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  1. Shadow Dweller

    Five Rooms of Doom: (32/32) - now on idgames

    *Blink* *Blink* It's still here!?
  2. Shadow Dweller

    Moving Skyboxes

    I wanted to experiment with moving skyboxes to create the illusion of standing on a moving platform, but for the life of me I can't find any good information on how to do it. I did find this video which is basically the same effect I want to use. He mentions using cameras and interpolation points. I'm assuming by camera he means the skybox viewpoint, but I can't figure out how to get it to work with the interpolation points. Is it the same as a regular moving camera? Also, is there a resource for advanced skybox tricks?
  3. Shadow Dweller

    Have some sharpie

    Damn, that's cool! I need to get back in touch with traditional pencil and paper art. I mean, it's not that I don't have any free time or anything.
  4. Shadow Dweller

    I Arted

    More art stuff. I'm open to critique if you've got it. Hell Storm Tailspun As usual, my DeviantArt account name is ArchVile68. Thank you for your time!
  5. Shadow Dweller

    I Arted

    Sorry for the extremely long response time. I wanted to wait until I was at a proper computer before making a post, as I feel this one may get rather long-winded. Typing it on a mobile or a PlayStation would just be murder. First off, thank you for the comments! They were all greatly appreciated! @ DoomUK : I guess it depends on what you mean by "crudely". I did start off with a city skyline photograph here and then drew the other effects over it, if that's what you mean. @schwerpunk : I see what you mean by the brush strokes. I was hoping they would help create a sort of rotation look to make the storm look like it's spinning while creating the skull shape. Of course, I would be very interested in learning some techniques that would look better. I do have a DeviantArt account, I'm not as active as I probably should be, but I do try to upload as often as I can. @Godsdoomer : Thank you! All of my work is done through Photoshop, so I don't really do a lot of work with traditional pencil and paper. I do use a Wacom tablet though to make things a little easier on myself when drawing free hand. Free hand artwork with a mouse can be rather messy. It's possible, but it's a pain. If you have more questions I'd be happy to answer them, or at the very least, link you to a place that has answers.
  6. Shadow Dweller

    Your thoughts on Killing Floor

    I used to play it quite often. It's not a bad game, definitely a good way to kill some time. I wanted to do some level design for it, but then my laptop decided to commit seppuku on me.
  7. Shadow Dweller

    Ticket to live in Mars

    I remember hearing something about that about a week or two ago. I won't be throwing any money at it, I've already got enough problems here on Earth as it is.
  8. Shadow Dweller

    What phone are you using?

    The Verizon LG Brick.
  9. Shadow Dweller

    Five Rooms of Doom: (32/32) - now on idgames

    Thanks! Basically the issue is that I cant get the laptop to turn on, and I haven't the foggiest idea of what's causing it. Based on what I've tested, the hard drive appears to be fine, so there's a chance that I may be able to recover the data.
  10. Shadow Dweller

    Five Rooms of Doom: (32/32) - now on idgames

    Bad news, gents. My computer crashed, and I can no longer work on my map. So I am forced to withdraw my map from the project, until I figure out how to fix the issue, if at all possible. That being said, if anyone wants my spot, it's all yours.
  11. Shadow Dweller

    Happy New Year everyone!

    HA! Joke's on you, I'm too poor for booze!
  12. Shadow Dweller

    Happy New Year everyone!

    Happy 1st of January, everybody!
  13. Shadow Dweller

    Five Rooms of Doom: (32/32) - now on idgames

    Second weekly progress pic: To be honest, I'm not sure if I like it. Maybe it's the haphazard badlyness of the metal pillars at the far left and right sides. Maybe it's the fact that I chose the most complicated style of lighting I possibly could for the most complicated map layout that I could possibly think of. Either way, I'm probably going to redo it since I now have a different idea of how I can do this part of the level. It'll still look good, and I'll be able to circumvent a lot of potential angled-lighting bugs. Also, thank you, Keeper of Jericho! I was actually going for that kind of old bricks and mortar type of building, like a castle or aged stronghold.
  14. Shadow Dweller

    Five Rooms of Doom: (32/32) - now on idgames

    As promised, progress pics. Still very early in development as I'm still playing around with some ideas. There's a lot that I may end up rebuilding, such as the lighting effects in the first shot. There's not really much else. There's a whole outside part that I'm thinking of nixing, and a more interior room that's basically just an unappealing rectangle. I'm probably going to be somewhat idle for the next couple days until Christmas passes over. After which I should be able to make more drastic steps towards completion. When is the deadline by the way? I don't recall seeing it in the OP.
  15. Shadow Dweller

    Doom Year Resolutions

    Finish a Doom Map on my own accord, instead of having to rely on community projects. EDIT: And maybe stop capitalizing random Words when I'm typing.
  16. Shadow Dweller

    21st December, do you believe about the Apocalypse?

