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  1. Good to see you here again, Bucket! Currently just the one slot is open - MAP17, and the project is three tracks away from completion.
  2. Public beta 3 is ready! Lots of fixes in this one. Please continue to play using this beta, thanks! There will be a final /idgames release on January 26th, a week from now. Dropbox Mirror Requires GZDoom 3.6.0 or above.
  3. The volume changes are done with the use of the "Expression" control (CC#11). Avoids modifying the overall channel volume which can be inefficient - embarrassingly I've been doing it this way for like 13 years and only very recently made the switch. Thanks @Alfonzo for throwing that little nugget at me. Glad you dig! I can take a look at the rides. Drum programming is super nuanced.
  4. Prowler (4:56) Possible tune for MAP09. I'm a little unsure on it myself and it took me a couple days to get everything feeling like it worked out. Feedback appreciated!
  5. crazyflyingdonut needs to figure out a way to be even just slightly positive about the world in general, rather than preemptively dunking on whatever piece of popular human culture he can (well, except the singular parts/quotes that get lampooned and bastardized in overtired memes and YTPs, because those are great) just 'cause that's apparently a thing that'll get him props on a forum full of people still playing a game from 1993. I'm not at all saying the cartoons of that era were actually incredible works of art (I never watched them), I'm just saying your threads will have much richer discussion and will gainsay you far less if you open with a more neutral tone. "Would this be good or bad?" is a far superior opener to "It would definitely be bad because of course everything is bad".
  6. I'll try and be more active there yeah, although the sessions are usually held at kind of a crazy hour (2AM) for me. With any luck I'll be able to pick up some speed in my workflow again to the point where I can churn out something like another "Neverfore" within 2 hours.
  7. On Lockdown (4:13) EDIT: Link updated 8 hours after post was made at 1:47AM AWST. MAP08's new track. This one was written entirely in Sekaiju, the first of its kind. Program took me a bit of getting used to but I reckon I'm back in the game now! Enjoy the track.
  8. @Viscra Maelstrom MUCH stronger opening now, love it a lot, consider this added. Many thanks! @Jimes Thanks for the updates! "Sludge" is a lot better now, and the new "Intermission" track is rockin'. I've added these. Alrighty, we've got 5 tracks left until this sucker is done! Three tracks are currently unclaimed, and those are 8, 9 and 17. I'm gonna go ahead and claim 8. @NaZa You still have some tracks claimed - 13 and 26 - do you have any updates on these?
  9. Planning time is over! GET MAPPING! You have 2 hours to map, followed by 15 mins to playtest and bugfix.
  10. https://discord.gg/MBJJ7 Here's a link to the Discord.
  11. OUR THEME IS: Use no monsters weaker than a Cacodemon. This only permits you to use: - cacodemons - pain elementals - hell knights - barons of hell - revenants - mancubi - arachnotrons - archviles - Spider Mastermind - Cyberdemon AND/OR: Place just one monster - and make it threatening. GET PLANNING! Gather resources, pick out a name/MIDI, draw your layout on paper, etc. There is no mandatory texture pack this time round.
  12. The second session will be happening in 1 hour as of this post.
  13. @Viscra Maelstrom Nice track! I'll be happy to include this, though I think it could use a stronger opening with more bottom end - maybe including some timpani and some of that saw bass right at the start? Otherwise, this is definitely workable. Melancholic and slightly stormy, even with the largely major tonality to the progression. Definitely captures that "snowy" feel.
  14. Jimmy

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Constipation's a bitch.
  15. Jimmy

    Tinder: have you used it? Do you recommend it?

    Just because I got bitten with curiosity, I logged back in again for the first time in months, did some swiping... found a lady with a few overlapping interests, got matched... then almost straight away got "unmatched". Cool. I'm a big baby when it comes to social rejection, so I've deleted all of my dating apps now and I'm just gonna try and put it completely out of mind. This shit's poison in my life if I dwell on it. And besides, what's the point in futilely reaching for the unreachable? Clearly this isn't working. Fuck other people. Other people can't bring love into your life if you don't even love yourself first. I need some time to work on that.