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  1. RC3 is out! - Text file and WADINFO lump (with text file's contents) added. - Some music changed around - most notably Griefless's old music selection is back in.* - Some balance issues in Episode 2 and 3 addressed, particularly with regards to multiplayer placement. - Demos should no longer cause the sound to cut out in Crispy Doom. Whoopsie. - Many other map problems resolved. Thanks to all the players giving feedback so far! First post updated. Download "Deathless" RC3 (1.61MB) *Due to the new music in Episode 4 being named D_E4M*, the new music will only play in Crispy Doom (which appears to recognise the new lumps) and modern ports that allow for custom music lumps to be defined for maps, such as GZDoom and Eternity. PrBoom+ users will hear the usual E4 music roster, as that port has no such customisation, and does not recognise tracks with that designation. Once again Crispy seems to be the ideal option.
  2. Jimmy

    The Oasis - A single ZDoom map (RELEASED)

    Finally got round to playing this 'cos I really dig the theme! And more UDMF maps are always welcome here. :D The map starts out pretty breezy (I didn't take any damage until the baron room... I rocketed myself) but by the third key grab you're fighting for your life - very intense difficulty curve. I have to confess that the two deaths I did experience were completely embarrassing, one was to a caco fireball I walked right into and the other was to a chaingunner I didn't notice who was perched behind a door. The encounters are overall enjoyable, with the occasional surprise archvile that really keeps you on your toes. The fight in the big magma chamber is the deadliest of all, but it can be partially skipped, it seems, as the red skull seems to lower on a timer. Thematically this map is tied together really nice by the two resource packs you used, equal parts water-filled paradise and lava-filled death tomb. Love me some of that. :P I have only a couple of issues to mention: - Please vary up the alignment on steps like this! A quick trick is to set them all to lower-unpegged, but if the texture repeats too often, then manually adjust the x alignment too. - Jumping being disabled meant I wasn't sure if I could climb the steps in that corridor to the east. I of course tried it eventually and sure enough I was able to, but the risk of falling into the lava was kinda intimidating, heh. Maybe you could tighten up this room and convey that these steps are navigable somehow? Maybe join them together a bit closer? - I think this map would really benefit from some stark lighting in the indoors segments. Particularly in that first room, you have quite a bright room, which is spotted with candelabras. Consider adding some radial lighting (that is, baked into the map, not dynamic lighting, ideally) around the light sources in this room, and perhaps adding some sky lights to add some bright patches here and there for effect. You also have a river of magma behind the southern blue door, which would really benefit from having dark sectors to the edges and making the magma flow sector the brightest. As this is a UDMF map you also have the ability to change floor brightness independently from sector brightness, so I'd recommend making the lava quite bright (not fullbright, perhaps) so that it stands out, as it's the main hazard in the map. Good stuff!
  3. @Deadwing Looks like you played RC1, so you did miss a chance at a plasma rifle on E3M4. Good strategic use of the chainsaw in that map btw. Friggin' nasty baron death on M7! And E3M9's exit room certainly gave you a hard time. D: I'll try and address any serious balance issues here, particularly in terms of weapon progression - also, having just done a co-op playtest with two other players, it looks like some of these maps might need a slight rebalance in terms of multi placement. You did miss a trick with the cyberdemon fight in M7:
  4. Jimmy

    Post your Doom textures!

