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  1. Jimmy

    Congestion Square 1024 - map 2 SquareShip

    Wow, just from the screenshots these are looking incredibly ambitious and very well done. Eager to get to these!
  2. I have graduated to Old Man. Happy 30th to me. 🎂



    In case you missed it, my mapset JENESIS (in its final release form) turned 10 years old as of two days ago - my first foray into Doom single-player mapping and a turning point in my Doom mapping career.


    ...I really missed an opportunity to put out a 10th anniversary edition and call it "Tenesis", didn't I.


    Maybe for the 15th anniversary then. I could call it "JENES15"... no. Bad Jimmy.



    Here's to another 30 years of... me being alive, most likely!



  3. Jimmy

    Doom Streams

    Making up for lost playtesting time! Whole bunch of stuff to sift through today. https://twitch.tv/jimmysquared
  4. Very much hoping that I can break the 20-minute barrier with my next one!
  5. Throughout this year I've been embarking on larger-scale personal musical projects, comprising the following tracks which all exceed the ten-minute mark in terms of duration. These tracks are all available to stream/download, or purchase at NAME YOUR PRICE, on my BandCamp page! Please enjoy! The Necromancer's Demise (13:23) STREAM/DOWNLOAD on BandCamp 13 minutes of progressive MIDI metal with some orchestral backing. This track is also found in @Tarnsman's Projectile Hell MAP30! The BandCamp download for this track comes with a B-side entitled "The Thaumaturge", a track written originally for Demonastery. Dragonflight (11:42) STREAM/DOWNLOAD on BandCamp Written as a gift for Joshua "@Dragonfly" O'Sullivan, one of my most powerful cohorts in both music-making and game design. This track is one of my more upbeat offerings with lots of major-key sections and whimsical melodies and chord progressions, while still maintaining an element of heavy rock/metal underpinning everything. The Mountaineer (16:47) STREAM/DOWNLOAD on BandCamp An epic adventure of a track, divided into 5 movements. What it's ultimately about is largely up to you. 0:00-2:48 -- I. Climb 2:49-5:28 -- II. Collapse 5:29-8:25 -- III. In the Belly of Fire 8:26-12:09 -- IV. Basilisk 12:10-16:45 -- V. To the Ends of the Earth
  6. Jimmy

    Doom Streams

    Playtesting Saturday! Lots to get through tonight. https://twitch.tv/jimmysquared
  7. Jimmy

    dashiefrickindraws and wants to share it

    Kickass art!
  8. Jimmy

    Doom Streams

    Finishing yesterday's Jenesis playthrough. Can you believe it's 10 this month??? https://twitch.tv/jimmysquared
  9. Jimmy

    Doom Streams

    Continuing Well Done playthrough of Blood https://twitch.tv/jimmysquared
  10. Jimmy

    Doom Streams

    Playtesting Saturday! https://twitch.tv/jimmysquared
  11. Jimmy

    MIDI Originals [09/25/2021]

    "Eminence" in particular is awesome. Really helped make MAP12 of 1k3 what it is. You made a koto sound like it came from medieval Europe!
  12. That is... an extremely silly thing to do, not gonna lie. To not only plagiarise a full section of someone else's map and do essentially nothing to disguise it but flip it on an axis, but to do this with one of the most high-profile megawads of the past decade and take literally the first room of the first map that literally everyone who played it would recognise. Hell of an ungracious thing to do to your project leader, as well.
  13. Jimmy

    Doom Streams

    Working on some speedy midi rewards for my Twitch viewers! https://twitch.tv/jimmysquared
  14. Jimmy

    Doom Streams

    Returning to the recently released Dead Tech! https://twitch.tv/jimmysquared