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  1. Lance MDR Rocket

    Divine Divinity?

    This is probably the best Diablo clone I've played. Not that I've played many of them because they generally suck, but this is good stuff, honest. Anyway yeah check it out.
  2. Do the ribcage thing, there's already plenty of games with eggs and the like.
  3. Lance MDR Rocket

    jump codepointer = broke

    The docs should probably reflect that. edit: never mind, I see guests can edit the Eternity wiki, so I did it myself. Are there any other codepointers that are for decorate stuff only?
  4. Lance MDR Rocket

    jump codepointer = broke

    Only the S_POSS_ATK* frames are important (right down the bottom there), but I copied the whole thing to make it easy for peeps to copy, paste, and test: // include the usual definitions too stdinclude("root.edf") // ZOMBIEMEN! // Changes: more aggro (attacks more often, shoots more bullets) - mean as a vanilla sergeant. More health. thingtype Zombieman { doomednum = 3004 spawnstate = S_POSS_STND spawnhealth = 30 seestate = S_POSS_RUN0 seesound = posit1 attacksound = pistol painstate = S_POSS_PAIN painchance = 160 painsound = popain missilestate = S_POSS_ATK0 deathstate = S_POSS_DIE1 xdeathstate = S_POSS_XDIE1 deathsound = podth1 speed = 8 height = 56.0 activesound = posact cflags = SOLID|SHOOTABLE|COUNTKILL|FOOTCLIP|SPACMONSTER|PASSMOBJ|RANGEHALF raisestate = S_POSS_RAISE1 droptype = AmmoClip obituary_normal = "was surprised by the zombie's firepower" acs_spawndata { num = 4; modes = doom } dehackednum = 2 } // altered Zombieman routines frame S_POSS_RUN0 { cmp = "POSS| *|*| 0|SetCounter(0,0,0)|S_POSS_RUN1"; } frame S_POSS_RUN1 { cmp = "POSS| *|*| 4|Chase |@next"; dehackednum = 176 } frame S_POSS_RUN2 { cmp = "POSS| *|*| 4|Chase |@next"; dehackednum = 177 } frame S_POSS_RUN3 { cmp = "POSS| 1|*| 4|Chase |@next"; dehackednum = 178 } frame S_POSS_RUN4 { cmp = "POSS| 1|*| 4|Chase |@next"; dehackednum = 179 } frame S_POSS_RUN5 { cmp = "POSS| 2|*| 4|Chase |@next"; dehackednum = 180 } frame S_POSS_RUN6 { cmp = "POSS| 2|*| 4|Chase |@next"; dehackednum = 181 } frame S_POSS_RUN7 { cmp = "POSS| 3|*| 4|Chase |@next"; dehackednum = 182 } frame S_POSS_RUN8 { cmp = "POSS| 3|*| 4|Chase |S_POSS_RUN0"; dehackednum = 183 } frame S_POSS_ATK0 { cmp = "POSS| 4|*| 3|FaceTarget |S_POSS_ATK1"; } frame S_POSS_ATK1 { cmp = "POSS| 4|*| 4|FaceTarget |@next"; dehackednum = 184 } frame S_POSS_ATK2 { cmp = "POSS| 5|*| 6|PosAttack |@next"; dehackednum = 185 } frame S_POSS_ATK3 { cmp = "POSS| 4|*| 0|SetCounter(0,1,1)|S_POSS_ATK4"; dehackednum = 186 } frame S_POSS_ATK4 { cmp = "POSS| 4|*| 1|CounterJump(S_POSS_ATK5,2,2,0)|S_POSS_ATK1"; } frame S_POSS_ATK5 { cmp = "SPOS| 4|*| 35|Jump(128,SPOS_RUN0)|S_POSS_ATK1"; }What should happen is the Zombieman should attack three times, then turn into a Sergeant (this is so I can be sure the S_POSS_ATK5 frame is actually being entered) and either attack again OR reenter his movement states, half and half chance. What happens is he attacks until pained. The Jump codepointer simply does not work (in 3.40.20 & SVN r2094 from DRDTeam); RandomJump, fortunately, is just fine. Compare the following code for further proof (if it works, the zombieman's idle frames will flicker between Imp & zombie frames): stdinclude("root.edf") //zombieman frame S_POSS_STND { cmp = "POSS| *|*|10|RandomJump|@this|*|175|128"; dehackednum = 174 } frame S_POSS_STND2 { cmp = "TROO| 1|*|10|RandomJump|@this|*|174|128"; dehackednum = 175 }& stdinclude("root.edf") //zombieman frame S_POSS_STND { cmp = "POSS| *|*|10|Jump(S_POSS_STND2,128)|@this|*|175|128"; dehackednum = 174 } frame S_POSS_STND2 { cmp = "TROO| 1|*|10|Jump(S_POSS_STND,128)|@this"; dehackednum = 175 }And, as long as I'm complaining, can we have user definable accuracy for custom bullet attacks please? I want the Sergeants to be more accurate & fire more (but less damaging) pellets, but setting their attacks to use the 'never accurate' setting makes them too lethal and they're even more useless than usual with SSG accuracy set.
  5. Lance MDR Rocket

