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  1. please not 2 or 6 for the LOVE OF GOD
  2. Fluid Motion (4:52) Sorta uses theme 1 kinda.
  3. haha it starts at 2am for me what is this "sleep"
  4. Jimmy

    [WIP] Eviternity - A Boom Format Megawad

    it's Adam and Eviternity not Adam and Steviternity (sorry)
  5. Jimmy

    Griefless - Final Release (v1.1)

    The file has been updated to v1.1 on the Downloads database and this fixes a couple of issues like the ones mentioned above.
  6. This is up on the Downloads page now!
  7. Jimmy

    Crunchynut44 MIDI Pack

    "Apes and Things" sounds straight out of Donkey Kong Country and very well-executed at that. Could be a straight remix honestly. "Babada" sounds (in name and in practice) speedmidi-ish in nature. The cello feels like an odd choice that would've been made under time pressure. :P This has a great feel and rhythm to it, though. Very strong main guitar melody that I don't mind listening to repeatedly. "Baculus" has some cool bouncy melodies and I dig the percussive nature of the instrumentation. Not sure on the accordion type thing in the final split second though. :P "Bamboozled" sounds like another speedmidi - very cool execution of low riffs and floating arpeggios working in alternation. "Basement Blues" has some great changes in it along with a pretty consistent sound. Nice! "Bass Like" sounds like some elevator music with a lot of verve and bounce. I'm sure there's a nice and inviting lounge-style map that could use this. "Climbing Under" has a similar air of tranquility about it, with a bit of pop-like edge to its structure and melodic direction. Quite sombre and minor though, would still definitely fit in Doom. I like it. "Conquistadors" is a nice slow builder, with some cool and understated percussive instruments keeping it flowing. "Crumbling" sounds pretty evil and primal. It picks up at the right time, I was worried the long intro would be more or less the whole track. This'd fit in a jungle map for sure, but its repetitive nature would probably make it tough to listen to on more than a few repeats. "Deepest Reaches" has some nice ideas and a pretty catchy main melody, but I think it's just slightly too repetitive. "Down Below" is the longest entry here at 5:05 - feels like something out of Duke Nukem 3D at first. Super slow and "alien" feel to it. Might be slightly repetitive but I do enjoy most of what goes on atop that simple, repeating lead melody. Definitely gets very menacing once the guitars and keyboards enter, though that lead melody is still there - there's not much of a sense of the track evolving over time despite the drastic instrumental change. The soundtrack FX are panned all the way left and this distracts, honestly. "Faithless" is hauntingly simple-sounding at first. Very enjoyable middle section where it picks up, then ducks down again with the same precision. "First Time for Everything" feels almost exactly like a jmickle midi with its C minor key, bouncing power-kit rhythms, rain arpeggios and semiquaver-heavy solos. Maybe this was your first foray into the act of speed-composition after hearing a track of hers? "Giant Ball of Fucking Plasma" - what a great name. The track itself isn't too captivating, though - starts off far too repetitive and slow-building (it's the same 4 notes for 30 seconds!) and I don't know if the melodies offer much once they do come in. I want to like this one for the name, but I dunno if it stands up on its own two feet. "Godsend" has a great sound to it, but I'm just not sure of the low rhythm guitar, dunno if it adds much, I do prefer when it ducks out after the first minute. The rest of the track is solid! Nice interweaving melodies and solos. "Here in the Jungle" is another Donkey Kong-ish track, but this one is a very slow builder with its ambient opening, and the drumbeat kinda takes me by surprise, not to mention the moment the full track kicks in around the 1:10 mark. The two opposing sides to this track would work well if perhaps they were divided into a "Part 1" and "Part 2", but I can't see them working in a loop as well as the other tracks might. "Ice and Lava Don't Mix" has more percussive instruments and a driving drumbeat that sounds really cool. I feel like the instrument choices were deliberate here as if to impart a thematic difference between the clashing elements of fire and ice - the percussive elements for the ice, and the strings, choir and other associated stuff for the fire. I'm not very keen on the heavy breakdown around 1:10 though, I think it's got a little too much going full-pelt. "Imps Predicament" is a steadily building track bringing forth various funky elements like the synth and organ and pacing itself very nicely. Slightly repetitive, maybe, but good stuff, this! Very Bjorn Lynne. "Loops and Tings" seems a little directionless at first, but that melody that comes in eventually is pretty strong but just a bit repetitive, is all. "Lost at Sea" [skipped for reasons outlined in above post] "RUN!" has some solid guitar and drum work for what is almost assuredly a speedmidi. I feel like the chords and bassline aren't quite meshing, though. This one could do with being longer and a bit tighter. "Sent From Hell" [skipped for reasons outlined in above post] "Sightseeing" feels like you made your own version of stewboy's "Desk Lamp". :P Nice flowing melodies, not sure if they all counterpoint each other perfectly though. Love the high-pitched Taiko Drum though - that thing needs to see more use as a solo instrument. "Some Kind of Intro" sounds like a boss theme of some kind at first. Disjointed and dissonant, quite different to the others here. "Spook" sounds like the backing track for some sort of poltergeist rap number right before it eats you. Another hyperactive drum pattern here which is cool. "Stomping Grounds" with its, well, stomping rhythmic pattern, sounds like some sort of hellish pirate march. Or a boss theme perhaps. Vaguely Duke/ROTT-ish, this one, in fact. Ooh, echoes solo. I like it! "Storming the Homefront" is another marching, industrial track, with more intrigue and mystery this time. Can easily imagine navigating crate mazes to this. That rapid "reverse echo" effect you do in a lot of your tracks comes into play a lot here, and it's quite a cool effect. "The Best Chords I Don't Use" sounds rather like a polka interspersed with slow, imposing breaks. Secret map tune easily, this one. The second half is almost Schilder-like in its menacing chord progression, with bolder instrument choices (again you have that high taiko, and hammond organ). "The Dank" is a sinister and atmospheric piece, using a persistent chord progression, with the dissonant pianos and celesta providing a more disjointed feel. The banjo near the beginning was an interesting choice, too. "The Devil's Riff" starts out with a solid and menacing bassy intro, and soon becomes delightfully evil, with the melodies and rhythm persisting in spite of the gradually more unstable sound. That riff is definitely "evil", haha. I would love to use some of these! Not sure on which ones yet but I'm sure I'll give 'em a good home. Please reinstate the link in the first post so I can listen to those two other tracks as intended! It appears to be a 404.
  8. Jimmy