    Heh, I'll be spending my apocalypse building Doom maps and playing my first Battletech game at the local card shop. I always did say that I would play that game if it was the last thing I did.
  17. Shadow Dweller

    Five Rooms of Doom: (32/32) - now on idgames

    I'll take MAP26. Once I get home I'll start playing around with some designs I've been considering. I'll try to have some progress images up by sunday.
  18. Shadow Dweller

    Tiny Maps

    I'd be up for it. I'd like to do more of these, as it's good practice for me to focus on the essentials instead of trivial details. Maybe I'll finally be able to finish a map on my own without having to depend on the pressures of being in a group project to motivate me.
  19. Shadow Dweller

    Tiny Maps

    Renaming a couple of my maps MAP38 : "Waypoint: Dog" MAP28 : "Arch-vile's Garden" The Rooftop one can stay as is. As for music and skies, I'm good with anything really.
  20. Shadow Dweller

    Tiny Maps

    http://www.mediafire.com/?3slc628cqdr103h Realizing my previous mistake of spending too much time on detail and not enough on anything else, I decided to do the reverse this time. The result being very minimalistic detail, but I was able to shave a few minutes off of my time and get everything placed and textured within a reasonable time frame. Ammo shouldn't be an issue this time around. This took just over 30 mins. This map is also boom-compatible borrowing textures from both doom2.wad and plutonia.wad I wonder if we'd be able to go back and re-polish the maps before compiling them into the megawad, or are we just going to leave them as is? EDIT: http://www.mediafire.com/?zal6g77vqpdax37 Another! I should probably stop so other people can submit maps, but this is just too much fun! I noticed that quite a few maps here involve a lot of boss monsters. Normally, I don't condone being locked in a tiny room while an angry Arch-Vile and his Revenant posse slap my tits off. However, I did hatch an idea based on the concept. It's you, a shotgun, and an Arch-Vile. Have fun. Oh, and you may want to kill him quickly. The longer the fight goes on, the more scare cover and ammo will become. This took about 20-25 minutes, though I spent probably an additional 10-20 minutes trying to get the timing and balance right. Again, Boom compatible, using only Doom 2 textures this time.
  21. Shadow Dweller

    Tiny Maps

    http://www.mediafire.com/?134uo2q7tmuv0pb Mine took probably about 45 mins to get everything set as far as the basic layout, monsters, and weapons/ammo goes. Then probably an additional 20 mins for balancing, function, and shouting. This was an interesting experience considering I've never built a map in less than a week let alone a half hour. Not to mention that I probably should have gone to bed about 6 hours ago, so my brain wasn't entirely with me. that being said this is probably going to suck, but at least it works more or less. If anything, it was a good experience. EDIT: I shouldd mention that I build all my maps using the skulltag configuation so....you might need to run it in skulltag. EDIT 2: Or that zandronum thing since i just realised that skulltag's been dead for a while now.
  22. Yeah, I haven't been able to draw anything new recently so my desktop hasn't changed much.
  23. Shadow Dweller

    What maps are you working on guys and gals?

    Currently, I'm trying to wrap my head around a deathmatch map idea that I had that involves a moving skybox. I want to create the illusion that the map is zipping around a larger landscape while the players wage war with one another. I want to use interpolation points but I'm not sure on how to get them to work with a skybox viewpoint. Anyone else have any experience working with moving skybox veiwpoints?
  24. Shadow Dweller

    Most time played in a game?

    According to Steam, Killing Floor takes the cake at 83 hours, followed closely by Skyrim at 81 hours.
  25. Shadow Dweller

    Share your favorite video game/film/TV show/anime music

    I have no problems blasting these in my car. Though, I should be careful with the Test Drive one :P.