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Everything posted by DJShrimpy

  1. Well I like to use the Mage because of his far range weapons, and it's always fun to play as the magic guy.
  2. DJShrimpy

    The Car that Doom Bought

    That sweater is fucking awesome.
  3. DJShrimpy

    HAPPY Birthday, DOOM!

    H15B, Doom!
  4. DJShrimpy

    Doom/ Doom 2 pop quiz!

    1. Archviles cannot revive Spider Masterminds, Cyberdemons, or other Archviles. 2. E2M9 has a symmetrical room, other then that I don't know. 3. All of them. 4. I would know if I had mine with me :( 5. I think there is a map that requires you to shoot a switch with a hitscan weapon to exit it, I forgot which it was. 6. An energy cell only gives 40 cells so I'm sure a box of bullets (200 bullets I think) could do more damage. 7. 10 8. Monsters can kill their own kind when damaged by a barrel destroyed by the other monster. 9. Pain Elemental? 10. Like the other question there are secrets that need hitscan weapons (or fist/chainsaw) required to open a door or whatever. 11. I don't think any of them are symmetrical to begin with?
  5. DJShrimpy

    My wallet asplode

    Well I've been playing it for the past few days and its pretty good. I really do miss my RPD though.
  6. DJShrimpy

    My wallet asplode

    I just read that COD5 will have aperture sight, which is like the WWII equivalent to red dot sight so you should be fine.
  7. DJShrimpy

    Favorite level name?

    I still have no idea what a "Nme" is.
  8. DJShrimpy

    Windows Vista is already obsolete !

    That was pretty fast.
  9. DJShrimpy

    My wallet asplode

    Yeah if you suck at shooters.
  10. DJShrimpy

    My wallet asplode

    Stage editor seems awesome but I hear the actual platforming is mediocre at best, I'll be busy with COD5 and Wipeout HD anyway.
  11. DJShrimpy

    id on Modern Marvels

    Anyone watch it? John Carmack was talking about open-source modding and such. They also showed a few seconds of Doom Wad Station. (sorry if old)
  12. DJShrimpy

    Mega Man 9 (NES) announced

    MM1 is still the hardest for me. Never played M&B.
  13. DJShrimpy

    Bionic Commando Rearmed

    It'll be here on PSN tonight. I'm going to purchase it immediately, no time for demos. :) Jello, what difficulty are you playing on? I heard that they added all these things like a health bar and surplus of extra lives, and made the game way too easy.
  14. DJShrimpy

    Bionic Commando Rearmed

    Hey, well it's out today for 360, tomorrow for PS3. Anyone try it yet?
  15. DJShrimpy

    The Dark Knight

  16. DJShrimpy

    Bionic Commando Rearmed

    This is the only thing keeping me from selling my current-gen consoles. Leave it to Capcom to resurrect the vintage days. (I'll be buying that new Commando with this as well).
  17. DJShrimpy

    What did you call the monsters before you knew their names?

    That was some guess.
  18. DJShrimpy

    Selling some of my Doom figure Reaper minis! :(

    I figured you were watching those auctions... but I never checked to realized that you won all of them.
  19. DJShrimpy

    Selling some of my Doom figure Reaper minis! :(

    I'll try to take a shot at this one. I just need to find someone who will loan me $1,500.00.
  20. DJShrimpy

    Selling some of my Doom figure Reaper minis! :(

    Congrats on hitting the 1.5k spot.
  21. DJShrimpy

    Hated music tracks?

    Doom 2, MAP03
  22. DJShrimpy

    On Top of the World

    Smash Doom TV?
  23. DJShrimpy

    Has anyone played every Doom game?

    All of them, along with just about every official and homebrew console port.
  24. DJShrimpy


    I saw this on AotS a few hours ago. "Campus Shooting Expert" is total heh.