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  1. Well it's just as well we know the source of (some of) the assets then, isn't it? a bit of digging reveals the BSD license mentioned is the 3-clause version which has 0 about commercial stuff. As long as he's got the notice he should be good (doesn't look like he put in the 'issue or pull request' but I don't believe that's a legal requirement and I didn't look all that hard anyway, so maybe he did). As far as the monster grafx go I feel like I've seen them before but don't know where. Perhaps someone else knows and can tell us what license they're under. you also accused him of which is an evidence-free assertion as far as I can tell. That said, if there's any reason to doubt his claim that the engine is 'totally custom from scratch' then please share. In conclusion, don't make these kinds of accusations so casually. ps. @radian your game is way too expensive bro god damn.
  2. @xvertigox lol dude wtf did you do to the skies? All my nice patches are gone from the PNAMES :'( Here's a working version ==> DIY_resources_v1.5_dmdr.zip (tagging @Spendoragon so you don't duplicate effort unnecessarily) ALSO: Here's a BossAction sample level for people who are unfamiliar with that feature. In MAP07 but I added an episode select screen to make it easy to get to from the menu. Also includes some explanatory notes for the perplexed (in short you can have MAP07 type effects anywhere you want now). clicky ==> bossdeath_actual_test-220125-2208.zip
  3. @game @CblBOPOTKA I've already submitted a dehacked patch to vert via PM and he wasn't interested (it added A_BossDeath to every monster so anyone interested could use the 'bossaction' feature in UMAPINFO; nothing gameplay changing) so I wouldn't rely on any such patch being accepted. On that note game I think your mapper's block problem is probably related to wanting to force devil daggers gameplay into Doom, which clearly isn't working. Just drop some health and enemies into the arena, use timed conveyor belts to drop more stuff at various intervals, and be done with it. If you really want to make a DD mod you can make a 'director's cut' after DIY gets released, or if you're really invested you can withdraw from the CP in favour of a standalone map with as many new features as you want. Oh and pretty sure the boss voice is just john romero's severed head's sight sound. @Peccatum Mihzamiz tbh I'd just use teles to get some monsters behind the player but I'm very simpleminded. Maybe an archie surprise before you get into the cockpit (I'm thinking like 5 or 6, but give the player an invuln and heaps of ammo for some power fantasy type fun)? You're right though, this is more map-as-experience than anything else so combat changes aren't really necessary.
  4. using the console! (I don't know what FLAG is but decorate's a ZDoom thing, so I assume you use one of the Zs) press tilde (the key above tab) type movebob 0, press enter (obviously) press tilde again to make the console go away. You should now be moving smoothly. The default setting is 'movebob 0.25' if you want to play around a bit. Not sure if there's a menu option but this is called view or move bobbing so using the options search might bring something up.
  5. P sure that Kinsie's example will enforce the options for individual maps only. Add a 'defaultmap' section to your ZMAPINFO to control every map in your wad at once: defaultmap { NoJump NoCrouch compat_corpsegibs = 1 compat_invisibility = 1 compat_limitpain = 1 compat_nopassover = 1 compat_notossdrops = 1 compat_crossdropoff = 1 compat_dehhealth = 1 compat_light = 1 compat_missileclip = 1 compat_nodoorlight = 1 compat_shorttex = 1 compat_soundtarget = 1 compat_spritesort = 1 compat_stairs = 1 compat_trace = 1 compat_useblocking = 1 compat_floormove = 1 compat_maskedmidtex = 1 } That will get you more-or-less vanilla behaviour, with the exception of freelook being available.* The ZDoom wiki has lists of compat options you can turn on to achieve a desired 'complevel'. *not sure why I didn't just use the 'compatmode' option. Been a few months since I wrote that tbh, maybe it's new or doesn't work in ZMAPINFO?
