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  1. grindking

    PrBOOM vs. ZDoom

    most of the people who posted here have really no idea what they're ranting about.. most of you also have failed to miss the point.. keep zdoom for single player and for level editing that's fine.. but dont make a doom port multiplayer if it's not DOOM. it's as simple as that.. no one cares about colored lighting, slopes, rocket trails, jumping OR MLOOK.. what people do care about is sticking to what is original.. people SHOULD be playing in 320x200 still, and should have no other choice BUT that resolution.. changing resolutions gives other players advantages like fov in quake. also, the old doomers and all the people requesting for prboom were the people that created the multiplayer aspect of modem to modem years and years ago, which is why it should be ported.. we already have a port for zdoom now, so all you quake players who think that it takes more skill since now you can shoot the ground and jump around worse than a retarded person on crack, you can go play Zdaemon 0.99, and the real doomers will move on to a port that is as close to the original as you can get.. with prboom, if it had client/server code, think of the possibilities... with deom compatibility, code could easily be added so that you could run a demo ON a server, and have spectators connect to that server and critique a demo.. it may not sound like fun to the quake people, but i'm sure the doomers all agree this would kickass.. think about running down the hall WITH NoSkill and watching him in third person, with 2-3 other spectators right there with you? just think before you spout off lines about 'oh my port can have more linedefs than yours' cuz it's gets really stupid and old.
  2. grindking

    PrBOOM vs. ZDoom

    we obviously have more votes for pboom so far in the amount that's posted on the thread, but people aren't voting on the POLL!!! the link is above where linguica posted, so please VOTE ON THE POLL.. FOR PRBOOM!!! heh
  3. grindking

    PrBOOM vs. ZDoom

    prboom should be the choice for the new zdaemon. zdoom drifts too far away from the original doom, movements aren't right, silent bfg isn't in there by default, you stick on walls more, you can wall run both ways, and i could go on forever. prboom sticks so close to the original that even original lmps work on it. playing doom for so many years back in the day modem to modem, made you quite accustomed to how doom played. zdoom just doesn't feel this way, nor has it ever. prboom does, and if it had some decent net code, i'm sure many more players would join, and the people that still want to play lame zdoom, will be able to still. all of you should think about which port should really be put to use. zdoom is fine for glitz and glamor, but we're talking deathmatch, and zdoom isn't real doom.
  4. grindking

    A new 3D game

    i don't want to change anything except CSDOOM crashes and the STUPID RETARDED SERVER SETTINGS PEOPLE USE! ITEM/POWERUP/HEALTH RESPAWN SHOULD BE OFF BY DEFAULT. Fly should already know this by now, as I've emailed him long ago but heard nothing. nothing is worse than going into a csdoom server where the stupid megaspheres respawn and timing it perfectly so I slaughter everyone. It's boring and by default ALL games back in the day were played strictly OLD DEATHMATCH STYLE, with no item respawn, and with skill 5 so you had plenty of ammo when you picked up a weapon.. someone should think about it, but it looks like itll stay the way it is.. gay
  5. grindking


    um, you've never been beaten? hahahahaha play me 1on1, and ill slaughter you.. only csdoom though.. zdoom straight tcpip sucks ass and is slow.. same with legacy probably.. csdoom all the way DAMMIT
  6. grindking

    A real true doomers list, to answer NiGHTMARE

    yeah i kinda went off on a rant, but i agree with you, but 320x200 just moves like i want it.. i know it was all opinions.. sorry everyone.. i should have put a TRUE DOOMERS LIST FOR ME so EVERYONE OUT THERE HEAR ME :)
  7. I went into a csdoom server today and saw a bunch of morons thinking they were the best players on this earth. I laughed at them, since none them have apparently ever played any REAL DOOM. This is a REAL list of TRUE DOOMERS criteria. You must have: 1. Played atleast 1 game modem to modem using one or more version(s) of Doom/Doom2. (v1.2-v1.9 for Doom1, v1.666-v1.9 for Doom2) 2. Used OLD DEATHMATCH SKILL 5 NOMONSTERS settings. This means NO ITEM RESPAWN was EVER turned on. 3. You played against SOMEONE in Doom2 map01 once in your life, other than a computer. 4. You actually liked the BFG being that it WAS a weapon of skill, and could silence it when shot in order to hide the sound of the shot. 5. You've watched 1 or more LMP(s) that were strictly Deathmatch. AND FINALLY.. 6. YOU NEVER USE MLOOK, JUMP, OR ANY DISPLAY ALTERING OPTIONS WHEN YOU PLAY A NEW PORT. (meaning, 320x200, no optimized settings, no particles, all sprites, no jumping, no mlook, no crosshair) Now, if ANYONE can actually think of any reason why this would be wrong, I would LOVE to hear it. And if you think my ways are wrong, go download almost ANY demo on ftp.cdrom.com in the deathmatch section, look at the text file or demo, and look at what settings and maps the majority of them play. Then someone can try to tell me I'm wrong.
  8. grindking

    Poll - Pepsi or Coke?

    what does irn-bru taste like? i want some dammit
  9. I'm sick of seeing this retarded page about the bfg whores out there. I played against Zokum myself, and yeah he uses the bfg all the time, but that doesn't mean that I can't dodge it. The bfg and plasma were put in the game for a REASON and shouldn't be left out from the game. Doom2 does not equal ONLY the ssg, although I'd like to think that way too. What I'm saying is that back in the day before we had ports of doom, before there was directsound support, and multiple channels, the bfg was a highly used and very skillful weapon when used right. Does anyone remember silencing the bfg? When I first learned of this waaaaaay back in the day, I was amazed, and I thought it was incredible. It was found by a guy named chunkk, and from there spread everywhere. Now that doom has changed totally and nearly every single csdoom server out there has stupid respawn items/armor/blueball/etc. which is retarded and never the way doom was mean't to be played. Second of course there's sound issue w/ the bfg, so it can always be heard, plus more people than ever can be in a server now, which makes for a large amount of kills in a short time with a mass destruction weapon like the bfg. Doom has changed, so everyone must adapt to the way it's been changed, and regardless, the bfg is still part of doom. now someone please do something about these shitty servers with item respawn. it was supposed to be respawn->find a weapon->kill till your killed. Never were people supposed to keep regenerating there health by respawning health packs. someone agree with me. I want to know who used to really play doom. doom2 map01 skill5 OLD DEATHMATCH nomonsters fraglimit 100
  10. grindking

    True Doomers

    Your list of criteria automagically makes it a 'NON TRUE DOOMER' list. I agreed with your 1st requirement, but your 2nd is just a stupid statement. The control system in Doom makes up for TONS of what the multiplayer experience is about, ALONG with all the other stuff you named. It is NOT, however, everything else BUT the control system that make up Doom, it is EVERYTHING.