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  1. i trien to put thins in ee but blooodshedder ph'ed it imedeiatly. i'm a bit drunk. i was out at a club tonigth ant some californian guy (he said he was from santa barbara) was there too and didn┬Ęt know here he lived, so ve tride to hhok asdloihdflkjndf.n blah blah, i can't type i'm missing the keys., so i wont even try anymoer. have funl by!

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    2. Danarchy


      omg lol id part som mintextranft in ym eggknog ant noe I am tehs sdtucknt. thane i am goihn to katchuo and licwuor.

    3. rf`


      ysoo bjoww befoeer porkelin godssa.,/

    4. Chopkinsca


      soo il like told the apple to sit inn the chairii, and he did, ehtn the potatoes started to xclimb out of his bmoutn and bukild lego styarits to the top of the mountain that bull gates buildt using macrommmeedian flahs studio 4..555!!1111

      Heh, in my case when being drunk, I am just too lazy to fix mistakes I make while typing. Well, as far as readability goes...