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  1. SOSU

    Great avatar!Its rare to find a HoD fan :)

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    2. SOSU


      Usually people dislike the ost because of the gba soundfont but i have gba nostalgia up the ass i am very nostalgic towards the gba so i just like it even more :D

    3. Tango


      hahaha yeah it's understandable though. usually when I listen to HoD songs I listen to Jorge Fuentes' arrangements which sound pretty slick imo, but the originals themselves are quite nice too. I have long wanted to build doom maps around some of my favorite HoD songs but my imagination is always way beyond my motivation so it's never happened D:

    4. SOSU


      Yeah sometimes when I listen to a video game track I just get the urge to make a map around it but I never do because I imagine amazingly detailed maps with custom monsters and weapons whereas in reality I just use the stock assets or 50-100 new textures and sometimes even 1/2 new monsters

      (But in the next few days I will be able to fulfil my dream of making a map based on a VG track that is fun to play :D