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  1. Jimmy

    HEXEN: Cyrgoth's Revenge - 8 Level Hub

    It doesn't really pass by close enough for you to get a good bead on it. Very easy to miss with Quietus and that mana goes down fast. And then you have to do this two more times. I would either place some Wings of Wrath on the starting ledge (the passage that opens will still help co-op players) to make fighting the Wyvern a lot more palatable, or put a portal back to the Stronghold. The latter would certainly help if the player(s) is/are in need of extra ammunition/powerups.
  2. Jimmy

    HEXEN: Cyrgoth's Revenge - 8 Level Hub

    Hmm. The wyvern's pretty hard to kill if you're the Fighter...
  3. Jimmy

    HEXEN: Cyrgoth's Revenge - 8 Level Hub

    Is it possible to get locked into the Dark Acropolis map's starting room if you don't carry Wings of Wrath into it? Also, minor thing: I noticed that the portal to the Falgor Deadlands in Cyrgoth's Stronghold doesn't appear to have a symbol (with a print-message if you use it) beside it.
  4. Just sat down to play your Heretic Faithless hub and I had to google up who made it and stop by and say Thanks! This is exceptionally good mapping, setting, layouts and puzzles / switches / progression. I'm up to the middle I suppose and it's stellar!


    Thank you once again!

    1. Jimmy


      Many thanks! Glad you're enjoying it. There's more Heretic stuff from me to come, hopefully quite soon.



    2. Curunir


      Oh, god! This looks great! I always enjoy a mashup of Hexen enemies, sprites and textures, and now weapons too! Thank you, can't wait for release!

