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  1. >>>>>>>> DOWNLOAD SUPERCHARGE <<<<<<<< (last updated: v2.8 - 03/15/2021) Supercharge is first and foremost a mapping resource for GZDoom/Zandronum, with new and altered monsters and weapons, but can also be used as a gameplay mod. It is the continuation of the gameplay mod featured in Paradise, and I intend to continue iterating on it and using it in my future mapping projects. REQUIREMENTS: Compatible with GZDoom 4.0.0 and up, Zandronum 3.0 and up, and ZDoom 2.8.1; earlier GZDoom versions or LZDoom may also work, but are untested Requires a Doom IWAD to play (doom.wad, doom2.wad, tnt.wad, plutonia.wad, etc.) Hardware rendering mode strongly recommended; non-hardware rendering modes may have visual oddities Probably will not play well with other mods or mapsets that have significant gameplay tweaks SCREENSHOTS: GIFS: GENERAL INFO: Frills and effects! New weapon and monster sprites, new sounds, bullet casings, alternate deaths, gibs, terrain splashes, two "new" HUDs, and other various things. Automatic pistol starts (GZDoom only)! In game, navigate to "SC Options" from the main menu to toggle this setting. Normalized damage across the board! Each player and monster attack now does a set, non-random amount of damage. The non-random values are generally what the average random version would be. A projectile formerly dealing between 10 and 20 damage would now do 15, for example. Instant weapon switching! Weapon switching is instant for ALL weapons. This allows you to combo certain weapon shots together. Fire a rocket then quickly switch to a super shotgun blast, or hammer away at your pistol clip then instantly switch to a plasma volley! New monsters and tweaked weapons! See the respective categories below for more info. MONSTER INFO: WEAPON INFO: NOTES FOR MAPPERS: CURRENT TODOS: MODIFYING SUPERCHARGE AND USING IT IN YOUR MAPS: OLD VERSIONS: MAPSETS USING SUPERCHARGE: Ar Luminae by @Aurelius The Demon Blade by @DragonsForLunch Technicolor Antichrist Box by @Major Arlene Supercharged Final Scourge - Catharsis by @Austinado Supercharged Break In! by @TravyB Bloodicide by @RonnieJamesDiner Paradise v2.1 by Tango Mapwich 2 by the Hellforge crew Supercharged Triathlon by @Helm Supercharged Radiation Factory by @StoopidBoiEthan GAMEPLAY MODS BASED ON SUPERCHARGE: QuickCharge by @6DB Minicharge by Tango ("based on" is a pretty rough term here admittedly) RECOMMENDED ADDONS: DamNums by Xaser Tilt++ by Nash
  2. @Biodegradable is quite right, unfortunately you'd have to play a mapset that uses the weapons... with one exception! if you play something on Ultra-Randomized (the skill level that replaces Nightmare), then berserk packs will also drop a scrap gun, and cyberdemons (and masterminds maybe?) will drop the stomper
  3. Tango

    gzdoom projectile death sound woes

    I had a similar thing happen to me, and it took me ages to stumble upon the $limit property in SNDINFO. apparently by default the number of instances of a sound that can play simultaneously is 2 (according to the wiki), so I raised it to 4 in the case of this one sound I was using and that was adequate for me. I'm not sure if you mean that you already tried this when you mention maxing out the sound channels, but that's what helped in my case!
  4. Tango

    How do you find inspiration for your maps?

