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  1. Rumpus is silly-sounding and enjoyable, reminds me of an early 80s synthpop song that you'd find in a Dwango wad, heh. Don't have any major problems with it, perhaps apart from the slightly repetitive outro. 3, 2, 1, Go has some very questionable high-pitched chords early on (I think I understand what these are, though, the use of them ties in with the MIDI name, clearly), but levels out nicely once the song gets going. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to develop much beyond how it starts, and this is the longest track so far - the riffs and percussion track are kinda repetitive. Euphoria is overall a little bit too chromatic and chaotic for my tastes. Those elements can blend together quite nicely in a lot of cases, but here the melodies just feel like they don't quite know where to go, and the cluster chords on the Goblins seem very out of place - plus that outro is way too noisy. I enjoy the piano though, and you've done a good job of varying up the percussion. I Am a Worm sounds adorable. I'll find a way to use this, see if I don't. :D Thanks for continuing to share your work! :)
  2. Sorry about that. I've updated the maps with those changes - check the download again and those maps should now have those fixes.
  3. Apologies, I must've missed that somehow, I'll include the up-to-date version. Check the download again and all should be good with your map.
  4. I've fixed the issue with @Myst.Haruko's map mentioned above. Here's an update which I'm considering a release candidate, so unless any bugs are reported, this will get uploaded to /idgames, with @Obsidian's permission, of course. Download abyspe34-rc.zip (15.5MB) This update includes @galileo31dos01's status bar (many thanks, it looks great!), plus an update to one of @TMD's maps that includes a new sky. @an_mutt's map has also been given its proper sky. I also may have snuck in some tiny updates to my maps to address things that were bugging me but don't mind me just being a perfectionist all over my speedmaps again
  5. Sorry about the wait for this. The WAD version of this pack is ready. Download 1hour.zip (4.5MB) Some very minor things have been changed: - Maps with new skies included have had Transfer Sky specials (271) added. This includes the maps by myself, @Danzadan, @Voltcom9 and @DerFurer'sFace. - Map order tweaked slightly - @Jthom's map is Hexen format, so it is now MAP33, and will only be accessible through use of (G)ZDoom. The maps by @Killer5 and @Archi are now MAP31 and MAP32 respectively. - Updated MAP03's MIDI since I still have an old version of that one available online, apparently. Consider this the official version, and the PK3 a now defunct edition of the mapset, which will no longer be maintained. IMPORTANT: Please test this WAD, at least your own map(s)! I have verified that every single map loads and looks correct, although there might still be bugs because I definitely have not played every single map thoroughly yet. I'll release this onto /idgames soon. Hope y'all have fun.
  6. Bazinga. Download Rebirth MIDI Pack alpha This alpha contains 19 custom tracks (including the 6 of Vader's that will stay) out of the planned 35, in the following order: MAP01: Operator -- "Ripsaw" [Jimmy] MAP02: Outer Base -- "Viscera & Gravy" [BobFromReboot] MAP03: TRACK BY VADER MAP05: The Complex -- "A Snake In My Boot" [stewboy] MAP07: Cremation -- "Shoot to be Violent" [8Bit Shocker] MAP10: TRACK BY VADER MAP11: Teleport Center -- "Ghosts in the Walls" [stewboy] MAP12: TRACK BY VADER MAP14: The Undertown -- "Cave Dwellers" [Eris Falling] MAP15: TRACK BY VADER MAP19: House of Pain -- "Shadows" [Eris Falling] MAP20: The Gateway -- "Sunfall Valley (Open Fire)" [Viscra Maelstrom] MAP21: River of Flames -- "A Warrior Reborn" [Eris Falling] MAP23: Dark Arena -- "Freedom is Mine" [Viscra Maelstrom] MAP24: Hall of Despair -- "Mystified" [Eris Falling] MAP29: The Abyss -- "Thanatos" [Eris Falling] MAP30: TRACK BY VADER MAP32: TRACK BY VADER D_READ_M: "Ludum Suite Part V" [Eris Falling] Enjoy!
  7. I haven't started yet lol I am going to die
  8. fug, I guess I'd better put a beta together already
  9. Yes.
  10. You got enough moiré goin' on there, Benjo?
  11. v2 of the compilation. I messed up some CWILVs and there was some stuff that didn't animate. Download abyspe34.zip v2 - 15.5MB
  12. Are you fucking kidding me
  13. Both your maps have no texture errors in the compilation, @Xyzzy01.
  14. Okay folks, since Obsidian is away for the next three days, I took the compilation off his hands, and the full thing, at 23 maps strong, is now available. The WAD itself is quite large in filesize for what it is, just because it includes all of Zoon-tex. It could still stand to have many unused textures removed, so that's the first thing to note about this. Let me know if there's anything about the WAD that seems incorrect or anything in the text file that I've missed out. Download abyspe34.zip - 14.4MB Download abyspe34.zip v2 - 15.5MB Here's the maplist: MAP01: Love in the Maze - Surreily MAP02: Little Boy Blue - Xyzzy01 MAP03: R.I.P. Eric Clapton's Kid - NuclearPotato MAP04: Handful of Dread 2 - Dreadopp MAP05: Aorta - Jimmy MAP06: Kevin - Eris Falling MAP07: Uninspired - Myst.Haruko MAP08: Chameleon - Jimmy MAP09: Crimson Crevice - Phobus MAP10: i am well and truly ashamed of this map and i hope you dont make it this far in the wad and if you did well fuck sorry - Dragonfly MAP11: I'm Not Your Valentine - Breezeep MAP12: This Exists - an_mutt MAP13: Anally Ravaged by the Baron: One Nite in Deimos - Obsidian MAP14: The Scottish Map - TMD MAP15: Scarlet Mansion - AD_79 MAP16: Candelabra in the Wind - rf' MAP17: Incel To Injury - TMD MAP18: Obviously Grilled - Pinchy MAP19: Bastard Maze - Phobus MAP20: Paradise by the Imp Ball Light - Bauul MAP21: Xyzzy tries to make a joke about the long and ridiculous names of speedmaps of the past but fails miserably - Xyzzy01 MAP22: Gridlocked - Dragonfly MAP31: Forcefully Removed by Force - Fuzzball