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  1. >>>>>>>> DOWNLOAD MINICHARGE <<<<<<<< (last updated: v1.3 - 5/25/2020) Minicharge is an MBF-compatible mapping resource and gameplay mod. It's basically a lite version of Supercharge, but given the limits of even MBF dehacked, there's a lot of things from Supercharge that can't be ported over. Though it does work as a gameplay mod, beware that any mapsets with their own dehacked or decorate work will probably be borked in some way, though hopefully not completely unplayable. REQUIREMENTS: MBF-compatible port needed (Pr/GLBoom+ on complevel11, Doom Retro, GZDoom, Zandronum, etc.) Requires a Doom 2 IWAD to play (doom2.wad, tnt.wad, plutonia.wad, etc.) If you use Minicharge as a gameplay mod, it's strongly recommended to load it LAST, after all other wads Probably will not play well with other mods or mapsets that have significant gameplay tweaks Will not work on Icon of Sin maps (spawn cubes won't work properly, but maps will otherwise probably be playable) FEATURES: New monsters and tweaked behavior! The Diabolist from Supercharge replaces the Archvile, Cacos fire slower projectiles, Arachnotrons fire in bursts of 4, rockets have a smaller splash radius, etc. Smooth weapon sprites! Courtesy of @VGA's Black Ops mod, which was used as a base. Faster weapon switching! Lean pickup messages, similar to the ones found in Supercharge SCREENSHOTS: GIFS: VIDEOS: MONSTER INFO: WEAPON INFO: KNOWN BUGS: CURRENT TODOS: OLD VERSIONS: MAPSETS USING MINICHARGE: Friday Night UDM3 by @Tango Atomic Island by @guitardz and @loveless
  2. >>>>>>>> DOWNLOAD SUPERCHARGE <<<<<<<< (last updated: v2.9 - 07/8/2022 | click here for direct link | click here for monsters-only version | click here for weapons-only version) Supercharge is a mapping resource for GZDoom/Zandronum, with new and altered monsters and weapons, which can also be used as a gameplay mod. It is the continuation of the gameplay mod featured in Paradise, and I intend to continue iterating on it and using it in my future mapping projects. REQUIREMENTS: Compatible with GZDoom 4.0.0 and up, Zandronum 3.0 and up, and ZDoom 2.8.1; earlier GZDoom versions or LZDoom may also work, but are untested Requires a Doom IWAD to play (doom.wad, doom2.wad, tnt.wad, plutonia.wad, etc.) Hardware rendering mode strongly recommended; non-hardware rendering modes may have visual oddities Probably will not play well with other mods or mapsets that have significant gameplay tweaks SCREENSHOTS: GIFS: GENERAL INFO: Frills and effects! New weapon and monster sprites, new sounds, bullet casings, alternate deaths, gibs, terrain splashes, two "new" HUDs, and other various things. Automatic pistol starts (GZDoom only)! In game, navigate to "SC Options" from the main menu to toggle this setting. Normalized damage across the board! Each player and monster attack now does a set, non-random amount of damage. The non-random values are generally what the average random version would be. A projectile formerly dealing between 10 and 20 damage would now do 15, for example. Instant weapon switching! Weapon switching is instant for ALL weapons. This allows you to combo certain weapon shots together. Fire a rocket then quickly switch to a super shotgun blast, or hammer away at your pistol clip then instantly switch to a plasma volley! New monsters and tweaked weapons! See the respective categories below for more info. MONSTER INFO: WEAPON INFO: NOTES FOR MAPPERS: CURRENT TODOS: MODIFYING SUPERCHARGE AND USING IT IN YOUR MAPS: OLD VERSIONS: MAPSETS USING SUPERCHARGE: Ar Luminae by @Aurelius The Demon Blade by @DragonsForLunch Technicolor Antichrist Box by @Major Arlene Supercharged Final Scourge - Catharsis by @Austinado Supercharged Break In! by @TravyB Bloodicide by @RonnieJamesDiner Paradise v2.1 by Tango Mapwich 2 by the Hellforge crew Supercharged Triathlon by @Helm Supercharged Radiation Factory by @StoopidBoiEthan Technicolor Antichrist Box Anniversary Edition by @Major Arlene False Paradise by @97th Century Fox The Demented Trials by @StoopidBoiEthan Ante Mortem Episode 1 by @Snaxalotl GAMEPLAY MODS BASED ON SUPERCHARGE: QuickCharge by @6DB Minicharge by Tango ("based on" is a pretty rough term here admittedly) RECOMMENDED ADDONS: DamNums by @Xaser Tilt++ by @Nash Mortal HUD Tweaked by @Delfino Furioso and @MORTAL
  3. Tango

    Share Your Sprites!

