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  1. As the OP states, any format that GZDoom can run.
  2. That's a fair enough way of doing things, but if I end up with 40+ maps, that's going to be a lot of portals. Besides, each episode is going to get a dedicated opener and closer, so they will be arranged in a specific order of play.
  3. No, the episodes would be accessible from this hub. You'd leave the hub through a portal, to E1M1 for instance, then get to the end of the episode, then get booted back to the hub. @CaptainManiac I'm not doing a fifth episode unless we have like, a serious overflow of maps that won't feasibly fit into 4 episodes. I'm also not taking ideas on how the project should be structured, or how much more work I should give myself. The project is going to be centered on the work the students are able to produce, not me.
  4. edit: post is in response to a since-pruned post I'm considering having the episodes be selectable through a hub map (which I'd make after the submissions are all together) instead of through the typical episode selection screen. Apart from that, no. I don't know how many maps we're going to end up with per episode, but combining them all together into one map would be a nightmare - consider the eventual size of the layout, how to tie each map together cohesively, potential tag conflicts to address (every map will have used tag 1 differently, for instance), height differences and clashes, etc., not to mention the potential visual inconsistencies. Way too much work.
  5. Co-op running BTSX E1M19. Thanks, Tarns. Most of UAC Enterprises. Running all of KDIZD onstream (including Z1M10!) in just two sittings, highest difficulty. Do not recommend. Most anything by Death-Destiny.
  6. No, if folks arrive late, they can just express their interest to join in the session channel. No one will miss the themes' announcement. I'll be posting them on the project's threads (this one and the ZD one), too. The great things about Discord (which make me prefer it marginally over IRC) are its backlog feature and its ability to "pin" certain important posts to a menu, so users can get necessary info with one click.
  7. Everyone will get to decide on what episode/theme to map for at the same time - that's when the teams will be divided up and the text/voice channels will be opened for each team. I'm not expecting everyone to require the whole 7 days/168 hours of time to finish their map - you can start and finish entirely as you please, with the hard and fast deadline for submissions being July 8th. One of the reasons this session is a week long instead of a few hours is so that people who were previously finding themselves unavailable now have a much larger window of opportunity to attend. In the meantime, feel free to decide early on if you really want to determine what your place in the project's map roster should be.
  8. Themes will be released once the session starts, at that point the teams will be sorted out. :)
  9. Doom 2, themes are decided on but need further fleshing out, and no, being there when the session starts isn't super important. I want to keep this event casual and non-stressful, which while I've aimed for that for the previous sessions, keeping things running smoothly in time and not rushing the participants has proven a little difficult.
  10. (Many thanks to Kinsie once again for the art!) ===== Starting July 1st, The Joy of Mapping is returning again to help mappers young and old to get the spark of creativity that they need to make and finish a map all of their own. This time round, you could be joining a crack team of mappers (new and adept alike) to create a whole episodic megawad of material together. And it'll only take us a week to map it all. Here's how you can get involved! Discord server - For general communication before, after, and during the session. I and the tutors/mods are happy to provide answers to any queries you may have! SERVER RULES AND MAPPING GUIDELINES - Highly important! Please read these!!! Countdown Clock - How long to go before we kick off! What is this? Have you heard of a thing called "Doom mapping" which is that thing a load of snobby retrophiles do for fame and glory? Have you opened up Doom Builder maybe once or twice but been utterly intimidated by the interface? Does mapping seem to you like something best left to "the professionals"? Then come along down! We'll all come together and make a mapset. Now onto the fun part: Unlike previous sessions, this Joy of Mapping "Summer School" event will be running for a solid week, starting July 1st, 2017 @ 12AM EST and running until July 8th, 2017 @ 12AM EST. During that time, we will be creating a fairly large-scale megawad of content from mappers of all backgrounds - everyone is welcome. There will as always be an emphasis on allowing new mappers to the community to take their time. To go into detail of what we will be ending up with: We will be creating 4 episodes of content - see Ultimate Doom for the general gist. Maps should all be for Doom 2, but they can be any map format GZDoom will load. Mappers will need to specify to me which episode they'd like to map for. I will assign you one of four teams to work in that will be tackling each episode. You'll get access to your own voice/text channels to discuss mapping with your teammates and collaborate if need be, plus you'll get the texture WAD that your team of mappers will be working with for your episode. Once the teams are together, the person creating the episode starter and the person creating the episode finisher will need to be decided upon. (If this can't be sorted out, then the roles will be doled out at random, but I think we'll figure it out without too much hassle.) The starting map will need to be short and sweet. The finishing map will probably need to be short as well, and feature some sort of climactic fight with one of the boss monsters. Collaboration is permitted - i.e. you may start a layout and then give it to another mapper (or offer it to the channel to see who takes it up) so they may add to or finish it. This is in fact encouraged! Builds community, after all. Please refer to the MAPPING GUIDELINES (which are also linked above - yes this document is important!) for general rules on how you should be making your map to ensure it's viable for inclusion in the compilation. Just so it makes things easy for me, here's an info template for when you come to submit your map: ``` Map Name: (name of map) By: (name you want to be credited under) Music Track: (name of music track) Music Composer: (name of composer, if known) Build Time: (hours/mins taken, if known) Additional Credits: (credits for any extra resources used) ``` Interested? Just show up to the Discord server and express your interest. (You don't need Discord installed, as the web app will do just fine.) Discord, for those not in the know, is a powerful communication program with text chat, voice chat, file sharing, streaming support, and all sorts of other goodies. You won't need to have voice enabled during the session, but it might help to be aware of what's going on, so joining a voice channel is encouraged, for community-building. There will possibly be streams going on which will also allow you to stay up-to-date with things as they develop. I may be making important announcements over voice, Discord chat, and maybe Twitch chat (if I do end up streaming). As always, fun is mandatory. See you there, students!
  11. I have exams in the coming days so naturally I'm distracting myself with banal shit like this for random entertainment value. As such I don't really have the time at this present moment to work out multiple properly-spelled and humorous anagrams with my feeble human brain.
  12. A mate of mine at the WA Academy of Performing Arts just had his graduation recital - he hails from India, and has performed on multiple occasions at WAAPA, all-original musical compositions that blend electronics, percussion (particularly drumming and the use of marimbas/vibraphones), meditative practice, theatre and dance. Every piece he puts on is an utter spectacle. His name's Tao Issaro and I highly recommend checking him out. I'm gonna link to his full graduation recital once that becomes available online (he performed it last Saturday). It was amazing.
  13. My brother used this for pretty much all of these. https://wordsmith.org/anagram/ It seems to choke if you give it like more than 15 characters so not everything can be done, though omitting short words like "the" and "of" sometimes helps.