  5. Flash thoughts on Heretic Flash thoughts on Hexen Warning!: Surprisingly enough, this is only my opinion. Don't get your cloaca all up in a twist. Only touching on the single-player maps in this set. I don't think I've played Hexen deathmatch... ever. And I'm not gonna start now! HUB 1 - BLIGHT * Ruined Village - Sets the scene quite nicely. Lots of monsters. Teases you with a secret portal. 7/10 * Blight (hub) - Oh boy do we love Slaughtaurs already. The map layout is interesting, but I wish it was more open, like you could just go around that circular perimeter without having to open the big gold doors. The portals can be tackled in any order, so... 5/10 * Badlands - Wastelands if it got a trim. Has some nice inside structures, but actually feels really insubstantial compared to the others in this hub. Has a weird tiny lift that takes you up to a tiny alcove where the planet is. Really suffers quite a bit from the lack of openness. 3/10 * Brackenwood - God. Fucking. Wyverns. The Fighter's worst nightmare. The puzzle is straightforward enough but the switch to the planet is kind of easy to miss. Once you hit that, get outta here. 3/10 * Catacomb - Caaaaaaaaaaaaves. God you can just get lost for days in this place. Hate. Fuck that puzzle to get the planet. Don't give me MORE shit to collect!! 1/10 * Sump - Biblically dire. An almost entirely symmetrical layout, with just way too many stalkers and slaughtaurs roaming around. It gets old. It gets OLD. Then that undulating sludge maze. God forsook this long ago. 0/10 * Pyre (secret) - This map just kind of... exists? It's four rooms with annoying timed doors connecting them. At least it gives you Quietus. Pity accessing it requires humping some random-ass wall in Blight. 4/10 HUB 2 - CONSTABLE'S GATE * Constable's Gate (hub) - A Heresiarch boss right out of the... gate. A rather confusing layout composed of tightly-confined corridors, sewer gates, and teleporters. Introduces the hub's puzzle elements well enough, but still not great. 4/10 * Market Place - A sort of Industrial Zone-ish town map, although not nearly as sprawling - not too many points of interest here, I think you only have to grab a skull and a key and you're done. Looks nice. 5/10 * Ordeal - Pretty interesting. A compact enough layout that getting around is only hampered by the abundance of traps. Actually good fun. 8/10 * Locus Requiescat - A graveyard full of dead developers. Eric's Tomb is funny. It didn't actually kill me...? The map itself looks nice, but those sections around the outside where you're jumping over the rocky ledges to get to the crucial switches can get lost. 5/10 * Treasury - You like corridors? We got corridors. Yeesh, I lost my way several times in this. Hardly a finale map. Doesn't even really look like anything. 2/10 * Armory (secret) - Someone just made Guardian of Steel again. Weird, noisy and confusing. For some reason class flags weren't applied to the weapon pickups, so there's like fifteen pickups on this map that you can't use. Weird slightly-bugged messages when you hit the switches. Pretty dreadful in all honesty. 1/10 HUB 3 - NAVE * Nave - Busy. Really visually busy. Dozens of monsters loitering and silent-teleporting around the place and they will not stop populating. A large pain in the ass to navigate. 2/10 * Chantry - Another out-of-nowhere Heresiarch. This map's cool, though. That fountain that splits apart and melts into lava is really cool. 6/10 * Dark Watch - Really tight, very monster-dense, and a bit of a hassle to get from place to place. It's okay, could just be so much better. 5/10 * Cloaca - An optional map? That's alright, I guess. It's pretty dark and cramped, though. Not much to see here. 5/10 * Abattoir - Dark and cramped again. Mandatory progression hidden behind walls. Feh. 3/10 * Dark Citadel (boss) - It's... it's just a circle. You made a circle, guys! Monumental letdown. 1/10 * Ice Hold (secret) - Crater full of Wendigos. Guardian of Ice-esque trap rooms. Not great. 3/10 Closing thoughts: * Hub 1, minus its intro map, sucks butt. Drags on for fucking ever. The maps are much harder, meaner with their traps and pitfalls, and by jove they're long and windy. * Hub 2 is mercifully short if you know where to go. Thankful that there were only 3 Yorick Skulls to get instead of 4. It might be the strongest hub here because apart from a few maps that can be awkward to navigate, there's no artificial lengthening of the campaign here as such. You grab some items and put them in the right place, that's it. * Hub 3 is longer than 2 - I think. Certainly feels that way with the relic puzzle, the clock gear puzzle and the (optional) book puzzle to solve! You probably won't get lost too many times, though, it's pretty generous with its hints on where to go next. * None of the secret levels are really worth visiting, perhaps aside from Hub 1's which gives you Quietus a tiny bit early. Hub 2's and 3's are surprisingly easy to get to, while Hub 1's "route" to get to the secret is just... what the fuck. Navigation is a bigger pain in this set than regular Hexen. The trapezoid shape for the structure housing the Ethereal Travel portals has been done away with in this set, instead having the portals bookended by simple metal pillars, meaning the portals can be accessed from either side. The hefty downside to this means every Ethereal Travel portal looks the exact same, and you miss out on having the portal structure's outer texture hint at your destination, which was always helpful in Hexen's hubs. The maps feel larger and more sprawling. Hexen had a few like this, namely Wastelands, but a lot of the larger maps in Deathkings are all packed tightly into Hub 1. A really poor move considering players can get bored rigid within the first few maps, looking for switch upon switch upon gem upon gem upon flame mask upon flame mask. However, puzzles are more consistent here than in the regular Hexen campaign. The hubs all introduce the puzzle elements, key locks, etc. pretty much right away. There's less switch-hunting proportionately, I think. Sequences of multiple compulsory switches use the two bull switches with their "mid" animation to denote there are still more switches to find, which is a nice alternative to seeing "3 more to go..." - even if you're not told how many more are to go. Dark Citadel is a laughably pathetic "final boss" map. Perhaps the biggest letdown of all the IWADs' concluding maps. And the intermission texts make the titular "Dark Citadel" sound so huge and threatening! The map is a big circle with nine non-threatening waves of monsters to kill. A boring slog. Korax doesn't even show up! You had a final boss that could interact with the map itself and you didn't include him, guys!! Overall, play this if you dare. It's more Hexen. It has some good parts and some real stinkers. But then so did the original. Overall: 4/10
  6. My personal belief is that every weapon mod should have a farting Pingu toy weapon.
  7. I've played through this twice now, once on hard, once on medium. It's good stuff! The monster count does seem a bit excessive on hard, so dropping the difficulty down certainly helped things flow better for me. Mana and item balance also felt fair. Further feedback in spoiler:
  8. Jimmy