    what still remains to be done here? it looks pretty well complete to me, but I must be missing something. great work btw :D
  4. ey thanks for finding the fix here! I'll add this stuff in the next supercharge version
  5. huh, I've never had issues saving in Slade, though I am using an older version at the moment. I'll add this to the list of fixes for the next version, thank for reporting! glad to hear it :D I'd initially thought to let the new pickup sprites be just for my current mapset only but... they felt appropriate enough to be merged into the mod itself. and I think it's gonna have to be a 2023 release, unfortunately :( it's comical how many times I've increased the scope of this project at this point, but I'm really excited about all the new stuff for it that I'm (slowly) working on. it better be done in 2023 l o l thanks for the report :D added to the list to fix appreciate you bringing this up! the menu inflexibility especially is a result of the mod keeping compatibility with zandronum, which for some reason does not have the same generic method to add submenus to the options menu that gzdoom allows, so instead I have to put the mod options in the main menu. I really, really don't like the solution though because of the issue you're bringing up here and in the Elementalism thread. one alternative is to have separate versions of supercharge for both gzdoom and zandronum, but I also don't love the idea of fragmenting the mod in that way, because it would be more cumbersome both for myself to maintain, and for existing users to learn that there is now a distinction. I wonder if there is a way in zscript to tell gzdoom to ignore the new main menu definitions? seems like something worth me looking into, at least also, appreciate the discussion re: keys from you and Bauul, I'll have a look at those as well! I would love that, but it won't be feasible for a while unfortunately :( there was a period where I was able to commission a steady stream of work from Ultra 64 for weapon and monster sprites, but given he's been focusing extra hard on his own work lately, I've not been able to commission any work from him since last year. I've had too much Real Life going on lately to focus on finding another artist who can emulate doom's visual style really well, but I intend to do that at some point and resume sprite updates and additions
  6. apologies for the very belated response here! meant to respond to this in my last update post, but thank you :D the gib system in Supercharge is based on Ketchup (which is based on Brutal Doom? or was the basis for Brutal Doom? I'm unsure of the lineage but it's in the mix, and they're both by the same author), but with a handful of tweaks that I think make a difference: gibs have been toned down, without ceiling splashing gibs and blood pools on the ground. wouldn't say this is necessarily an improvement as it's pretty subjective, but noticeable nonetheless gibs fly in the direction you're shooting. I think this is probably the biggest difference in terms of gamefeel. iirc, in Brutal Doom (and probably other mods with new gibs and alt deaths), when a monster is gibbed, the gibs can fly off at any random angle from 0 - 360 degrees. but if you change that so that gibs fly out in a much more narrow cone centered along the axis of your shot, then it feels a lot more responsive many alt death states depend on distance checks instead of solely damage-type checks. supercharge uses a lot of damage-type checks to branch to different death states, but it also branches according to how close you were to the monster you just killed. for example, if you use a shotgun to kill an imp, your proximity when delivering that final shot determines how far back the imp flies, and which alternate death states it's most likely to play. I think a combo of damage-type + distance checks is optimal, but you can still make a pretty responsive gib and alt death system with distance checks alone in something like MBF21 which has no damage-type stuff as a side-note, I think the best system would just be branching based on a monster's health before the killing blow, but unfortunately that's not easy to do in zdoom without zscript oops, I knew I was overlooking something D: I had completely forgot I added that weapon. I don't think I've really tested it since I made the ammo fixes, so I'll look into that plus the decal issue. thanks for reporting this! thanks for this report! I'll try to make an update in the next week or so that fixes these. not sure what's causing the bullet clip issue, I thought I accounted for that 🤔 of course my friend! you're more than welcome to roll supercharge into your pack in whatever way suits you best, and you certainly don't need my permission. as long as you ensure that the existing credits for everyone else's work in supercharge is included appropriately, then you're all good hm, probably just an oversight. I'll fix that in an upcoming v2.9b in the next week or so as well. thanks for catching it! glad to hear it :D randomization for more difficulty levels is something I'd really like to have. the reason it's not already included is that I didn't want to clutter the skill select menu by doubling the amount of options, and otherwise doing a menu-based randomization system isn't very zandronum-friendly. as a band-aid fix, when I release 2.9b I can also include a small optional patch that adds randomization for the other skill levels too. I do really enjoy the grenadiers too though - I find myself keeping them alive when I don't need to, just because the chaos created by bouncing, exploding projectiles is so entertaining. I'm not sure yet how to handle the wicked with randomization, but at the very least, my next mapset uses them pretty liberally!
  7. at long last! the 2.9 update is here. it's a pretty minor one overall, but here's a full changelist: the Wicked enemy, which was included in the last release but not really advertised, is included with swanky sprite modifications by Ultra 64! I'd like to make a post showing its behavior off a bit, but in the meantime you'll have to toss it down in a test map or summon it manually in game ("summon TangoWicked" in the console in GZDoom/Zandronum) to see it, as it's not currently included in Ultra-Randomized Grenadiers have had their grenade damage reduced; a direct hit should now do 60 damage Pyro Demon projectile floor fire damage increased, so the damage is a lot harder to brush off now new pickup sprites for rocket ammo/box, bullet box new toggleable gothic skins for both the regular Shotgun and the Super Shotgun. toggle is located in the SC Options in the menu. note that to make the weapon pickup sprites toggle properly, the CVARs for these are server CVARs, so if you're hosting multiplayer and want the new weapon skins, set sv_tango_shotgun_skin to 1 and sv_tango_super_shotgun_skin to 1 as well (0 for both = default skin) new player rocket trail effects OP of this thread has separate links for both a monsters-only version of 2.9, and a weapons/items-only version (@NovaRain @AdNauseam). they're both only very, very lightly tested, so let me know if you discover issues with them made some behind-the-scenes fixes to the way ammo pickups are replaced - sorry @Delfino Furioso this probably breaks your HUD mod's SC-compatibility, but the good news is now I'm doing ammo replacement properly and it shouldn't have to change ever again :D probably some other minor changes I'm forgetting some of the bugs reported in this thread are still not fixed - like the one Darnn reported in Doom 2 map13. it would be great to fix this stuff eventually but it is admittedly low in my priority list D: I'm still chipping away at my current episode which uses Supercharge, but it'll be some months before that's out. for my ideal next project after that one, I have some ideas for a Supercharge-adjacent mod with some more major changes, like a whole new arsenal with a basic weapon upgrade system ala Psychic. if I ever get to that though, it'll be a few years away, and it's unclear whether that mod would live alongside Supercharge, or supersede it entirely. anyway, that is all to say that I don't have any concrete major plans for Supercharge in the near future, but after my current project I do intend to either make major additions to Supercharge or develop something else based on it. in the meantime, enjoy 2.9 and let me know if yall run into any issues. many thanks to everyone who has played and supported the mod :D
  8. Tango

