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  1. America, I mean the United States Of America. What have you done to us? Bringing freedom and piece to every country of the ones that deserve it. Having dealt with the worst enemies, for example: Great Britain 1776. Having dealt with deseases and inner conflicts that you have erased and creating the main tower of the world. I mean the heart that gives us the technology to enjoy, but also to support American troops at Afghanistan, Iraque, Vietnam, Golf and the Third Reich. We, the ones that hope and promise that our home countries will survive in irreversible piecfully way that every human that decides to take the advantage from being the best person that he or she can is indispensable. If we can, then we would deal out the ones that wants to strike us away from our inner peace. Don't let it come to the end, where our enemies will search for our weaknesses. Torture them to death, I mean the ones that are against the United States Of America! Having bleeded in 2001, I know your heard isn't broken, but hurt. Let's get the war keep going and get every single person that you need to torture. Guantanamo is needed for those that are captured by the law of justice. Don't need to bury, don't need to think about the people that tries to change you. Only one reason, why you got that, what you needed to be is the freedom of your orginator the humans that came from europe.

    Thx for reading.

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    2. Doom Marine

      Doom Marine

      America created Doom, therefore, America is awesome.

      ... Did your country make Doom?
      ... No? See what I mean?

    3. printz


      You're all insane.

    4. Creaphis


      This was creepy when it was first posted and it's creepy now.