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  1. Originally that was the idea. It was made in Prboom+ with compatability 9 as the test platform. Unfortunately it didn't work out because of the differences in ports(see readme).
  2. Go back up the first lift (near the glowing button you press when coming into the building) to the blue keyed door/lift that the revenant was standing on...
  3. Interesting. Ater a bit of a break from that sucker it might be fun to go in and fix everything, including the visuals, so that it works in Boom. The thing is, I already uploaded to the archives without the Prboom version so very few would see it. Feel free to modify it anyway you like before then... EDIT: Although I do think the HOMs in that version are a Boom bug. They don't show up at all in the other versions.
  4. Checkmate

    Scimitar Final Beta Feedback Thread

    Played some more... -At the very end of the level following the 'sewers' there's a missing texture/HOM. -On the following level there's a switch high up. I'm guessing it's a secret but it can't be shot in Prboom because you can't aim up unless there's a monster on the same plane. -On the same level you have to be able to jump to get the '100% health' powerup(right after getting the blue key). -I couldn't progress on the next level(Flood) after I killed all the little white cacoes... CM
  5. Checkmate

    Scimitar Final Beta Feedback Thread

    Ok I played through the end of the 'sewer' level using glboom. Some notes: Level 3 -Was able to grab the shotgun without the chaingunner trap being activated. -You need to jump to get the box of shells near the ruins(no jumping in prboom) Level 4 -Picked up backpack without opening the secret wall by the scimitar Level 5 -Hellknight gets stuck in place near blue key Level 8 -missing texture at start causing HOM -'The sewers' is much much bigger than the previous levels Also thought the scimitar was pretty weak considering the wad's name. Even killing lowly demons with it takes 2 wacks in most cases. I like the 'clean' look of the levels a lot. Also the variety between them. When I get to finish I'll post the rest...
  6. Checkmate

    Scariest sound?

    Well the first sound to creep me out was a user mod that made the soldiers or maybe the imps say "He's over there" when they saw you. BTW if anyone knows what mod that was please let me know...
  7. Checkmate

    Scimitar Final Beta Feedback Thread

    I liked it. I died about three levels in but I'll try it again when I get the chance. I especially liked the continuity from level to level...
  8. Checkmate

    Damnation Awaits the Wicked

    Liked the map. Very tight ammo on UV tho, especially by the time I got to the '3' at the end...
  9. Checkmate

    Vae Victus 2 Released *updated 10/30*

    Very nice Dittohead!
  10. Checkmate

    Auferstehung has been released!

    I bit :( He did say he spent a long time editing the slige levels... :0 Edit: Scuba your screens make it look better than it is...
  11. Ok I added the Prboom+ and glboom version for download for Grazza or anyone else who wants to try it out(first post). Be aware there are a few bugs. The 'fast green balls' stop on one side and there are seemingly random HOMs that I'm pretty sure are bugs in the Boom engine. They occur when looking outside and when looking at the 'blue ball falls'. Also there are more texture misalignments in this version, and lighting may look strange in some parts. Otherwise it should work fine... Let me know if you find a problem.
  12. OK. Went through and eliminated the legitimate "invalid tags" (about 6 or 7). The rest were translucent walls and 'teleport to lines' that it doesn't seem to like. Tested it in prboom+, found a few problems that need to be fixed for it to work, and a few visual glitches. Hopefully I can bang this out soon, test it and upload it. Let me know of an alternative host to RS... CM
  13. entryway -- Thnks Grazza -- Ok I've been messing with WadAuthor. It's like learning another language after using DB so much. I like the pictures of 'things' in the map. It comes up with 750 errors. Mostly missing textures due to sky/glass floor effects. A few 'sector ceiling is very high' and some others. Let me know if it's worth it to pursue for PRboom+. I released a version for it (BallsEGE) about a month ago and got zero responses. If the visuals aren't too screwed up (No time to adjust all of that stuff again) and people want it I'll fix those errors and release a Prboom+ version too...
  14. OOps. made a last minute change and didn't check the zdoom version. Uploaded a fixed version (1.1) into the first post. Also be aware that you can't open that door without crossing a linedef near the red key, even if you cheat and get the red key. Blue door works the same way... I'm glad to hear you were able to get thru. The main things that break are the visuals. The conveyor speeds, teleport to line behavior, inertial behavior, etc. vary just enough to screw things up. Even between the R3d version and the zdoom version there are differences(the inv sphere arches for example). I'll check out WadAuthor when I get the chance. Thanks for the tip!
  15. Thanks. Didn't mean to step into a port blood feud :D Just liked R3D from a visual and technical standpoint. When I realized I had to adjust 'Balls' for specific ports, R3D along with ZDoom (and GZdoom) were the easiest to 'port' to from PrBoom. Believe me I have gone over a lot of specs for each of the 'Boom compatable' ports. That's why, in the end, I decided to go with more than one port. If I had more time I'd release it for all the boom ports... Unfortunately I don't. Thanks again! CM