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  1. BlackShark

    Detailing Greenwar2: Still going! Go claim some new maps!

    Can i go ahead and grab feliz12ex?
  2. BlackShark

    DOOM PSP port Black-DOOM

    Hello guys! Im working on a Doom port for the playstation portable based off of DoomPSP .5 plus. Im adding Multiplayer Deathmatch and Coop support for it and fixing some bugs. One of those bugs is the Z height unlimited actors bug (even if your like 50 feet above an object, if you try to go over it you will still be stopped). Im here to ask some of you other devs what you did to fix that bug??? driving me up a wall :S Thank you in advance :)
  3. BlackShark

    Doom disturbed me.

    no, its not just you, it Does sound like total bull shit :P
  4. BlackShark

    Doom guy's catch phrases

    "Wipe yourself off, you dead"
  5. BlackShark

    Top 5 songs

    Doom 2's Barrols 'O Fun (unsure) and TnT's The Last Call (map30)
  6. BlackShark

    Toughest Doom level?

    I agree on that, had the hardest time beating that level when I first started playing, but I learned to strategicly work the level, and came a bit easier.
  7. BlackShark

    Doom disturbed me.

    Well to tell you the truth, I have been playing Doom since I was in diapers (literally, I was two years old when playing DOOM 2) I think it made me braver than I would have been, I would pretend I can spawn Doom monsters like the Arch-Vile :P and to me, I've been through hell, mowed down countless demons, and had the Mighty Cyberdemon fall before me, Sure it was a little scary at the time, (when I was two, I barely know what I was doing) but then, after going through all that, A little dark room just doesn't seem to have the effect any more, So I have to admit, Doom was probably the single most influential thing in my Life(aside from GOD and my parents of course :P)., and I really can't imagine what I would do with out it.
  8. Zdaemon and Black-DOOM for me.
  9. BlackShark

    DOOM PSP port Black-DOOM

    well, Im waiting for a said *fix* on the sound problem from a friend, the problem is due to the sound Library doesn't allow sounds to be silenced, also I fixed it so that if your in the button config mode, you can press R and L and go back to single player-Multiplayer/wad selector menu. as for restarting the menu for when you load the wrong data in the wrong slot, Thats a good idea, that annoys me alot too, Ill work on that. When I finish all these on my to-do list, ill work on ad-hoc multiplayer. Only God knows how many walls ill knock my head through figuring that out......
  10. BlackShark

    DOOM PSP port Black-DOOM

    Thank you, and work...yes indeed :S
  11. BlackShark

    The /newstuff Chronicles #289

    hehe, was wondering why there wasn't a "God Damned Shithouse" Alex wasn't reviewing :) any way, good work on the guess review
  12. BlackShark

    The /newstuff Chronicles #286

    thanks for the review!
  13. BlackShark

    MY DeathMatch

    Heres a quick deathmatch i made...its no 2dmmaps but it is still a beta! freewebs.com/jdfrag
  14. BlackShark

    MY DeathMatch

    lol i know
  15. BlackShark

    Weird Door Behavior

    go to configurations, nodebuilder, and type in the same parameters as quick build... also make sure the node builder is zdbsp
  16. BlackShark

    Weird Door Behavior

    the pdf file is wat let me use doom builder.....with out that (or doom builder for that matter) i would not be making wads for doom.
  17. BlackShark

    My problems with db

    you should probably get a node builder.....(should take ten minutes to do build nodes...more like ten milliseconds)