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  1. bkt

    My Own Doom Wad

    Create a maze and show it to me. How long will it take? Are you a professional map maker? Furthermore, the corridors of the maze are 48 pixels wide, not 64. And what else to use if it represents the same cave? Aquila Chrysaetos liked it if you wanna know. So I'm not changing it. Not every maze is Hunted, nor am I Milo Casali. The less the colors, the less the mess. I find nothing wrong with them. This exchange sums up the major issue most people have with the author. Considered and detailed feedback is given by experienced people, then rejected immediately. Repeat ad nauseam until we arrive here. There's a lot wrong with the above response to rdwpa's feedback that I could address, but I'll pair things back a little. For @spd7693: From what I've read, the feedback in this thread has been particularly patient and measured compared to many comparative threads among other online communities. To spurn such feedback is a big mistake as you're not likely to get anything nearly as helpful at such an early stage of any hobby. I'll go ahead and give one piece of advice, take it or leave it. Developing good levels involves a constant loop of feedback, much of which isn't 'positive'. If you're not prepared to be continually addressing the feedback of peers and consumers, then this hobby probably isn't for you.
  2. Howdy y'all. I've been a member on the forum for ages but have either been involved in Doom 3 Phobos or simply lurking. I've released maps for a few id games but only relatively recently have I actually made anything for Doom 2. I've been working on and off (mostly off) on my 2nd D2 map for for the better part of 3 years. Originally designed as a 'guest appearance by the teacher' secret level for a megawad my students were developing for a college project. I've since moved on and it sat shelved for about a year until recently I decided I'd like to finish it before moving onto any other projects. Anyway, below's an editor shot of it's current state. The design revolves around accessing three switches in a central hub in order to reach the exit. Getting to each of the aforementioned switches will play out like it's own level with a distinct visual and gameplay feel. Many of the other levels I've made have been more linear than I really am happy with, so a major design goal for this one is to encourage and reward exploration. The critical path is blocked out, with side areas and shortcuts yet to be added. Once I've hooked up the gameplay logic allowing for start-to-finish gameplay flow I'll go about adding monsters and detailing. As is evident, the left side is the least developed, but I've been making great progress recently and aim to release this year. More coming soon, including some actual screenshots once a couple areas are polished up a bit.
  3. I'm going to go ahead and suggest that the 'tester' is full of shit. From the replies he made in the comments it's pretty clear that if he is for real, then he doesn't have a clue about the actual development process.
  4. Work in game development for a while, you'll understand that in order to keep your job, sometimes you need take it on the chin and work on a crap project. Even seriously promising projects like ACM can be ruined by poor management at no fault of the grunts on the floor doing the heavy lifting.
  5. Certainly sounds like gearbox screwed the pooch!