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  1. and i often find myself wishing i could build doom maps for a living rather than go through 5 years of building "parametric screen walls" and finding proportions in everything around me.


    surely i am not the only one?

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    2. Sporku


      I remember early in in high school I wanted to get into architectural design solely because of my interest in making Doom maps. Of course, I was a silly little kid then, too. :P Not saying you shouldn't go for it, but don't do it just because you want to design your future house so that it looks like Doom E1M1 (complete with pools of nukage of course).

      Architecture is still something I find incredibly fascinating, and I'll often stop and survey a really cool looking building and ponder, "How did they come up with this?", but I quickly realized that if I were to pursue a career in architectural design that I'd more than likely end up designing a bunch of cookie cutter houses for suburban developments or some shit like that.

      But hey, maybe you'll fare better! And I hear the pay is quite exemplary, too!

    3. Maes


      Tango said:

      and i often find myself wishing i could build doom maps for a living

      Well, you could build the Ultimate Architecture of Doom!!!

    4. Chopkinsca


      For your thesis, build a Tower of Babel!

      I've thought about architecture, but one of the things I like about doom mapping is you don't have to worry about standards and regulations.

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