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  1. abysmal

    Notes of a dirty old Doomer...

    I was lost in map31 couldnt find a way out, did not even know there was a bug. I didnt know a switch was in a chair, found out from a FAQ. You can strafe run from top of steps and hit switch standing on chair in middle. Playing in a fixed coop version of wad I realized I missed more than half the map. I think I only found 1 key the first time. I wont bother patching it. Its pretty easy to beat without patch, but I miss alot of the map.
  2. An archvile the size of a cyberdemon. It not only respawns monsters but also spawns them. It would shoot flaming balls of fire, not like the other monsters. It would actually look like a ball on fire. The fireballs would be almost as fast as rockets and 5 would be shot at a time. It would have its regular fire attack also. It would also have a superfire attack, that makes a small halo around it and takes a bit longer to cast and disintegrates you, no matter how high your health is. The superfire attack should also be stoppable, like regular archie attacks by 2 close range well aimed SSG shots, or a few rockets or a BFG.
  3. abysmal


    The new zDoom crouching lets you duck under fireballs. If they shot the fireball while your standing. I think it makes it way too easy.
  4. abysmal


    I was dissappointed in the spidermastermind. I beat E3M8 in my first try. E2M8 took more than a few times, on my first try. E4 was even worse. I didnt even get to kill the spider, infighting.
  5. So in 2.1.1 has anyone beat the game yet? Or does anyone know if things function enough to actually win. 6 hours into the game the first time, I figured out it couldnt be beaten in the old version of ZDoom.
  6. abysmal

    How did you last play?

    Strife.exe DOS style.
  7. abysmal

    Compet-N FTP server down?

    I downloaded a few this week. Just now I used your link and it worked. Maybe unblock popups or lower security level until it works.
  8. abysmal

    Your pet peeves of Doom!

    I think the chainsaw is one of the best weapons actually, if used corretly and at the right time. If I am low on ammo I will use it on lost souls, cacodemons, imps and zombies. If im really low on ammo barons and revenants. If I have plenty of ammo and no hit scanners around I use it on demons. Run up to cacos and demons with it. Wait around corners for imps and zombies. Of course if I have berserk then I will probably use that with same attack technique.
  9. abysmal

    Earth WAD

    Stand by me
  10. abysmal

    Your pet peeves of Doom!

    If you time your SSG shots 3 or 4 of them at somewhat close range you can kill it face to face.
  11. abysmal

    Chocolate Doom

    I reinstalled my cd and Doom2.exe also does this. After door is open it took about 20 seconds of random pushing, anywhere in doorway to get door to close. If I am on the first side I cant reopen door. This happens in Chocolate, Doom2.exe and Doomsday. I guess its an original bug with game or Iwad was using an odd linedef action combination that the game was not meant to understand. I must have been desperately looking for a secret when I locked myself out.
  12. abysmal

    Chocolate Doom

    A bug or mishandling of conflicting linedef actions? Icarus.wad MAP16, sector 216 there is a yellow key door with first encountered side with action 34, open/stay. The other side has action 27 open/close. In Chocolate the door closes after I originally opened it from first encountered side after I went through. When I opened it again to retrace steps it closed behind me, trapping me out. I tried for awhile to figure out how to open it back up and ended up clipping(I never cheat). In Doomsday and Legacy this door stays open preventing anyone from getting trapped. I had yellow key but some reason it wouldnt open a second time from original encountered side in Chocolate.
  13. abysmal

    When will the original ideas run dry?

    We would all be forced to play Dwango5 over and over again.
  14. abysmal

    Your pet peeves of Doom!

    1. Watching a -nomosters demo because I dont have an extra hour to push all the walls, and the person playing it walks around like they have never seen the map before. Stopping at every corner to look around and never SR-50ing gets very boring. They even stepped into wrong teleporter and actually runs for another few minutes to get back to where they were. Also the computer map was in plain view(unreachable). 2. Secret exits that are found easier than the normal exits. This happened twice in 2 high quality megawads.
  15. Gameplay is more important than graphics, reason Tetris is still popular. I have seen some very crappy games that look very good with graphics. Anyway there are MD2 mods and GL modes for some ports so Doom can look as good as any new game. Doom gameplay is very simple, but depending on the map it can be very hard. With thousands of maps and hundreds of high quality maps, someone can keep playing a "new" game everytime. Shotgunners dont kill the game, they just make it so more strategy is needed. And yes Heretic is a very good game. People keep mapping because they like the game. Just because it is ancient in the computer games timeline does not mean it is not still a good game.