    HEXEN: Cyrgoth's Revenge - 8 Level Hub

    Nice! I was going to ask if you had any intent to share your process in putting either of the Cyrgoth WADs together, as with any hub-style episode with multiple puzzle elements it must have been quite the undertaking. My work on hub episodes has required me to take extensive notes on the level progression, locations of puzzle elements, what enemy selection each map is likely to have, as well as quite rigorously brainstorm names and music selections for each map. Curious if you had anything like that. :)
  9. I'm playing this now (I started playing before Cyrgoth's Revenge, then moved onto that one). I must admit I'm horrendously stuck. Navigation isn't quite as intuitive here as it is in the sequel set. But that only means you've improved!
  10. Jimmy

    HEXEN: Cyrgoth's Revenge - 8 Level Hub

    Thanks for sharing it! Always great to see new content for Hexen, especially that which takes advantage of just the Vanilla assets.
  11. Jimmy

    HEXEN: Cyrgoth's Revenge - 8 Level Hub

    I found the book, and beat the set. (SPOILERS HEREIN!)
  12. Jimmy

    HEXEN: Cyrgoth's Revenge - 8 Level Hub

    "A door opens in a distant land". Oh boy. Tips that vague don't really help at all in a set like this with 8 giant levels to navigate. I may be stuck. Though the switch that gave me that message was pretty well hidden away so I assume I've unlocked a secret somewhere rather than found the next required step of progression. Even so, gimme something to work with here! D: I'm also encountering some difficulty in making my way between the worlds I want to visit. I feel like some improved interconnectivity between the portals would not go amiss - maybe have several clustered together, a la the chapel portals in Hub 3? Your main hub map is pretty massive, and the routes taken to each portal tend to be pretty winding and confusing. I also tend to forget very easily where I've been and what leads where, so if I wanted to get to the Deadlands, for example, I know that's a level that branches off of somewhere, but... I could be looking for a while. Now, back to looking for that freakin' Liber Oscura...
  13. Jimmy

    HEXEN: Cyrgoth's Revenge - 8 Level Hub

    I'm playing this and its prequel and for the most part I'm having a blast. These maps are oozing with atmosphere and positively scream all the little details and design aspects of Hexen, right down to the wooden support beams in the mine-like sections, and the indented door tracks. And there's so much going on in them, with huge numbers of areas to explore and plenty of combat on offer. My favorite map so far may be the Frostmire Woods (an icy swamp! very cool idea) The maps feel a tiny bit stingey on inventory items, which I would argue are the most interesting aspect of Hexen (and Heretic!) combat, but I can live with that, but you get plenty of mana so this isn't really a balance issue. There's some really inspired little touches too, like the glitter-bridges being used to create a force-field. If I had to make a minor complaint it'd be how on the hard difficulties, the maps seem to be rather heavily laden with monsters - this was especially a problem with Cyrgoth's Manor, so I swapped down to medium for Cyrgoth's Revenge. When you design building interiors, the rooms can get pretty small and confined, although the enemy encounters themselves remain very heavy. You have entire rooms stuffed with them sometimes - I would advise examining whether placing that many monsters in confined quarters lends more to the challenge, or whether it just gives the player more walls of meat to cleave through and actually stops the monsters from being quite so effective on their own. I'm currently searching for the last clock gear to place in Cyrgoth's Stronghold. I opened a big door somewhere in the Mines and I'm not sure where that is. Will keep looking - unless I can get a hint. :P
  14. Jimmy

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    GZDoom messed up translucency in a few cases. A fix is coming.