    along these lines, I've found exercise really helpful. if I take a long walk I inevitably get some ideas for things that I'm stuck on, or if I do some shorter and more intense cardio, it usually gets me pretty fired up to be productive and push through any mapping obstacles I currently have
  5. >>>>>>>> DOWNLOAD PARADISE v2.1 <<<<<<<< (last updated 10/11/2020) Paradise is a 7-map (5 main + 2 secret maps) ZDoom episode, packaged together with a custom gameplay mod crafted specifically for these maps. You do not need to read the mountain of text below to play the mod, but if you’re interested in getting a primer on all the gameplay changes before playing, go right ahead! Doom 2 IWAD and GZDoom 4.0+ or Zandronum 3.0+ required. Hardware-accelerated rendering mode strongly recommended, both for visual and performance reasons. Make sure you bind your reload key! LZDoom should also work, but is untested. ZDoom 2.8.1 will also work, but performance will suffer as it offers software rendering only. If you're looking for the standalone version of the gameplay mod in Paradise, called Supercharge, you can get it here in its own thread. GENERAL INFO: Frills and effects! Bullet casings, alternate deaths, gibs, terrain splashes, automatic pistol starts, two new HUDs and other various things. Bumpin’ soundtrack with tracks from arcade classics like Armed Police Batrider, Hyper Duel, Battle Garegga, and 19XX! An alternative midi soundtrack is also available by enabling the "Use MIDI soundtrack" in the Paradise Options menu (Main Menu -> Mod Options) Normalized damage across the board! Each player and monster attack now does a set, non-random amount of damage. The non-random values are generally what the average random version would be. A projectile formerly dealing between 10 and 20 damage would now do 15, for example. Instant weapon switching! Weapon switching is instant for ALL weapons. This allows you to combo certain weapon shots together. Fire a rocket then quickly switch to a super shotgun blast, or hammer away at your pistol clip then instantly switch to a powerful Scrapgun blast! New monsters and a new weapon! See the respective categories below for more info. Bonus maps! In addition to the 7-map Paradise episode, a second episode consisting of 25 speedmaps is also included and playable from the episode selection screen. Check the BONUS MAPS INFO section below for more info! Multiplayer compatibility! The main Paradise episode (not the bonus episode, sorry) is now multiplayer compatible and has been optimally balanced for 2 - 4 player survival coop with no item respawns. For easy and free Zandronum coop server hosting, check out The Sentinel's Playground. CHANGES FROM v2.0 (2019) RELEASE: CHANGES FROM v1.0 (2018) RELEASE: SKILL LEVEL GUIDE: WEAPON INFO: MONSTER INFO: BONUS MAPS INFO: OLD VERSIONS: RECOMMENDED ADDONS: DamNums by Xaser Tilt++ by Nash Any and all feedback is very much appreciated :D
  6. @Fabricator huh, really weird that there were some texture glitches! I did another quick test and think I've found a better method of doing things that should hopefully lead to less issues. I played map03 for a few minutes after following these steps, and all seemed ok! so try this (starting from a clean copy of both paradise 2.1 and supercharge 2.8): open the paradise pk3 delete or comment out the entirety of the root DECORATE lump delete or comment out the entirety of the root ZSCRIPT lump comment out the entirety of the root CVARINFO (leave the first line with the midi soundtrack cvar) load the two pk3s together, ensuring that supercharge is loaded last this method should be much better, as there are no startup errors here. but please do keep me posted if you encounter other issues!
  7. @Fabricator you are very kind mate, I really appreciate you sharing :D glad yall had a good time in coop - doom coop with friends is such a great time. I do wish it was easier to run the set with whatever the latest supercharge is at all times, but I'll have to think on whether there's a better way to do it. I suppose maybe future releases should include a supercharge-less version so you can more easily just drop in the latest supercharge pk3, but I'd have to do some messing about with that. something to experiment with in my next release perhaps! in any case, after some quick testing, it looks like if you want to use supercharge 2.8 with this, you'll want to do the following: open the supercharge pk3 in Slade, and delete the ZSCRIPT and CVARINFO lumps in the root (might want to make a copy of the pk3 though first just in case) load the paradise pk3 THEN the supercharge pk3 in gzdoom (loading the other way around will net you another showstopping startup error) you'll still get stern startup warnings out the wazoo, but at least it runs in a recent version of gzdoom this way. zandro seems to be a no-go with this method, so if you are trying to use zandro or still run into issues otherwise, just let me know and I can sort out some steps (or provide a one-off download) to doctor things a little more meticulously
  8. Tango

