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  1. Deeforce

    What is your favorite wad?

    Knee-Deep in KDiZD!!! Play it with gzdoom-4-10-0-Windows-64bit in software mode!
  2. "Knee-Deep in KDiZD" is the best doom project in the year 2022! You may want to release it here, too: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/ I use it with gzdoom-4-10-0-Windows-64bit in software mode! https://zdoom.org/downloads
  3. Deeforce

    Run And Shoot

    @doomedwarrior1981: Your problem is hacksoftware on your computer! This level is normal/easy! Also important to know: Someone said that the chainsaw is useless: There is also hacksoftware that made the chainsaw useless, where it is not useless normally! Thanks for reading! This is the truth.
  4. Deeforce

    Good funny youtube channels to sub to?

    BigMacDavis. The person there is a great, good doomer!
  5. Deeforce


    It is better to get "Half Life 1" the original version than this "Half Life Doom"! The graphics are way better in "Half Life 1"!
  6. "Quake 2" is a great game with great graphics...
  7. Deeforce

    Final Doom The Way id Did

    Hopefully there are enough details in the levels, because the Iwad doom video games had lots of cool grahpical niceties!
  8. Deeforce

    DOOM v1.9 - Shareware

    Get the "doom collector´s edition" on ebay. Then you can play with the source port "ZDoom" most of the custom wads and original doom! Very great! I did it this way!
  9. Deeforce

    Ultimate Simplicity

    One of the best wads is Simplicity!
  10. Deeforce

    Ghouls vs Humans

    Best multiplayer. I played it in the year 2008!
  11. Deeforce

    Scythe 2. Version 2

    One of the best custom wads is "Scythe 2"!
  12. Deeforce

    Plutonia 2

    "Plutonia 2" is as good as the original Plutonia Doom. Perfectly done!
  13. Deeforce

    Greatest sound .wad ever

    Very awful and low quality wad. I really don't like it. Make something like "Scythe 2" again, people :-)!
    Perfect 1 level wad! The new graphics are very beautiful here too. It's the amazing sequel of hti!
    Perfect 1 level wad! The new graphics are very beautiful.