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  1. Archon

    The /newstuff Chronicles #108

    Yeah, i has the same problem when i reloaded my eternall.wad game :(. The only way to acces to the weapons is write in the console "weapon x" Well, about the "adult textures" in my wad (DMC), they are only a set of pics of laetitia casta in map 13, she is the sex symbol of my clan :P
  2. Archon

    PrBOOM vs. ZDoom

    And PrBoom playability is the same with doom2.exe? In all cases, a little evolution or change isn't bad. And think that Doom 3 is near :)
  3. Archon

    PrBOOM vs. ZDoom

    If you configure good Zdoom, you can keep the oldshool gameplay style. Because this i don't understand some people that like eradicate zdoom as a "deathmatch" support. A lot of people also like play maps with slopes and fun stuff, like Dwango 5 is played in Zdaemon actually.. Prboom: Only Oldshool Zdoom: Oldshool and "Newschool" I think that zdoom is the best port because offer to all the two possibilities. The stability is only a little detail
  4. Archon

    PrBOOM vs. ZDoom

    I think the same
  5. The new Doom will look fantastic, play like a dream and you'll all buy it.
  6. Archon

    Reznor On Doom 3

    >> dude, do you even know what doom was in it's very early stages before they even started programming the engine? it was a game based on aliens. Very good. I suppose I should take 1000 lashings for my insolence. An observation my friend nothing more. You put a screen showing the first Alien movie alongside a monitor showing the Doom3 demo and there's little to tell between them. In other news... I actually remember from a yonks old interview with Carmack why it's called 'Doom'. A real crappy reason behind it but should satisfy the purists. But then you all probably know that aswell.
  7. Archon

    Reznor On Doom 3

    I played NiN's "Wish" repeatedly when DM'ing in Quake. A killer track that seriously get's the adrenaline running. Naturally it wouldn't have suited the SP game. Come to that, the music supplied with the game didn't do much for the experience either. Creating the desired atmosphere in a game that pretends to be a movie is bound to be f'king difficult. The next Doom experience appears to be looking a lot like the 'Alien' movie judging by the few shots available. Care needs to be taken to present the player with music ONLY when it is required and even then I doubt if it'll need heavily distorted guitars!
  8. Archon


    I used to really enjoy checking this site out now I think it's time to move on. The forums were the best part of it for me but now a few idiots have succeeded in bringing it all down and rendering it quite unreadable. Although I never knew you good luck to those guys who actually make an effort to enjoy Doom.
  9. Archon

    Doom Reviewed

    Just played Doom GBA and it's fantastic! Apart from the crappy font and green blood but still the game's as good as it always was. Buy it! Even the music came out good. Not tested link-up yet but that'll be next. Here's looking forward to Hexen 'n Heretic et al...
  10. Archon

    Doom In Real 3D

    Cool site. That first Doom shot is stunning.
  11. Archon

    Fan Art Everywhere

    .. a fine movie if ever there was one!
  12. Archon


    > w*nklenght on the other hand is a larva from the deepest reaches of hell. Its only skill is spitting random insults at random people. Much like that then.
  13. Archon


    to whoever admins the db: > Warning: Unable to jump to row 0 on MySQL result index 56 in /var/www/doomworld.com/public_html/lgadmin/includes/printfollowupitem.php3 on line 9 ..followed my last post.
  14. Archon


    For the love of god change this POTD! It's sooooooooo dull now. T-Shirt frenzy > Germans > War (yawn) > Flame War > Bitchslap frenzy... Some of you guys should be nuted and just chill out a bit. Someone barks - you all rise to it.
  15. Archon


    Sure does.. Dave.