    "Copper" / Quake style HUD messages

    when it comes to pickup messages, I don't know that I've seen that exact behavior myself in a mod before, but I reckon it must be possible with zscript. without looking at the wiki, I'm gonna guess there's some sort of "onPickup" method on items that you can plug into/override, in which you could dynamically adjust the pickup message based on the player's stats. so if I were to investigate this, this is what I'd be looking out for first! for the powerup behavior, I imagine it's probably something pretty similar. there must be some sort of tic() function that powerups play every tic when in use, and in there would be behavior to control how the wearing off is handled. again, don't know this for certain, but that's what I'd be on the lookout for
  9. appreciate the kind words :D it is indeed that very same one! I was honestly on the cusp of releasing it a few months ago but had some grand new ideas that will hopefully be worth the wait hah there's not a very good way to do this while remaining zandro compatible, but if you're interested I can try to add separate downloads for a monsters-only and weapons-only version of the mod for the next version!
  10. I've had some minor supercharge changes that I've made to my own copy and wanted to release for a while, but I've been putting it off so I could release it with my next mapset. but... I keep increasing the scope of the mapset so release is still a ways away, so at this point I really ought to just make a supercharge update with the new stuff. it won't be a lot of stuff, but I'll try to put an update out this month that includes toggles for those two shotgun gothic skins!
  11. Tango

    Acid Reflux | 3 acid filled maps for Boom [RC2]

    this looks excellent :D I might have done the tiniest of edits on those for the alt death frames included in Supercharge, but otherwise all those sprites were actually done by Captain Toenail and Ghastly_dragon (according to the credits on realm667)
  12. this is something I've wanted to fix for a while, but couldn't work out what I thought was a satisfactory UI solution :( I guess the smallfont total ammo + current magazine like in that fullscreen hud is a good solution, I was just hesitant to do that for some reason. could always put it behind a toggle at the least though! I'll also take a look and see if I can figure out why that shell ammo counter is broken though. @Delfino Furioso your HUD mod looks excellent! and I really appreciate you adding supercharge compatibility. just added a link to that in the OP as well ========= I also wanted to call out some sweet new maps that have been released with supercharge over the last few months: Technicolor Antichrist Box Anniversary Edition by @Major Arlene: False Paradise by @97th Century Fox: The Demented Trials by @StoopidBoiEthan: Ante Mortem Episode 1 by @Snaxalotl: apologies it's taken so long to call these out, but I'm very grateful for yall making supercharge content. all these have been added to the list in the OP as well!
  13. last year I did the slightest dipping my toes into quake modding, just to try some basic stuff, and the whole experience (however brief) actually made me quite grateful for all the development that's happened in doom. it made me realize how much I take for granted a lot of the QoL features ports have, or all the documentation that's available, or all of the low barrier to entry modding features that ports have implemented, all that jazz. there are a few specific things that stuck out to me that we have but quake and its community don't seem to: resource management tools with an interface that's been updated since the year 2000 a major forum with an interface that's been updated since the year 2000 the doom wiki AND the zdoom wiki (and others, no doubt), which contain a lot of technical information useful for mapping and modding the ability to just drag n drop a wad onto an exe and have it just work (no need to deal with folders and entering "game xyz" in the console) several feature-rich, very actively developed source ports a central repository in Realm667 to find new modding assets, all the way from fonts to textures and sprites ports that autoload to latest save upon death ports that have all the rendering options and other customization present in the menu, and not just behind some random cvar even 10 years ago, a lot of these things still existed, even if in a more incomplete and inferior form. there are fortunately very few things in doom-land these days that make me ask "why didn't somebody do this sooner?" edit: I think the question in the OP is an interesting one still, and I didn’t mean this as any counter argument. just some related thoughts I wanted to share! edit edit: added a few more things to the list
  14. Tango