    The battle of the 2 Johns

    I voted for Romero because the id games without his involvement aren't fun. Clearly he was doing something right.
  6. http://www.wright-house.com/ac/papers97/Tsou-ac1.html KIDS THESE DAYS
  7. http://www.amazon.com/The-Better-Angels-Our-Nature/dp/0670022950/ref=pd_bxgy_b_text_b 800 pages of hard data proving Ralphis wrong. Discussion over.
  8. Lance MDR Rocket

    Have you ever considered using WADs with doom "unethical"?

    My only problem with gameplay mods is that they're rarely subtle enough for me. I just want something that alters the monster's behaviour a little, makes them more aggressive, tweaks the health values a bit, you know? Like, same damn game but not as predictable for a long time player. Instead I get stuff like AeOD and Hideous Destructor and so on, which aren't bad projects or anything, just not what I really want. Rather stupidly, I was making something along these lines not long ago (it beefed up the low tier monsters, made Demons & Spectres move and attack way faster, randomised Mancubus fireball spread and a few other things - including a slightly upgraded arsenal so things wouldn't be too much tougher) for Eternity, but I baleeted it in the Great Virus Purge of 2012. So dumb.
  9. Lance MDR Rocket

    Jersey Shore cast to star in Idiocracy sequel.

    Do you really want them to? Think carefully before you answer.
  10. Lance MDR Rocket

    Chocolate Doom 1.7.0 Released

    This is very good, although not as featureful as DB2. The only reason I don't use it is because my Linux box is in a box at the moment.
  11. Lance MDR Rocket

    Raspberry Pi

    Something like Mednafen, which will scale things in proper multiples and can even emulate scanlines if you're so inclined, looks just fine on an HDTV (assuming you're happy with black bars around the image, which you should be because stretching looks like shit). True afficionados don't rely on the TVs inbuilt scalers, anyway.
  12. Lance MDR Rocket

    Sony wants you to see ads during gameplay

    yeah we've been collectively playing single player games without having to be connected to the internet for spurious reasons for forty years too. Times they are a-changin'.
  13. Lance MDR Rocket

    Sony wants you to see ads during gameplay

    What's with the sense of entitlement??????????????
  14. Lance MDR Rocket


    Yeah, this is good stuff. I did some whinging on the forums about the things I didn't like, but I'm glad I bought it. Anyway, Carn, if I were you I wouldn't push for too much more than $25; while you're going to be delivering more content than your average AAA game, you're not competing with them, you're competing with other indies and $25 is already on the expensive side in that context (also, well out of the 'impulse buy' range. You can make a lot of money by targeting impulse buyers - well, assuming you can get some publicity for the game. Have you submitted anything to Rock Paper Shotgun etc.?). edit: oh right, I used a fake address on the order page when I ordered and it worked OK. I used PayPal. edit2: eh, I went ahead and mailed RPS and let them know it's been released. I see they've written about it before so I assumed that's OK.
  15. Lance MDR Rocket

    Gun Buster? WAAAT?

    Nah, you can move around freely (judging by the video). Anyway, it looks more like a iteration of Battlezone rather than an FPS, so no need for anyone to be offended on Doom's behalf.