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Posts posted by Pred@tor

  1. myk said:

    Well, there's freedom fries. There's an idea... shaping the new building like a gigantic sliced piece of potato!

    Oh I tohught freedom was about letting the government tellign you how to live and having no privacy my bad... Its all bout the fries yum and what George Bush says is freedom! Silly me and unpatritoic dissent... Guns are bad and the government know exactly how 9/11 happened as it is the TRUTH! Dont ask question or question authority or else you're a TERRORIST!

  2. GoatLord said:

    Haha, playing Doom stoned rules. I've recently started doing that. I find that sometimes I'm a more alert player when stoned, and seem to get much more paranoid. However, it's easier for me to get lost.

    Yeah I discovered that afrer looking further and played it today finally. hehe

    I love old games like Doom and I even play Flashpoint which has low quality graphics. Its a 2000 game its like six years old now. People dont like it because it dosent have those stupid new shiny grapics its all about gameplay to me. Regardless of the standard game you can get mods out there that add quality and improve the game and game play.

    flashpoint1985.com for those who have no idea what operation Flashpoint is...