  6. yeah I had a look and there's a duplicate set of patches. I wondered why the resource wad increased in size by 20mb when the file I sent was only 10 lololol. ALSO I forgot to replace the patches for SKY29, sorry @xvertigox. here's a wad with a corrected TEXTURE1 for you: DIY_resources_v1.4b_dmdr.zip anyone who likes pink mountains can load it after 1.4b; take a look at the sample map as well if you want to see what they look like in game I added those pinky sprites I edited again since I don't know if you saw em but weren't keen, or, just didn't see em while you were away (notice me senpai) I played some maps. thorts follow @Peccatum Mihzamiz Nice concept map, I laughed a couple of times playing it (the world map must have been fiddly to make). I know the point with this stuff is to be cute rather than have great gameplay but some teleporter trickery in the plane to bring an element of strategy beyond blind rocket lobbing would be great. The little sticky out bits in the myhouse.wad bit (mostly thinking of the cupboards) were a bit irritating too, they could be changed to non-blocking midtextures with only minimal effort and no loss of visual fidelity. @SCF Looks great, fun gameplay up until the end where there's a pretty big difficulty spike, which made me pretty frustrated tbh. That said I think this could be mitigated fairly easily by just moving the stimpacks -- currently they're placed in an area where it's easy to get blocked in by meat and consequently butchered (it's adding insult to injury to die for a measly 10hp). I'd say just swap them with some of the ammo in the more accessible spaces under the manc/arach ledges to put a bit less pressure on the player's health and a bit more on their ammo supply. @ryiron goddamn the disco section in this level was AMAZING. awesome aesthetic experience dude, the music and visuals synced perfectly (was suprised and pleased to learn MUSINFO works in Nugget too). It was a bit easy but tbh making it more difficult would dilute the experience so leave it as is. There was a stonking great slime trail outside the general store though, you may need to rebuild the nodes for software:
  7. alright I played a bunch of maps @7Soul and @DynamiteKaitorn (I played v1 btw), putting you dudes together since both your maps were great but I had basically the same complaint which is that the exits weren't very exit-y and took me by surprise. In 7Soul's case I fell into it by accident while I was trying to kill everything; maybe make it a switch instead of a walkover. DK consider adding some detail around it so it looks more conspicuous. Other than that can't really fault anything about these, both look good and have fun fights, really liked em. @El Inferno nice aesthetics from what I saw but couldn't get past the first room; not sure if I suck at platforming or just couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do because I'm retarded. If not, please make the jumps a little easier for those of us who use less precise control schemes. @Spendoragon ctrl-f medkit ctrl-f stimpack ctrl-f soulsphere make concessions for we mere mortals please @RastaManGames liked the mood of this level, kinda like the original leisure suit larry but for doom. The tables were cool too. I got some complaints though, first is that there's not much health. The map's not particularly hard esp once you clear the first fight but wandering round with 15% and so playing cautiously for long periods of time gets annoying. Second, the yellow key is in an obscure place which leads to a fair bit of aimless wandering at the start after you've killed everything. Third, you can climb the shelves in the supermarket, which was funny at first but sudden height changes when fighting the imps was pretty irritating tbh. Just flag the lines as impassable and you should be good. NB there's not gonna be a hub level anymore so no need to worry about that. Fellownoob (can't @ you soz bro), not bad, pretty chill map with nice visuals but could use some more turret monsters in the latter half, it kinda gets flatter as it goes along. There's also a blocking body right at the start which was annoying; this is an MBF21 project so please test your wad in DSDA-Doom not GZDoom (yes GZD is compatible w MBF21 but it's not the target port, test w. the target port). Those cracks in the pyramid area seem like they should be jumpable, make them wider or something if you don't want the player crossing em (would also recommend using the 'block player' linedef flag to allow flying monsters to get over, rather than impassable). Would also recommend using UMAPINFO or 271 linetypes to make your black walls into skies (lower the ceiling) so you don't get bullet puffs etc. on them, which looks weird (the large spaces make me think this is some kind of void dimension rather than rooms with walls). @Master Medi please consider using candles instead of armour bonuses to make subsequent trips up your invisible platforms less annoying. It seems like the best strat for the secret sun fight is to run around in circles for a bit and then hiding down the corridor while the cybies take care of almost everything, then spam rockets at the leftovers, which tbh isn't that enjoyable. The alternate dimension area was pretty cool but getting there was very convoluted, two layers of secrets would be enough tbh.
  8. dmdr

