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  1. Hey man, just checking if you've released or worked on any maps in the last year or so? I was looking through a whole bunch of ancient shit and came across one of your older maps, god the urge to play some Tango turf!

    1. Tango


      oh myyy what did you find? :D do you still have that map that we were doing for the skulltag coop project? the one with the seaside factory music from mario rpg that I was detailing. that's one map I really wish was not lost to the sands of time :(


      but no, I haven't released anything lately :\ got a handful of maps I've been working on, but nothing release-ready yet unfortunately. hopefully within the next few months though

    2. Doomkid


      Man, I wish I still had that old community coop map, I remember it well, it turned out awesome! there's so much stuff from back then that seems to be totally lost. It was twisted dimension, the idea behind it is awesome and it's aged very well overall. I'd like to see something that takes that idea of being unashamedly linear - Continually progressing through harder and harder little 'mini battle maps' that are beautiful to look at, take actual well-used advantage of newschool features, and provide just the right amount of cover/ammo/protection from the enemies. I don't know if you ever made anything else that but it was a really awesome throwback!

    3. Tango


      ye're too kind my dude. yeah it is an interesting idea, one that I think someone could more fully realize the potential for. I haven't seen anything with that formula in a while, though I imagine if it exists, it's probably in the Zandronum community haha. I think the sweet spot for me, for my preferences nowadays, would probably include a little bit of less straightforward progression, or at least some sort of looping back around to previously-visited but now-transformed areas or something. I definitely thought the formula was the coolest shit at the time though. it would be kinda neat to do something to follow-up with the wad, motivation-willing haha.


      and damn, that's a shame :( there are very few of my old maps that I would love to see again for reasons other than novelty alone, and that coop map is among them. oh well :( I have a lot of good memories working on that map. I can't even remember the entirety of the layout, either the original or my updated version. oh well :(