    Nice one, Fuzz!
  5. I can use MAPINFO to change the sky used, as these are Vanilla format maps and hence I'm not using MBF sky transfers. I'll see if I can work something out. @Steve D Thanks for the detailed feedback! Hope you enjoy E2 and E3 just as much. Also, if you're so inclined, play on solo-net. You'll find some more cacos there. ;)
  6. Yeah I did see that thread and figured it'd be a port-side issue. Can't see any MAPINFO flags that'll help me here - if skyoffset existed as one, that'd be great, but looks like "skystretch" is the only thing that exists - and it doesn't seem to wanna do anything, not with this sky anyway. :(
  7. That friggin' sky! It's presented so many issues. It's not the usual height, it's taller (200px I believe), but still clearly has tiling issues in a bunch of ports. (Seems to display fine in Crispy, but I think GZDoom is the port that doesn't like it most.) I don't really wanna change it, but if you type "skyoffset -32" into the GZDoom console it will adjust the y position of the sky to a point that looks sensible. Bandaid fix, but it's better than nothing I guess.
  8. RC2 out! Plenty of fixes, along with multiplayer placement. Thanks to everyone reporting problems here, rest assured they've all been addressed. :D Download "Deathless" RC2 (1.58MB) First post updated too.
  9. @Deadwing Many thanks again! Fun playthrough to watch, once more. Hard luck with E2M4 (I've added more health to that damaging blue pad run, since that's a problem area still for me), plus that cheeky caco kill on E2M5. Looks like you had fun with finding out what the switches in E2M8 were for. :D Really hope E3 lives up to the expectation. @galileo31dos01 I honestly felt that most of the stock tracks fit the maps pretty well, with E2M2 being one of my favorite fits, funnily enough - plus music selection wasn't a huge priority for me while I was frantically trying to get the maps done, heh. The only tracks I changed in the roster were E2M3 (to E2M4 - who wants to listen to the intermission theme in-game really) and E2M4 (to D_E1M6), plus a Doom 2 MIDI for E3M9. The rest of the music roster you can't really change a whole lot without messing up the progression of tracks in Episode 4, which simply references a bunch of E1-E3 tracks by lumpname internally. E4M6 refers to E2M4's track, hence that being changed, and that's how I left it. I don't know if I'll release a music pack to go along with this, but if I do it might just be more slightly rearranged stock tracks, haha.
  10. @Touchdown The misaligned textures aren't a particular concern of mine given that for the most part I wanted to go for something fairly classic-feeling. In fact I would say that I overused autoalign. :P @Hells Kitchen Thank you for playing! Super glad you enjoyed everything. :D @boris E3M1 berserk issue fixed, thanks! The ceilings of those sectors in E3M2 and E3M4 are deliberately raised that high to make the surrounding sector's light effects appear to seamlessly cover both sectors. I've not been able to reproduce any visual problems with GZDoom, as far as I know it tends to handle "missing textures" in this regard pretty well in most cases. What version/renderer are you using?
  11. That's a secret. The lines are just hidden on the automap.
  12. Yeah, running the set in Chocolate Doom is certainly possible. However, I have confirmed that E2M7 and E4M7 will cause Chocolate Doom to crash due to exceeding the Vanilla limits (both will cause a visplane overflow), so using this port is absolutely not recommended, especially given that zero playtesting was done with it. For an authentic experience I very much recommend Crispy Doom.
  13. Yep, I knew one or two non-locked key doors were gonna crop up - nearly every door was made during the initial layout-blocking phase with the GZDB "Make Door" function (to speed things up) - which defaults to special 1. I didn't bother tagging the locks while I was making the layouts, so I guess one or two have slipped through the cracks since I didn't dedicate a solid block of time to sorting them out. Please report any more problem doors like this! I don't think I actually know of a reliable way to find them quickly in the editor. :( @Deadwing Thanks for your playthrough! You handled that pretty well. Though you missed E1M3's secret exit by a hairsbreadth! D: @Fonze Thanks for your videos! Sorry about the E1M2 navigational issue and the lack of RL on E1M7, I'll fix these up for sure. For the curious, I documented my entire creative process in the NaNoWADMo Discord server and I'm sharing the link here to show you guys how I did it, since it seems to be the burning question. <:D Glad you're all enjoying this!
  14. Chinatown is a happy little number with a kind of 80s/90s-pop vibe - a slow buildup leads into a catch major-key melody which uses pentatonic scales in much the same way you'd expect a track with this name. I really like this! The track crescendos with a rapidly rhythmic koto solo that embellishes the previous melodies established in what I guess is the chorus section. There's a cheeky shakuhachi-like flourish at the midway point which made me smile. Ends with a big splash from the drums. Leave Me Alone is a funky, foot-tapping uptempo track with some cool bass supporting the rhythmic structure of the whole track. There's a few notes from the harp I think that are a bit of an odd choice, but actually veering off the rails melodically is something that kind of works in this track's favor. Nice one. Wish it was longer. Tango for John Romero (Some Lessons) is a fantastic name. It starts out sounding like it could've come straight out of doom2.wad, albeit slightly more upbeat than usual. It even has key changes similar to Prince's work. While a highly repetitive track, the synth strings steer the track in cool ways by being just slightly adventurous with embellishing the harmony. The D_BUNNY ending is questionable... but I think I can forgive it. It's done pretty well. :D I actually really like this one and ought to find a use for it somewhere. You Lost The Game is a very slow burner, with tolling bells and a slow brush kit (underused kit!) giving way to some heavy-duty choir chords. Highly atmospheric, very much evoking an air of defeat and desolation. It's not terrifically rhythmically diverse, though. Having some extra layers come in over those sombre chords in the first half would be fantastic, or just varying up the drumkit a little. Understated is good, but I'd avoid having your tracks disappear deep into the background. Gotta hold the listener's attention with a "top line" - i.e. a main melody! Cool Eyes, Heart Under Ice - another really cool and intriguing name. An eight-minuter - wow, you've come far. Starting out with an electronic drum track, it seems like a slow builder. The melodies and chords that soon enter jar the listener by deliberately eschewing conventional harmony and falling out of tune. Things become more grounded with the entrance of a bassline, although that doesn't stop the various melodic lines from continuing to freewheel all over the place. The strings that enter with some pleasing ascending diatonic melodies seem almost out of touch with everything that's come before. A noise that I can only describe as an "angry telephone" enters with ear-grating volume to bring us crashing back into a disjointed and unsettling soundscape before we loop back to the start at the 4:00 mark, where finally the drums change up. A chunky charang embellishment gives way to a major key modulation where we hear the first proper solo of the song on the polysynth. From there the charang leads us out again. Honestly this track leaves me in two minds - I like the boldness of the change-ups and the dissonance in the soundscape, but some of these sounds like the heavily down-pitched cluster chords and the angry phone buzz are just a little too grating. The track is long enough that it probably wouldn't get too annoying listening to it on a loop, but those parts would still certainly stand out, and probably not pleasantly. Not a bad effort, though. Funky Beach is a galloping, guitar-and-bass-driven jaunty little number with some harmonised oboe(?) providing the main melody. The rhythmic change-up on this melodic line around a minute in is welcomed, as is the slowdown at about 1:45. Not bad! Would serve well for an introductory map in a megawad. I Have No Birthday, lol, what a name. A nearly-six-minute, plodding, heavy guitar and saw-lead track vaguely reminiscent of the work of TeamTNT. The metallic pad that enters about a minute in is an interesting choice - seesawing between a few different harmonic contexts. The string melody that enters has bizarre harmonisation as well, which honestly adds some much-needed spiciness to the track. A droning, detuned guitar solo follows this, destabilising the harmony that's been firmly grounded by the rhythm guitar by this point. At the halfway mark, loud gunshots punctuate lead-ins to the next grouping of measures. The harmonic structure and key completely change about 4:00 in with bold modulations between Gm and Em, while the strings continue to just play by their own dang rules. Pretty cool. More people need to listen to these! I can't be the only one commenting! D: There's some useful stuff here for sure and I've enjoyed listening to how you're continuing to grow your style.
  15. Jimmy

    NaNoWADMo 2018 (it begins!)

    Well, I said I'd do it!