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  1. I'm guessing you guys are aware of how my family recently emmigrated to Australia. The whole process has been pretty hellish, especially for them, and I've written about how frantic were the few days leading up to our arrival in Perth, WA.


    My brother did the illustrations. There might be a slight resemblance to this in his stylistic approach.

    All related posts on my WordPress blog leading up to this are here:
    (In reverse order, of course.)

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    2. Maes


      Grazza said:

      Last time I made the journey, there was 1 A380 and 2 747s a day between London and Singapore. Having flown both, I'd use the A380 even if the times aren't so convenient.

      So you have licenses to fly both planes and you have access to some obscure Rent-An-Airliner-All-For-Yourself service that mere mortals are not aware of? :-p

    3. GreyGhost


      Rental? Grazza probably owns one of each and leases them to the rich'n'famous when they're not required for personal transport.

      @Jimmy91 - Welcome to OZ, please don't feed the munchkins.

    4. Grazza


      Heh, British Airways used to encourage people to "fly the flag", which probably also wasn't meant in a strictly literal sense.