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  1. It was much fun to be part of this project and to see it developed in real time over Twitch. Thanks for having me on board, Dragonfly, and well done for getting this baby out! *\o/*
  2. Be sure to grab Skulldash: Expanded Edition once it drops (in 5 hours' time as of this status)! I have a community-tier map in it.


    It's a lot of fun to play (and to map for), and for nine years and a few months in the making, it's got the sheer amount of content you'd expect. Dragonfly's development streams on Twitch have demonstrated to me just how thorough and devoted he's been to getting it done and dusted for the agreed-upon deadline. A lot of heart and soul is in this project and it looks incredibly professional to boot (just look at that website!).


    I'm Jimmy and I hereby wholeheartedly endorse this project. 👍

    1. Jimmy


      Oops shoulda highlighted the guy. @Dragonfly

  3. Okay well that's awesome.
  4. Night fever, night feverrrr... ♫
  5. @CWolf Consider it done. @JohnnyTheWolf Thanks for the kind words. :> @Eris Falling The fuck is this "sorry" nonsense? You've written another wonderful journey of a piece here. No further criticism or comments needed, imo - this track's been added to the OP.
  6. @8Bit Shocker Thanks for the contribution! There's some interesting material in here for sure, although at the moment it's pretty... monotone. The material does develop, but sticks to its guns very rigidly, and stays comfortably in the same melodic/harmonic ballpark all throughout the track. It uses the notes E, F and G an awful lot, almost exclusively (the second section uses G#, and the bass solo employs the tritone interval of E to Bb, but that's more or less it). The bass interlude that happens at 1:14 is just the one note (E) repeated, so I would jump straight into the bass melody that follows that point at 1:22, to keep the track developing in an interesting manner. Some more melodic and harmonic variation in the riffs themselves definitely wouldn't go amiss, such as doubling some passages on the perfect fifth, and even some major-third harmonies particularly towards the end would really lift this track's melodic content. Harmonically it stays in the heavy metal "safe zone" of E minor phrygian (a fine scale for this kind of thing, obviously :P), but for some extra spice you could throw a key change to something like A minor or B minor in there, for some Prince-style blues progression - or hell, go to something a bit harmonically off-kilter like up a major 2nd to F# minor or down a minor 3rd to C# minor. ...You could also add a solo in there, for giggles. :P Keep the listener on their toes! I would also just suggest you go over your percussion line and ensure you've got crash cymbals at the start of every section, clean things up a tiny bit in general. I'm caught up in a lot of university stuff right now hence the slightly late reply. Hope this feedback is useful to you! o/
  7. I am not a smart man so I love a good puzzle. There's a nice sense of accomplishment to eventually completing it, one that's not so immediately visceral and fleeting as mowing down a horde of zombies, for instance. It engages a different part of the brain, and personally I like to keep myself stimulated in a variety of ways. I tend to get bored if a mapset is just puzzles, I suppose (which is why I've never completed Cyberdreams), but a good puzzle can serve as a great cool-down moment to avoid the run-and-gun carnage of a levelset wearing at all thin. That said, I suppose the puzzles have to be designed with a keen eye for consistency, so they don't feel totally out of place, like say a slaughtermap suddenly having Mario-style jump puzzles, or a short map having a Duke3D-style combination puzzle with 5 switches. Imagine a piano ballad being on a predominantly heavy metal album - such a radically different track can fit in well, if the composition and musicianship remains consistent, although for sure it won't be to everyone's taste. I suppose it's inevitable that Void would come up but I would definitely cite it as a WAD that strikes the balance of puzzle-solving gameplay vs. traditional Doom-style run-and-gun beautifully.
  8. ^ That's... not how that works. Erik is still active on Facebook and there is almost certainly an e-mail address floating around in a text file that can be used to contact him. That's the whole point of asking permission, you reach out to that person through whatever means you can, and if they reply with "no", tough titty, you've gotta make your own thing. Oh no. The creator of Scythe 1/2/X deserves far more respect, I think, than having his work ripped off and then the general reactions being "*shrugs* well he's probably not around anymore soooooooo". SX came out in 2009 which in the community's terms is not that long ago.
  9. Your shirt would seem to suggest you belong to the clan of Jack Daniel.
  10. Why does your shot of E2M2 look like that? It's like the more I look at it the more wrong things I see in it.
  11. Great way to de-tense and unwind after a stressful day, that's for sure. I've never fallen asleep playing it though (just gotten extremely bored with whatever levelset I happen to be playing at the time).
  12. PhoenIx Speedmapping Sessions
  13. Thank you Eris for reinforcing the exact pareidolic tendencies I've literally had since childhood.
  14. That pic is the first time I've realised the words "Mayhem Rising" are what's written on that shirt. I don't know what it means.