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  1. Changed the name of MAP23's track and added your claim to MAP31. Hmm. I really like Sunfall Valley as-is, though it could maybe do with its intro and the very fast/heavy section being trimmed down a little. The gear changes are great but they've just gotta happen sooner! One thing I learned at uni was a supposed 11-second window that the human brain gets before it desires another musical idea to enter the picture. I don't use this as a strict rule of thumb, necessarily, but it helps to put things into perspective. Freedom is So Below sounds fine, with the possible exception of the first guitar solo being just a smidgen too loud. It's a really solid track though!
  2. No worries, mate. Keep us posted and let us know whenever you get anything you're ready to showcase, even if it's unfinished. I'd be happy to offer you advice and encouragement, or even help directly with the track if you need a second pair of hands on it.
  3. I've done a potential title track. Thoughts appreciated! Entombed (0:24)
  4. Much better! Thanks very much for those little tweaks, it helped immensely. Gonna mark this track off as complete now. Cheers again, Viscra. :)
  5. Jimmy

    Demonastery - work in progress

    Oh heh, if there's an SSG near the start then that might mitigate my concerns with the balance in the first few areas. Though I'd probably still slightly take down the number of barons used. :P
  6. I think it's mainly the intro and outro that need cutting down just a bit. Most of the stuff in the middle of the track where it picks up in intensity sounds fine to me. On a related note, just be careful of the notes you're using on the celesta - I don't think they're quite gelling with the chord progression. Same with the big transitional chord at 1:53 - I think it could be tidied up just a bit.
  7. Jimmy

    Demonastery - work in progress

    That was incredible. I need to go back and play through it all over again so I can find all 4 secrets. Amazing work here! The new textures are tastefully done and fit right in, bolstering the already grandiose architecture. The new decorations are also amazing - the first gore area had me stunned momentarily. The little piles of flesh and corpses are so simple yet so effective - there's a level of attention to detail here on par with Doom Eternal, I think! And this is all limit-removing? I honestly felt like I was playing a UDMF map for how creatively constructed and nuanced it was. The fastidious detail and lighting, especially the microdetails like the bloodfalls flowing into cobblestone cracks and outlets, made me smile a lot. Beautiful work. Viggles would be proud. Played on UV - gameplay-wise I can barely fault it. The map didn't give me an SSG, and the BFG teased me every time I saw it (I didn't wind up getting it), but all the same it was a blast. I think the experience was hampered early on only slightly by a possible overuse of barons, and only furnishing the player with the shotgun/chaingun. There's also an abundance of shell ammo, implying the shotgun should be the weapon of choice here, but the knights/barons don't make for hugely fun combat with just that. This made for some dicey encounters, but once I got the RL (and plasma), the difficulty curve flattened quite a bit - my greatest enemy was often just the limited space in some areas that kept me on my toes and made me act very consciously in regards to my rocket usage. The map was a ton of fun overall. No particularly problematic balance issues that I can see! Just one more small complaint: this map needs a new music track! The map's setting of an open-air blood-sea fortress stuffed with gore is an imaginative one, and the stock track doesn't do it justice at all. I am willing to help out here if needed, whether that's in terms of picking one out for you, or making one myself. To everyone else: This is a must-play!
  8. Oops the title and intermission tracks are supposed to exist, aren't they. @TMD Are you wanting to hold onto your slot for the intermission track? Should've mentioned you earlier, d'oh.
  9. @CWolf I'll clear your slots for now. If you feel able to, feel free to come back and claim a slot again. No pressure. @NaZa Added you to 26. @Viscra Maelstrom I want to say this is a good start. It's very repetitive, though (consider how the rhodes piano is just doing octaves for the first minute - there's surely a bit more melody you can cram in here?), and I feel its length could easily be shortened to address this - or you could add some sort of refrain-like section to deviate into every so often to keep the listener's ears engaged, maybe something with heavy-ish guitars like Klem's "Breach of Madness"? The track's definitely not bad. I very much like what the choir is doing past the 3:30 mark, and the ominous space it creates with those major seventh intervals. Good work, just needs a little refinement imho.
  10. Done. Looking forward to more from you, Viscra. :)
  11. Cleared your slots, Alfonzo. Eris, feel free. Just let me know what slots you want once you've decided.
  12. Hey everyone! Got two more tracks finished specifically for this project in the last few days. Girders (4:51) - for MAP04: Sewage. Devil's Hive (4:07) - for MAP27: Wired Hive. Let's kick this thing back in gear! I am considering cleaning out some of the claimed tracks that have been claimed for the year and a half that this project has been hanging around. (It's entirely on me that it's been in stasis that long.) Highlighting the following people: @Winter @ClumsyDoomer @Alfonzo @Jimes @CWolf @Temin_Dump @AD_79 Can I get a status report as soon as possible please? If I don't at least hear from you guys in say a week or so I may end up clearing your slot(s) to make way for any new interest.
  13. Jimmy

    Technical data regarding music in Doom 2 bothers me

    There are actually minute differences between some of the entries, most notably how D_DDTBLU uses a different (more polished) version of the track than D_DDTBL2 and D_DDTBL3.