    Griefless - Final Release (v1.1)

  9. Jimmy

    Griefless - Final Release (v1.1)

    This is up on the Downloads page now!
  10. The final version v3 is out and this will be on /idgames very soon. Again, many many thanks to the donators, guest mappers, and the players who've been testing this thing! :D We'll see you when we Blast Off Again.
  11. I don't think you'd get very rich doing this before getting caught. Oblige levels for the most part look good and play nicely, but they're still very obviously formulaic. Look at their automaps - box after box after box, with the odd squiggly bit to imply "natural" terrain. Auto-generation in video games was not so much of a thing back then but I don't think that would stop folks from suspecting you were having a computer do most of the work. Custom art design wouldn't disguise that very well either - and of course that's the "actual work" you want to avoid doing in this hypothetical.
  12. Jimmy

    Griefless - Final Release (v1.1)

    Download Griefless RC3 - 527KB Lots of fixes and improvements. Should be free of dumb errors. :D - Textures pruned. - Now works in Zandronum. - Nojump and nocrouch enforced for ZDoom ports. Many thanks to everyone for their testing and feedback! This'll be going on /idgames soon. Gotta say, it felt good being able to put "5 days" under Build Time.
  13. Jimmy

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Any time that switch texture is used it has to be a GR/G1 and there must be a berserk pack immediately in front of it. ...Honestly I think the cheeks should go red for the SW2 frame.
  14. Jimmy

    Griefless - Final Release (v1.1)

    I've addressed all those problems you pointed out. Thanks a bunch! :D I'll give it a day or so more, maybe, then RC3 will be the /idgames release, all being well.