    Post your Doom textures!

    this is a nice collection :D I didn't actually make that 4th one, afaik @Sergeant_Mark_IV did? I got them from his Knee Deep in the Jungle wad, but maybe he can tell us the real source definitively
  15. Tango

    Skills necessary for slaughtermaps

    fwiw basically any slaughter stuff I play personally is in gzdoom - the only thing that would really make me switch is if I wanted to play something that performed so poorly on gzdoom that I need dsda doom, but I usually don't play things quite on that scale anyhow. I acknowledge up front I'm not necessarily getting the "intended" experience, but at the end of the day I place a higher value on the QoL stuff that I've come to rely on. I am ok getting a slightly less than perfect experience as a tradeoff, and if something that I really want to play does end up breaking, then I can switch. but I can't remember the last time that actually happened
  16. Tango

    Share Your Sprites!

    these look so good, you did an incredible job with this!
  17. jetsons in space looks very cool!
  18. how weird! thanks for bringing this to my attention. and thanks for the extra sluething @Stabbey! I think I actually experienced a bug similar to this like, a decade ago, with Brutal Doom. I didn't imagine that the supercharge pinkies are fast enough for this to happen but apparently I was wrong! adding an option for vanilla pinky speed might not be super easy if I was to do it while keeping zandronum compatibility, but I will add it to the list of things to look into. I have intended to release a small supercharge update alongside the release of my next project, which was intended to be soonish, but my doom time has been sparse lately. all the same, I'll try to look into a fix for this for a future update! hmmm, I'll have to take a look at it! do you know if Jade Earth modifies the cyberdemon to give it the KeenDie special via dehacked? if that's the case, I'm not sure how easy it would be to do without mapinfo, but I'll take at this setup too and try to see what's happening
  19. I do in fact :D I'm actually quite sad I lost that map - it ended up being something that really propelled my mapping skills forward as I gave it that overhaul. the post-overhaul version is so etched in my mind that I honestly can't really remember what it looked like before, but I do remember thinking it was a kickass map. and that Super Mario RPG midi is really excellent too hah, that track is so nostalgic to me entirely because of that map. I regret that we don't have more record of that project, even at least in the form of forum backups. I am quite certain I did a garbage job with the project, and iirc it also stressed me out a lot which is why I ended up trying to hand it off to someone. we definitely had a very cool map from @Mechadon that absolutely blew me away, and another from Th0r, but that might have been it before the project petered out. very fond memories in any case, thanks for reminding me Doomkid :D (sorry for continuing this unrelated topic HellGhost D:)
  20. where'd you go :(

    1. TravyB


      I just completed a butchers apprenticeship, actually. When I'm not working 6-7 days a week I've just been relaxing, picking up Doom every once in a while but not building too much. I tried making a few maps but they didn't go much of anywhere. That said, I've been thinking a bit about voodoo dolls and want to experiment with those.

  21. Tango

    [Question] Install mods to Zandronum.

    your best bet would be to use a launcher like ZDL or DoomLauncher (which has a thread somewhere here on the forums, but I'll let you dig for it)
  22. Tango

    GZDoom Darkness Gradients

    you might also find this comparison image helpful: the brightness gradient here goes 8 units at a time/per line here - so you can really see how flat the lighting is in the "standard" and "bright" modes edit: apparently "dark" is the default mode, which has a really steep dropoff once you start getting down there in brightness. so if you change that to something with a more uniform dropoff (I use "vanilla" these days which was added in one of the newer GZDoom versions, but imo "software" is also quite good), you'll probably start to see something that more closely matches your expectations
  23. Tango

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    editor shot for a map I recently finished:
  24. that is some jaw dropping sector work, my word
  25. this looks cool as hell! so neat to see this sort of theme-within-a-theme. I love those laser chandeliers :D