    Best GZDoom wads/megawads

    sounds like Corruption Cards
  9. cheers mate, appreciate it very much :D neat to see a different weapons mod in the levels, can't wait to check out all the videos in the playlist!
  10. indeed you can in decorate! a good number of ZDoom gameplay mods make use of this feature, I think. it really nicely complements usage of A_JumpIfTargetCloser for branching death animations
  11. some things I'd love to personally see in a hypothetical MBF22, many of which have been mentioned already in this thread: custom powerups (with effects like weapon firing speed modifiers, damage factor modifiers, etc.) per-map PLAYPAL and COLORMAP finitely tall monsters hub support (can exit to arbitrary maps, at arbitrary starting points, with map state preserved) custom damage types for both player and monsters [super longshot here] support for compile-time lightmaps ala Strife Veteran Edition
  12. MBF21 is awesome! can't wait for whatever's next, whether it does end up being in doom or heretic/hexen. @kraflab do you have a rough idea of what kinds of things would be part of MBF22?
  13. Tango

    What were the first three PWADs you downloaded?

    off the top of my head, my first three wads would have been: - Chex Quest - Batman Doom - D2XGold
  14. Tango

    what the fresh hell is this?

    usually when this happens to me, it's enough for me to just move one of the surrounding vertices or two, then rebuild the nodes. think that's always done the trick!
  15. Tango

    Post your Doom textures!

    you're a saint @uber, really appreciate you taking the time to detail it all out like that. I'm sure I'll find it useful in the future :D the fonts turned out great too!
  16. Tango

    Post your Doom textures!

    holy moly this is amazing, this looks so good! I've been thinking about attempting something similar as I would kind of love a new gothic smallfont to use in my current project, but even the thought of basing it on a real font seems intimidating to me. can I ask what your process was like? did you make a sheet with the original font and then shrink it down so each character was 16px and draw over that?
  17. Tango

    What’s your Doom framerate?

    144 all the way baby
  18. Tango

    MBF21 DeHackEd thing explode on spawn

    I haven't actually loaded this up and tested myself, but it looks like frame 1100 is the first and only frame of that Thing, and also the frame that the codepointer/action is on. there's a quirk in the game with actions on the first frame of a Thing - they will be ignored completely. I think the DecoHack documentation mentions this somewhere, but you'll need to give the actor a second frame, where the first frame is 0 duration and otherwise does nothing, and the second frame is where the codepointer is. this is why the Archvile fire has that "flame start" sound effect on its fire that never actually plays, because the codepointer for playing that sound is on the first frame
  19. Tango

    [GZDoom] Intangible Tangerine

    this looks super rad, and the concept sounds awesome!
  20. Tango

    Post Obscure Deathmatch Map Recs Here!

    if you're up for some Skulltag stuff, then these three sets by Spunkman all have a special place in my heart: Dream Duel Dream Deathmatch FearDM these should run in Zandro just fine so long as you load the skulltag content pk3 alongside it
  21. a bit slow here to reply, but! yeah you can disable this by going to Options -> Full options menu -> Automap options -> set "Allow map defined colors" to no
  22. Tango

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    here are some progress shots of a 30 minute speedmap that I have just finished turning into a fully fleshed out map after some months of work: initial speedmap: after a few days of work transforming (or rather, remaking) and extending the layout: now several months later in its roughly final form:
  23. I love that you're doing these patches, awesome work :D
  24. these are great suggestions! to pile on another... I know we now have some nicer stickied threads for these things, but I really do wish that the home page of the forums had some very obvious links at the top to "want to play classic doom? start here!" as well as "want to mod for classic doom? start here!". does a new wannabe modder know to look in the right sub forum for these things if they dont even yet know what a wad is? I reckon they'll eventually discover the info they need, but I've always wished that stuff was a bit more obvious from the home page