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  1. Draxamus

    Dylan 'Toke' McIntosh, R.I.P.

    this is a testt test test test
  2. Draxamus

    Chocolate Doom multiplayer

    There's a dedicated Oblacek server. Start zdaemon launcher and right click on an oblacek server to find the IP--uses the same IP for its chocolate-doom server. You still need to arrange for someone to join when you do. Also the first person joining a dedicated server needs to set all the flags (-deathmatch, -skill 5, -nomonsters, flags for pwads if you want etc). It won't work right unless both players live close to CZ though.
  3. Draxamus

    Chocolate Doom

    You're pushing my parathetical comment into something else. I was saying that for a week I pinged 180 to zdaemon servers because of my dial-up connection. And I was trying to make the point that because of the way zdaemon handles lag, I as still able to aim without being distracted--and thus had a playable game. The statement in parenthesis was supposed to DETER CONFUSION, as I anticipated someone might read it and think I tried to run my chocolate-doom server off dial-up. I can play zdaemon with people at a distance, but the point is I'd like to try some classic feeling games with people at a distance. That's why I'm suggesting that Fraggle incorporate things for better functionality over long distances.
  4. Draxamus

    Chocolate Doom

    The illusion of smooth movement is better than the way it is now. ZDAEMON does it that way--and even when I had to use a dial-up connection (Note: before anyone assumes, I DID NOT try to get a working server on dial-up. The server I ran was off my DSL connection) for a week, and I pinged 180--I could still perform not that bad on map01. Despite the aim in reality being off, I was still able to aim reasonably well, because I wasn't being thrown off by the lag. And I'm not just wanting a new feature so I can play my one friend. I would think lots of people would be interested in playing people at a distance--I know I would like to play a number of euro players. If it was meant for people to play anyone online, it's not really doing that. Only letting you play local players.
  5. Draxamus

    Chocolate Doom

    I know both of us didn't have any other downloads going. I don't know what you consider bearable--but on a map like map01 my brain expects my actions to be in time with what's happening on the screen. At that ping I would start moving ahead every time. I would move--then I would expect to be moved so I'd move again, before my first move ever finished being completed. Can't play map01 like that. Did the creators of .EXE prepare for games taking place between people with that sort of distance? I'm assuming no, so why not adopt new features to accomodate that sort of thing? If you add it is as just an option people could still play the usual way at better pings.
  6. Draxamus

    Chocolate Doom

    Well, I mean I figured Fraggle was doing his netalpha version of chocolate-doom because he was interested in getting some proper internet games going.
  7. Draxamus

    Chocolate Doom

    Split hairs more. I was saying solid internet gameplay should be A goal. Porting Doom would be the main goal, but what's so great about that if you can't enjoy the classic doom gameplay with other players? I thought the networking protocol used by chocolate-doom now WASN'T supported by doom2 at all, because doom2 used a protocol that is obsolete now. You look at chocolate-doom networked games and you see that -oldsync is a switch now too. I don't see the harm in adding a switch for client-side prediction if it helps with higher pinged games--especially if such games are unplayable otherwise. I don't know why anyone would be against something like that.
  8. Draxamus

    Chocolate Doom

    168 isn't ENTIRELY smooth on zdaemon, but it doesn't throw your game all the way off because of the client-side prediction. To euro servers I usually ping about 140-150 though, and as Chocolate-Doom handles lag now it still seems like even that'd be a problem. There aren't many people to play just locally. Maybe in CZ there are, but in the US there's only a few people. Most of the map01 competition is overseas, and what's wrong with wanting to play a more authentic map01 game with those people? Also why isn't the goal of Chocolate-Doom to make internet games run better for people? I mean isn't that the reason it has netcode in the first place? It doesn't have to be a sacrifice. It could just be made an option. In lower ping games you could play without the client-side prediction or whatever, and in higher ping games you could opt to use it. Just make a switch for something like that.
  9. Draxamus

    Chocolate Doom

    I was running the server, and his ping to me was 168. He's on the west coast; I'm on the east coast (US). It's high, but it shouldn't be entirely unplayable on map01. On zdaemon that is still playable on map01. Also if games are only playable under 100, this makes playing with someone overseas pretty impossible. Maybe efficiency plays into it too, but Fraggle himself just said part of it has to do with client-side prediction. He described my problem exactly.
  10. Draxamus

    Chocolate Doom

    That could be what I mean! People are telling me different things. But what you said sounds like what I mean. It's much more difficult to play when you move and have to wait a few seconds to see it happen, rather than how zdaemon does it.
  11. Draxamus

    ZDaemon or Skulltag?

    Well I was playing Skulltag today--I mean trying to. The Oldschool mode really isn't too good. The NORMAL LIFT SIDE PLASMA GRAB DOESN'T WORK on map01. Hallway spawn one didn't seem to work. In any case, the plasma grab is screwed--and that's an integral part of map01 (oldschool or otherwise). I was talking to the project leader in the IRC chat, and he said he wasn't interested in correcting that problem. In fact, he said he wanted to drop oldschool mode altogether. So not only is zdaemon the place to find map01 competition--but you can't even play a real map01 game on Skulltag. And the other thing is that there isn't much of a selection of dedicated skulltag servers.
  12. Draxamus

    Chocolate Doom

    Don't see why bad connectivity should be preserved--it'd still feel like DOOM2 running with better connectivity--except it'd feel like it was running better. Certainly a switch for it in case people still want everything in sync (although it still seemed as though things weren't exactly in sync for each player). Besides, isn't the default to not have the exact same system as doom2 for connections (no indigo lag)? That already shows an interest in similar changes--or options.
  13. Draxamus

    Chocolate Doom

    Hmm, so with the way the sync works chocolate-doom seems unplayable if one person pings 168 (like my friend). Like it tries to equalize the lag or something? On a chocolate-doom server that behavior makes the game unplayable for both me and my friend. But if I run a zdaemon server, the game runs better for both of us--even though he still pings at 168. Someone in the IRC chat told me it was because chocolate-doom doesn't have asynchronized netcode or whatever. Could there be an option put in for that? I guess the synchronized code is supposed to make it more fair, But not much can be said about fairness if both players can't play right at all anyway. I haven't tried playing anyone on a dedicated Us server (there don't seem to be any) yet. Haven't tried playing against someone closer to me either (my friend is west coast, and I'm east coast). At what ping does the game become playable?
  14. Draxamus

    Chocolate Doom

    I like this Chocolate Doom thing--even though I never played .EXE. It's neat to feel how they sorta played it! Two things I'd like to see are options for higher resolutions (easier on the eyes), and the ability to reassign the weapon keys.
  15. Draxamus

    Zdaemon security issue and possible GPL violation

    ZDAEMON is where all the map01 1on1 competition appears to be at. If a better crowd-drawing port comes to the forefront though, I'd dump ZDAEMON in a heartbeat. Bunch of pompous fools run the show there.