    Editor On Linux!

  9. dmdr

    prboom+ linux (help me)

    try prboom-plus -iwad /path/to/doom.wad in the console and see what happens (replace /path/to/ with where ever your iwad is. you can drag and drop it onto the console which should make it easy)
  10. can't even deny it (hope you're not feeling too shit after the surgery bro. oh and cheers for the signs obvs) so today I had a look through Mechadon's box o skies and although most of them are a bit busy for easy conversion I found a few that were amenable to diy-ification. I wasn't as conservative with colour choices this time and theres like 50 of them so just use the ones you like I guess screenies dl: boxodiyskies.zip
  11. dmdr

    Editor On Linux!

    Alright yeah I believe we've found the problem. Just to expand a lil on what @Maribo said, 'root' in Loonix is the equivalent of administrator in Windows -- a higher access level that will allow you to actually modify the system outside of your personal home directory, ie. install things. Typing 'sudo' in front of console commands allows you to elevate your access level to root (never do this unless you have to though!). Since you didn't know about this I'm going to assume that a lot of your problems were related to 'dependencies', which are stuff that needs to be installed in order to have the program actually work; when you dl a source port on Windows and it has SDL2.dll in the zip file, that's a dependency (Linux uses 'package managers' like apt so you only need to install the dependency once, while Windows programs usually include everything with them). When you compile stuff, whatever you're compiling will generally check if you have the dependencies installed and error out if you don't.
  12. dmdr

    Scrap it or push through

    so Jack Kirby (20th century comic artist, co-created many characters you've heard of, mostly for Marvel) used to dump any page that took him more than an hour to do on the basis that lack of inspiration shows. Great praxis tbh. That said I don't really scrap many maps in progress these days, because I finally learned to plan them out on paper first. That way any lack of inspo becomes clear before you open your editor. Planning in this way can help you figure out when you're approaching a map wrong too; I actually completed layout/combat for a map today that I did scrap twice, two (2) times, because I wasn't feeling it for the first attempts -- I knew it was a good layout because it flowed easily onto the page, though, so I persevered. It turned out that I was mapping in the wrong order; I needed to build around the 'showcase' central area, not start from the outside in, and once I did that everything came together nicely.
  13. dmdr

    Small thing that annoys me -- am I the only one?

    I've used this trick a lot since it gives me, the mapper, more control over what appears where, and when. Vanilla teleclosets rely on the monsters walking over a line so you quite often get situations where monsters will tele in well after everybody else does which can be annoying, and you've got to have at least a basic understanding of the game's AI to get them to work at all reliably. Meanwhile popup monsters just need an untextured sector and a type 19 linedef and you're off to the races (Boom has the best of both worlds with conveyor belt teleclosets but they're still a bit harder to set up than popup monsters). One underappreciated element of popup closets is you can also use them to popup items -- see my & DoomRO's map in DBP24, for example -- which is pretty cool if you want to have a hub area without frontloading the player with too much stuff.
  14. NUGGET DOOM Woof is awesome and has a fast software renderer that looks great in nicely scaled 640x480 reso, human-friendly -complevels using easily remembered words instead of stupid numbers, supports all those sexy new modern cross-port editing standards (certainly MBF21, DEHEXTRA... not sure about DSDHACKED haven't checked lolololol) and the devs are rad dudes who have (mostly) added features when I've asked for them BUT... it lacks Crispy Doom's new cheat codes (esp. NOTARGET which is amazing for map testing), Crispy's amazing alternate HUD (every other port's HUD is either ugly or obfuscates information from the player), and Quake-style pitch recoil which makes every weapon so much more satisfying (esp the chaingun)... Well, Nugget has everything Woof has PLUS the new codes and a Crispy style HUD. Add pitch recoil and it would be absolutely perfect, but in spite of it's singular lone flaw I still love it.
  15. dmdr

    Editor On Linux!

    bruh I've got a Pi 4 rather than a 3 but doing 'apt search eureka' returns an installable package. See also https://archive.raspbian.org/raspbian/pool/main/e/eureka/ Just type 'apt install eureka' at the cli and be done with it, why compile shit unless you absolutely have to (plus, git versions of Eureka have no new features, at least the last time I checked)? You'll have to install Slade via FlatPak though, no .deb package seems to exist. Here's a link to install FlatPak: https://flatpak.org/setup/Raspberry%20Pi%20OS/