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  1. Jimmy

    Map Balancer - new version with Dynamic Mode

    Bumped into this thread and was quite smitten with the idea behind this plugin, but it's unfortunate that it currently only exists for 32-bit installs of UDB. I alerted someone previously to this and they discovered the GitHub repo is missing the "main" file, meaning a 64-bit install can't be built from it. @cybermind If you're still about these days, I think only you can help out here!
  2. May as well have said "happy early birthday" 'cos it's only in 15 days' time, lmao But thank you!
  3. Jimmy

    Post your Doom textures!

    Please refrain from quoting entire long posts full of images, thanks dude
  5. With just one day to go before release, here we are with a brand new music video for your viewing pleasure! Can't be happier with how the video turned out - @KeaganDunn knocked it out of the park with this. We recorded all footage remotely and with a budget of basically zero. The video also features @Dragonfly on drums and @Tristan on guitar and bass. The guitars in the track itself were recorded by @Velvetic and @The Final Event, the latter of whom also features on guest harsh vocals. Here's what the song says...
  6. Jimmy

    Victorias' Secret Karen opinions?

    why exactly do you think Doomworld even needs to watch this kind of video, let alone have opinions on it
  7. Jimmy

    Cursed Doom Images

    Every one of those has this energy:
  8. So awesome to see Avactor 2 still kicking!
  9. Jimmy

    Slime maps are a vibe

    it's slime time a shot of goo from me to you gonna splurt the 'gurt whoopsie-doo, here comes the goo
  10. Jimmy

    Share Your Sprites! (yet another split)

    Yeah, my recommendations were based on them being free. The tools are pretty readily available and every little bit of money-saving helps, especially if you're on a budget or don't own your own money, which I suspect will be the case for the majority of phone-users trying to edit their own sprites. Nothing against them, that's just how it goes when you're just starting out - you need a steer in the right direction sooner rather than later.
  11. Jimmy

    WAD(s) where you've changed your evaluation

    That'd be me more than anyone, I feel. PL2 was my first "big gig" as a MIDI writer and it's mad to think it really has been a decade-and-a-half since that opportunity. It's even madder considering a few of my contributions PL2's soundtrack were rushed hastily out the door at the last possible split-second, when the deadline suddenly crept up on me in the final 3 days before release - my work ethic has not improved since then, and somehow people are still trusting me with music for their maps. :P Time marches on but I remain stalwart and unchanging. Fuck learning from your mistakes! *dissolves into pile of bone marrow*
  12. Jimmy

    Share Your Sprites! (yet another split)

    Guys, I really don't mean to be rude or gatekeep the whole creative process, but editing on your phones just isn't cutting it - Doom sprites need to be a specific size/resolution, and ideally they need to conform to a 256-colour palette. Graphic-editing tools on smartphones are simply not made for that sort of thing. Editing programs worth your while include Paint.NET, Asesprite, etc. - all of which deal with pixels much better than a phone app will ever do. You will need to run them on some sort of PC instead of a smartphone, so a laptop may be needed (cheap and cheerful lappies can be bought for like $100 USD), just pleeeeeease stop using your phones to edit sprites pleeease
  13. Hell yeah, pumped to play this!
  14. Damn, people - show some guts and report problems to mappers! Instead of describing obviously-very-fixable bugs on their projects' wiki pages as though they're inseparably set-in-stone aspects of a map's experience - they're very clearly not. Mappers who are harder to get a hold of/who may have left the community may not respond to bug reports, of course, but this map only came out 2 years ago and Danlex has been active all throughout that time. It's only talking to mappers! We don't bite!