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  1. That is not overuse. I've seen CC4tex overuse and that's not overuse. :P
  2. At a guess, the new red range in the palette darkens some of the colors at the end of the range, resulting in a disparity between the dark reds and the dark pinks in the color palette. You see a similar palette edit in 32in24tex, but that wad also rejigs some of the stock graphics to make the red gradients on textures like SP_HOT smoother.
  3. I've been fucking around for a week or so, I guess. Big thanks to @Cage, @Fuzzball and @esselfortium all for putting up with me. :P These babies are from scratch, my first foray into doing anything of this scale. Neutron textures permalink (SUPER EARLY WIP; ONLY PNGS INCLUDED, PLEASE DO NOT USE YET. PM me if need be.)
  4. slow down there friendo
  5. That's a slow and painful death, instead of quick and... painful. Less messy, I guess. No less deserved, anyways.
  6. COMMUNITY PROJECT *is deftly ripped apart by giant wasps*
  7. I got solutions for anyone wanting them. Thanks to everybody on Twitch chat and Discord who figured these out before me. :P I just figured I'd formalise 'em. Absolutely do not open this spoiler if you intend to finish this map for yourself. I haven't provided a solution for the final puzzle in the center because it's pretty straightforward and you can solve it purely with the power of your common sense (and/or savescumming :P).
  8. I'mma stream in 20 minutes. https://www.twitch.tv/jimmysquared
  9. Is this worth streaming? It might be fun to solve some puzzles with the help of an audience. :P Then again me blundering around in the dark completely stumped for hours is another possibility. Might do that tonight (i.e. in about 6-7 hours' time from this post). Screenshot is totes ridic. You're some kind of monster, dobu.
  10. These two little guys showed up at the house today.





    Thanks @glenzinho! :D

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    2. galileo31dos01


      Envy intensifies

    3. Kapanyo


      Lucky!! Nice one~


    4. Fonze


      Congrats! The jelly-ness I felt made me impulse-buy some of my own ^^

    5. Doomkid


      I have the PE, he's soft and adorable

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      I am one jealous New Zealander. :P

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      I absolutely adore my Caco, also known as Kassy. <3

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      Now we need a revenant action figure for maximum AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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      DUDE. Rev action figure =  Yes please

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      Eris Falling

      heh, there's a two-eyed caco photobombing the last picture :) Cool stuff!

      (also scarlett 2i2 spotted o/)

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      Is that a K120 keyboard I see? I have a K120 too!

  11. Here's a template I've used for a couple of releases now, and I noticed another map thread (I think it was "Doomguy Gets a Puppy") that used this. I figure it'll be useful! Anyone is free to copy this for their own threads. Of course I omit the lines as necessary if I simply don't have the information or need for them. Name: (Name of map/mapset) Map Format: (Doom, Boom, Hexen, UDMF) Ports Tested: (PrBoom+, GLBoom+, Eternity, GZDoom, etc.) IWAD: (Doom, Doom 2, Heretic, etc.) Map(s): (MAP01, E1M1-M8, etc.) Music: (Credit for music track used and composer) Gameplay: (Single play/co-op, deathmatch, etc.) Difficulty Settings: (Yes/No) Multiplayer Placement: (Yes/No) Build Time: (How long spent on initial mapping) Textures: (Credits for textures/resources) Requirements: (Jumping/crouching/freelook required/permitted, etc.)
  12. I have serious love for a couple of niche themes and while I'm not fully sure why, they definitely seem to be the themes that I am most comfortable working with, and continue to dabble in. Swamps, jungles, gardens, vine bases Old/abandoned/ruined towns Underground mines Brick/stone/blood settings (like Inmost Dens/Neurosphere) Caves with colorful/bright liquids and/or crystals Anything with rain as a weather effect Anything remotely Plutonia Who else has themes they either love playing, or love mapping for?
  13. I'm not about to call these particular picks "the best" because I simply can't. However they are the most memorable (aside from the obvious openers like E1M1 and MAP01) and seem to be the ones I keep coming back to. E1M3 E2M4 E2M8 E3M6 E4M1 MAP08 MAP14 MAP23 TNT MAP05 TNT MAP10 TNT MAP16 TNT MAP30 I honestly struggled to pick out favorites from Plutonia because it's all so memorable and unique. It'd be faster to list the maps I don't like :P (Those being, uhh, MAP04, MAP20, MAP23, and MAP28?)
  14. Jimmy! I was wondering what software you use for MIDI production? I've fiddled with FL Studio but I can't figure out how to change the velocity or volume of specific notes/instruments in the final mixdown. I just don't think FL Studio has that capability. 

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      @stru, even FL studio 3 (back then known as "fruity loops" IIRC) had these things in it. Also, this forum's search function may have helped a bit, because the "What MIDI editor do you use?" shows up every so often: Click here

    2. stru


      Thanks for that, dude. I'll play around with those when I can and see. I was just interested in what Jimmy uses though. And if it is FL, I couldn't figure out how to get the velocity adjustments in the final .midi. It'd play it back just fine in the software but the mixdown has no dynamic volume on the tones as I adjusted it in the software so I must be missing something