you or I agree with them or not). NB. if you ever catch me saying stuff along the lines 'your opinion is wrong' to anybody else, be aware that I'm being facetious; I know that's a stupid thing to say. I will maintain, however, that it's quite reasonable to think that having unfun things in a game makes it worse, because the point of games is for them to be fun. man I spent way too long on this dumb post. ps Blood sucks
  6. dmdr

    Should I get Blood?

    Giving myself away how? that I don't enjoy Blood? GUILTY AS SIN! btw whataboutism is p dumb: having your nuts chainsawed off sucks more that being punched in the face, one assumes, but I go out of my way to have neither happen to me -- and I'm sure you do too. Alright then, let me rephrase: Blood makes itself unfun to play on higher difficulties, which is a sure sign of a lack of testing and general slapped-togetherness. Now I like it even less. Not gonna argue with @Jello because we just disagree.
  7. dmdr

    Should I get Blood?

    since a contrary opinion is always useful, blood has the usual build engine issue of having fast and lethal, which is to say extremely annoying, hitscan enemies. I'd also say the weapon hierarchy is a bit too 'vertical' (meaning that the powerful weapons are vastly more powerful than the weaker ones; compare with doom where the weaker weapons are still viable in most situations). So, no, it sucks, don't bother. It is better than Duke3D or Shadow Warrior, I'll give it that.
  8. dmdr

    DBP25: Dead But Dreaming

    OH BOY we're up on IDGames! https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/dbp25_dbd This version has quite a few quality of life changes, including obituaries for the new monsters, and a couple of minor dehacked oversights corrected (plus some elusive misalignments, etc. sorted out). The secret area in the sekrit map is now accessible too. Anyone who was waiting for the final version before playing -- this is it! @Catpho if you could please update the OP...
  9. dmdr

    Doom 2: Sequel or Expansion Pak?

    I already ranted in this thread but to make things clearer: sequel = defined by it's relationship to a story expansion pack = defined by it's relationship to an exe standalone expansion pack = braindead corporatese for 'a different game' these things aren't mutually exclusive. example, although I've not played it because D3 is boring, based on the talk in this thread Resurrection of Evil is a sequel to Doom 3... in the form of an expansion pack!
  10. dmdr

    PrBoom+/UMAPINFO v

    Is this where I complain about UMAPINFO weirdness? It's gonna be. OK: Par times. They don't display in PRBoom+ as compiled on the 11th of July; they do display in GZDoom but I'm not sure what relationship they're supposed to have with what's entered. Example: MAP MAP01 { LevelName="The Artifact" LevelPic="BOB_ARTI" Next="MAP02" SkyTexture = "SKY1" EnterPic="RLINTPIC" ExitPic="RLINTPIC" Music="D_BOB01" ParTime=120 } produces a par time of 1:10:00 in GZD. wha? Anyway pls make them appear in PRB+ so I can compare and see if it's GZD or me who sucks in this instance. For reference the docs say this: partime = "seconds" ; Specifies the level's par ´╗┐time. So I would have expected a par of 2 min. (using the "quotes" will crash the game regardless of port btw -- are there better, more up to date docs somewhere?). Offending wad is here.
  11. dmdr

    The poll of the century

    the blood of my enemies
  12. dmdr

    DBP25: Dead But Dreaming

    Yeah I know what you mean re: MAP09. That's the nature of puzzles though; kakhome1 figured it out in about 2 seconds flat from first principles, for example, so how hard they are just depends on how your mind works (I should confess that I also looked in a map editor to figure it out the first time I played it). This would be awesome -- I made some little changes to the maps based on your feedback (incl. making the exit in MAP07 a key door; dunno why no-one thought of that during testing, it's way better) so I'll be waiting!
  13. dmdr

    DBP25: Dead But Dreaming

    Thanks @GarrettChan! (I'm definitely interested) I'll be releasing the final version soon since it seems like v2g is bug free, although I'll be watching this first -- before I do that though, I would like to point out that there are 3 clues to the crushers in MAP09: 2x crushers that also activate in what are hopefully quite visible locations (above the cybies and on the wall behind if you're facing in that direction for some reason), plus the computer area map which will hopefully tip the player off to check the automap. The multiple cybies are there to stop people blasting their way through, although I gather this is still possible if you're playing continuously (@Phobus says he did it this way). Also, did you see this thread? It might help with your control issues.
  14. dmdr

    DBP26: The City of Damned Children

    it's a desaturated version of Arcadia Demade's custom palette (I know this because I suggested using it, although the actual implementation was 100% Billy)
  15. dmdr

    How does one get good at Doom?

    as a kb-only player I wanna say to all you mouse types: enjoy your carpal tunnel, suckers!